Billy Graham was a pastor to presidents and certainly addressed the moral slide in America as far back as the 1950s, but Franklin Graham seems to be wearing his dad’s mantle on steroids. The once prodigal son is not shrinking back from hot button cultural and political issues. The enemy would like nothing more than to silence this mouthpiece for God who is confronting and pushing back darkness in our generation.  Why is Graham so bold? Because he sees an Islamic storm coming against America and he has strong discernment and enough boldness to go toe-to-toe with the principalities and powers that have targeted Christians for destruction.


“For Muslims, peace comes only through submission to Islam. When they speak of peace, they mean submission to their religion,” Graham says. “Worldwide, tens of thousands of men, women and children have been slaughtered in the name of Allah, under the bloody flag of Islam.” Graham made it clear… that followers of a peaceful religion do not cut off the heads of innocent people in the barbaric fashion the world has watched recently [and that believers in a peaceful religion do not kidnap 300 young schoolgirls as Boko Haram did in north-eastern Nigeria in April last year and reportedly sell them to men to be sex slaves.


“Men who practice a peaceful religion” he continued, “do not detonate bombs during a marathon race to kill and maim innocent people. No one who belongs to a peaceful religion would even consider hijacking jet airliners and flying them into buildings occupied by thousands of innocent people beginning their workday, as happened in this country on 9/11”. Graham went on “No peaceful religion would tolerate, let alone practice, female circumcision, require a woman to have her husband’s permission to leave her home and take up employment and restrict her ability to receive justice in the case of sex crimes.


“A peaceful religion would not condone a father drowning a daughter in a swimming pool in the name of family honour because she  stayed out late with her boyfriend. Why haven’t the 3.5 million Muslims in North America rejected this gross, barbaric and despicable behaviour by their fellow Muslims?” Graham concluded. The enemy would like nothing more than to silence this mouthpiece for God who is confronting and pushing back darkness in our generation. Those with an anti-Christ agenda are raging against his voice. Let’s make it a priority to lift up Graham in prayer, wage spiritual warfare against the attacks on his life and bless his ministry.


Source: Charisma News

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Mongolia is hungry for the gospel. It is also where Reach Beyond and its radio partners recently planted two new radio stations, fuelling one of the fastest growing churches on the planet. Just more than two decades ago, when Mongolia was moving from communism to a democratic form of government, there were only an estimated four Christians in the entire nation of three million people. By 2010, more than 40,000 Christians were gathered in 600 churches across the country, which is roughly the size of Alaska. Today, Mongolia has the eighth fastest growing church in the world.

The two new FM radio stations are a partnership between Reach Beyond, Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC) – Mongolia and local churches. Each station is on the air 24 hours a day. The programming on the stations is mostly aimed at non-Christians. The stations include popular secular music, talkradio and call-in shows, which are apologetic in nature. In addition, programming includes developmental and educational content, and listeners are given the opportunity to meet in home groups where they study the content in greater depth.

“It’s amazing to see how radio is bringing thousands to Christ in this vastregion,” said Wayne Pederson, president and CEO of Reach Beyond. “Barely more than two decades ago, there were only a handful of professed believers in Mongolia. Today, through radio and other influences, there are tens of thousands of believers. And hopefully through these radio partnerships, thousands more will hear about the love of Jesus.” The partnership developed through a series of meetings with Asia by Media (formerly Asia by Radio) in early 2014. “I asked our partner to share his vision for FEBC-Mongolia,”said Ty Stakes, Reach Beyond’s Asia Pacific executive director.

“It was an extremely exciting conversation. His vision and strategy ideas fit so clearly with ours. I knew it was more than a random meeting. In a very short time, we were discussing how we could join with them to help them fulfil their radio-planting vision for Mongolia.” Mongolia has 21 provinces divided into more than 300 districts. Reach Beyond and its partners hope to expand their efforts to every provincial capital city in the country. With its nearly treeless terrain, Mongolia is ideal for sending FM signals long distances, thus increasing the impact of even a single new radio station. 

Source: Far East Broadcasting Company

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“I have never in my life witnessed Middle East Christians in such extreme
danger,” Amine Gemayel has warned. Speaking at a public lecture at Boston
College, the former president of Lebanon called 2014 “a year of existential
crisis” for Middle East Christians. He raised “the spectre of genocide,” in
the context of atrocities suffered by Christians and other religious
minorities in the region at the hands of the Islamic extremists.” Gemayel
said, “we must start thinking about the unthinkable: the extinction of
Christianity” in the region. The former president claimed that the end of
Middle East Christianity would “destabilize the region for generations.”

Compounding the crisis, Gemayel said, is the inexplicable lack of attention
from the international community. In particular, he said, “the response by
the United States has been one of inaction.” Gemayel said Washington’s
failure to use airstrikes to halt the Islamic State’s mass religious
cleansing of Iraqi Christians and Yezidis last year while using these same
means to defend oil installations. While acknowledging that the U.S. is
“constantly buffeted by demands” for proactive policies, Gemayel pointed out
that the U.S. not only has “the military means to do more,” but is
politically positioned to act due to its “strong relationships with regional

Gemayel urged support for the Vatican’s proposal for “a UN-backed military
force, with Muslim participation, to stop religious cleansing in the Middle
East.” He also appealed to the United States to increase its support for
Lebanon in its fight against the Islamic State. Gemayel said “Ultimately, an
“Arab Marshall Plan” would be needed to reconstruct Arab countries and
encourage Arab youth to “embrace democratic ideas as a prelude to the
establishment of democratic systems.” Gemayel also stressed the need for
Muslim leadership to turn their expressions of sympathy with persecuted
Christians into “a comprehensive plan of action.” 

