Church erupts in fun!


While visiting Woonona Baptist church, just before Christmas, my wife and I were treated to a church service with a difference.

During the opening singing the young girls danced all through the church. We didn’t mind having to sit sideways to make room, it was great fun!

A short time later, church just ‘stopped’ and everyone was “encouraged” (in the nicest way) to get involved in decorating the church for Christmas. I was sent to the paper chain production line corner.

When things got back to ‘normal’, the children then went to their ‘own turf’ in the church, full of bean bags. (I was jealous!) 

When Pastor Michael Bate got around to preaching, he spent some of this time sitting down with the kids as the adults listened in.

It was a fun day!

Nelson Mandela said:”There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children and youth”

Jesus also had some words about the children who loved to hang out with Him 

Michael has written an excellent and helpful article for Christian leaders on How to Fill a Church with Kids. I’m sure he would be available to share his thoughts with anyone who asked. It’s quite moving.


An Inspiring Story:

I heard a story about a large church which would regularly peel off a major part of their Sunday congregation and, on mass, gatecrash another local church!

They had no other motive than to bless that other church.

These visitors would sing their hearts out, be generous with the offering, participate fully, ask for nothing, and hang around to chat and pray with others afterwards as was appropriate.

It was not a carefully planned “combined service”, it was more like a surprise party!

Guess who had the greater blessing?

Kim Iredale, pastor of Grace Church Shellharbour died of cancer last Sunday Jan 12th. There will be a celebration service at 1030 Sat 25th at Shellharbour City Community Church (opposite Shelly’s Club).
For further details, contact Eugine Martinez on email  Kim loved the relationships developed within his local fraternal and the service will reflect this.
Some months ago, while sick, Kim wrote a very honest testimony in keeping with his gracious and gentle nature.

See the testimonies page for some great local stories.

Who loves to preach?


Significant Events:

15th to 18th January, the Catholic Church is hosting a National Liturgy Conference with 600 participants gathering in Wollongong.   

Friday, Feb 14th 2014, Annual Wollongong Prayer Breakfastfor Christian leaders 7- 8.30 at the Wollongong City Salvation Army Corps Centre. 11 Burelli St.  Ian Shelton from Toowoomba will be with us. Churches in that city (follow link for story) have probably had the most regional impact than anywhere else in Australia. If you are passionate, or even interested, in how, together, we might radically touch the Illawarra for Jesus, please come along! If you can’t make it, please send a senior member of your church. See invitation for further details   

5 March to April 13, 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting, with a National Day of Prayer and Fasting March 2. Three of the Illawarra’s most senior Christian leaders have put together a high level call to be involved in this important event. See link (with two video clips) for details.  

7th to 11th April 2014, Christ for the Coast Mission
Evangelistic events will be held in Wollongong city, North Wollongong area, Wollongong University and in Shellharbour.
Al Stewart is booked to speak at each event. He is a gifted and experienced evangelist, who will clearly, faithfully and persuasively proclaim Christ. Details are yet to be announced. 

Morning breakfasts restart Feb. 7th 2014 at 0730 (another change of time) 

Venue is the Hope Centre Food Barn behind the Harvey Norman Warehouse at Warrawong. It’s great fellowship, and occasionally there are special items!
And it’s FREE (but any support for the Hope Centre is welcome)

Pray with, and for, other Christian leaders in your area.

Please note and forward any event items which you would like included in the website  

Blessings, Darryl