It was 2003. I was from Burundi, but now living in a refugee camp in Malawi with 15 000 other people. My country was torn by civil war.

I and my family lived in a mud brick house with a grass roof.

One night, about midnight, our neighbour came in and asked for a lamp. My wife gave them a lamp and asked what happened. We were told that their little boy had just died. We went next door and found many people crying. Someone said they should take the boy to the clinic. Someone else said there is no point, he is gone.

The Holy Spirit was talking to me to pray. We started to sing and pray to God. The little boy was put in a back pack and taken to the hospital. We continued to pray.

On nearing the hospital, the boy called out “Mum”. When he was put down, he started to run around the hospital. The boy was checked out and had nothing wrong. Next day he was playing soccer.

The family went to church, praising god for a miracle.


Jean-Marie Bigirindavyi

Living Word Pentecostal Church