At the recent local Healing from Heaven conference hundreds of Christians learnt about, and had a chance to put into practice, the Biblical ministry of healing.

The experience and testimonies of healing flowed freely, it seemed almost too simple.

At one session around 175 people testified to some level of divine healing, many amazing. The organisers asked folk to write down their stories, however only some responded. Follow link to just a few of these which we are able to share on line.

There were over 250 registrations for the day conference and 300 plus at the evening sessions. This included folk from many different churches in our region and beyond.

Contact Shellharbour Community Church or Shellharbour City Baptist Church for inquiries.  


Regional Events: (it’s a busy time)


15th July 2014– 

City Breakfast – Emma Kipps Emma will address the topic, “When Christianity turns sour”. Emma was caught in a sect and rose into leadership ranks before she was rescued from it. The buffet breakfast will be held on 15th July from 7.00am to 8.15am at the Wollongong Golf Club and costs $30.

Further information Bishop Reg Piper at  regpiper@bigpond.com


16th July to 17th September 2014– Wednesday Lunch Time Bible Talks –  

Bishop Reg Piperwill deliver a series of lectures on 1 Corinthians in the Ocean Room of the Wollongong Town Hall on Wednesday lunchtimes from 16 July to 17th September. The series will go under the title “Corinth, Christianity and Confusion“. The lecture time is from 12.45pm to 1.15pm sharp. The doors open 12.30pm and close 1.30pm. Notes are provided. The Talks are free. All are welcome. Further information:  regpiper@bigpond.com or 4284 1128


26th July 2014Terry Williams is speaking at Corrimal Region Uniting, Russell Street, Corrimal. Terry is a specialist in Children’s ministry, working 30 years with Scripture Union Queensland. This day is designed for children’s workers and scripture teachers.  

16th August 2014 – Women’s Bible Teaching with Day. Di Warren says:  

“I feel very privileged to be joining you at G4G (a group of churches in Wollongong) in 2014. We’ll be exploring the theme of ‘Unashamed‘ in the scriptures: we all want our family and friends to know Jesus, so why do we feel ashamed, and how can we be unashamed?” – Di Warren

Salvation Army 11-13 Burelli St Wollongong – $30 or $25 concession – click here

for details, registration and booking


Around 20th August 2014, the movie Freedom, based on John Newtons ‘Amazing Grace’, will be screened in local cinemas at Shellharbour 


19th August 2014,Tom White (Frontline Ministries) will be visiting 10 cities in Australia to speak on Unity of the Church and the Development of City-Wide Gospel Movements. Tom will be at the Shellharbour City Community Church 7-9.30 am and at the Wollongong Salvation Army, Burelli St 12-2.30 pm. He will share experiences from cities around the world. There will also be time to pray together for our twin cities. The meetings will be held over breakfast and lunch and will include a Q&A time. See Toms video greeting

Please respond by email (hengki.widjaja@gmail.com) by 5pm Friday, 1st August. 


24th August 2014, Wanderlust Productions, the producers of Finger of God, Furious Love and Father of Lights have produced a fourth film ‘Holy Ghost. The movie features many well known Christian leaders including the eminent theologian R.T. Kendall. Bishop Joseph Garlington and Bill Johnson.  

These movies dramatically portray what God is doing worldwide today.   

Shellharbour Community Church is one of the few places in the world where there is a pre-release showing of ‘Holy Ghost’ (See on Facebook the Australian trailer which includes the Australian tour of just 5 cities). The director of the movie will be present. Admission is free, but an offering will be taken to cover costs. This is major coup for the region.  


11th September 2014– Ark Van Tour. Rod Walsh (the ‘Ark Man’) from Creation Ministries will be at the Albion Park Presbyterian Church. He has a van with models of Noah’s Ark. He takes a controversial stand on a literal interpretation of the Genesis account of creation. I include this event after alerting the sponsor (Don Burgess) that most Christians would probably not share all his views, and for some it’s a divisive topic. All are invited to be either stretched, affirmed or just think a bit.       


Coming in Sept 2014. Launch of City Women Illawarra. (follow link). Connecting women with vision for the needs of he community, making a difference and impacting the region. .


7th November 2014, Shellharbour Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast at Bella Portofino Shellharbour. This is a combined churches event seeking to involve the wider Christian community in praying for the city. The special speaker has yet to be confirmed.  It will also be the launch of City Serve (see below)   


City Serve(The local website is under construction and is based on the Newcastle platform). Follow link to see how it works. The mayor of Newcastle gives half his salary to the Newcastle churches towards this initiative! This project gets its own spot on the City of Newcastle website.


YWAM Wollongongis organisingGo Fest Sydney June 24-27 2015.  

This event is for all who have a heart to work with churches, school groups or anyone sharing the vision to see a new wave of young and old alike connecting to God’s wonderful call on their lives. For more information visit Facebook.com/gofestsydney, or contact sydneyinfo@gofest2015.com.


Friday Morning Breakfasts at the Hope Centre have a new interim venue:

The offices of Warwick Marsh,  

Dads4Kids & Australian Heart Ministries

Unit 1A Number 33 Central Rd


(Above the Chemist Shop – around the back and up the stairs)

Mobile:  4272 6677 or 0418 225 212



Rev Smith answers the phone.“Hello, is this the Reverend John Smith?”
“It is”
“This is the Taxation Department. Can you help us?”
“If I can”
“Do you know a Ted Houlihan?”
“I do”
“Is he a member of your congregation?”
“He is”
“Did he donate $10,000 to the church?”
“He will”.





Pray with, and for, other Christian leaders in your area.

How is your fraternal going?


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