Source: Christian Solidarity Worldwide

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Kansas Governor Brownback has rescinded a 2007 executive order which created
special protections for Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, homosexual and ‘transgender’
employees.  The new executive order issued by Brownback, ensures that state
employees enjoy the same civil rights as all Kansans without creating
additional ‘protected classes’ as the previous order did.” According to the
governor, “any such expansion of ‘protected classes’ should be done by the
legislature and not through unilateral action.”  Critics immediately
assailed the decision. 

A Director of Equality Kansas, Thomas Witt said in a statement,
“Discrimination against State of Kansas employees is now permitted under
Brownback’s order. This is an outrage.”  Witt went on. “Gay, lesbian, and
transgender state employees across Kansas have trusted they would be safe
from discrimination and harassment in their workplace but Sam Brownback has,
by erasing their job protections, declared ‘open season’ on every one of
them.” Likewise, Centre for American Progress senior fellow Ian Millhiser
said,  “If Kansas actually fires someone for being gay or trans, they are
likely to find themselves on the wrong end of a federal lawsuit.” 

Philip Cosby, a director of the American Family Association of Kansas,
praised Brownback. “To affirm one man and one woman is not inconsistent with
who Gov. Brownback is.” Heritage Foundation legal fellow Andrew Kloster said
that while “you can’t target people just because you don’t like them,” it is
legal to “hire or fire someone because of their sexual orientation due to
the effect that person has on office moral. Elections have consequences. And
he’s allowed to manage his ship, within the confines of the Constitution of
Kansas and the United States, as he sees fit. I do not believe he intends to
discriminate against folks based on sexual orientation.” 

Source: LifeSiteNews

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Six Americans raised by homosexual parents sent a letter of support thanking
openly gay fashion legends Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana for their
recent remarks defending the traditional family. Gay activists, spearheaded
by singer Elton John, have condemned the pair and urged a boycott of their
fashion line after they told the Italian magazine Panorama that they oppose
gay “marriage” and adoption, find in vitro fertilization unnatural, believe
procreation “must be an act of love,” and that “the only family is the
traditional one.”

The letter, published in Tempi magazine, says the six signatories-five women
and one man-“want to thank you for giving voice to something that we learned
by experience: Every human being has a mother and a father, and to cut
either from a child’s life is to rob the child of dignity, humanity and
equality.” “We know that you will come under tremendous pressure, especially
now when both Italy and the United States are being pushed to override our
concerns for our rights to a mum and dad, in order to please a powerful gay
lobby,” the group said. 

They explained that it was their experience that, “Nobody receives more
vicious attacks from the lobby than those who come from the gay community
and question its policies: children of gay couples just as much as the gay
men who defend them. “You have shown yourselves to be extremely brave. You
have given us great inspiration as all six of us prepare to submit letters
to the U.S. Supreme Court against gay marriage.  We want to praise your
courage and thank you for your inspiration,” the signatories said, and
implored Dolce and Gabbana “not to surrender when the backlash grows in

Source: LifeSiteNews

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UN envoy to Libya, Bernardino Leon, said, “There is a chance we can make
progress and have the first names for a unity government very soon.” Mayors
from Libya’s cities are involved in meetings in Brussels. Libya has two
governments and two parliaments, along with rival militaries and militias.
Four years after the ouster of long-time dictator, Muammar Gaddafi, the
country is in a state of civil war and chaos. U.N. intervention four years ago
had a three-fold goal: enforce an arms embargo, protect the people, and give
citizens the right to determine their own future. Unfortunately freedom does
not guarantee people make the best choices.  

The four-year power struggle and fierce fighting have paved the way for
Daesh (IS) to gain a foothold. The whole world saw what happened when Daesh
executed 21 Egyptian Christians on a Libyan beach. It has also used
strongholds in Libya as a springboard for terrorist attacks in neighbouring
Tunisia. Complicating Libya’s struggle for stability is the refugee problem.
Libya is the main departure point for refugees fleeing  war-torn countries
for safety in Europe. The European Union fears that extremists may also use
it for their crossing. Libya’s future is unknown.
Let’s pray for:

. The powers and authorities ruled by Satan to be utterly defeated by
the armies of God as Christian Believers pray. As Christ’s followers, we
recognize the real enemy is Satan controlling the minds of extremists 
. Libyan hearts to be open and ready to receive Jesus Christ as their
Saviour and only God. Pray for Libyan Christians to freely share Jesus with
their Muslim neighbours 
. Libyan Christians to receive the revelation that God has given them
spiritual dominion and authority over their country through the power of

Source: Windows International Network

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The newly-elected Chinese Christian governor of Jakarta, Basuki Purnama, is
finding new allies amongst Jakarta’s influential Muslim leaders. Mr.
Purnama, who goes by “Ahok,” reflects an “acceptance of diversity” agenda
being put forth by the Indonesian President Joko Widodo. John Bachman of
the Haggai Institute says “There is a great hope that with the new
president, and this new governor, that there will be increased dialogue and
respect for Christians., However given the fact that Indonesia has a very
large Muslim population, there are some leaders that have been very vocal
against him.'”

Ahok met a great deal of opposition from Islamic hard-liners when he was
announced as the city’s leader. A spokesman for one fundamentalist group
claimed, “We reject Ahok’s leadership. He does not represent Jakarta’s
residents. We will elect a new governor who cares about Islam and its
citizens.” Other leaders of large Muslim groups in Jakarta are now slamming
the hard-liners’ efforts to stir up public unrest against the governor. “The
majority Indonesians are accepting of the values of democracy,” says one
Islamic leader. “We want to continue to promote pluralism and to limit any
violent actions like this.”  

Please pray:

*  for continued public support of Ahok. 

*  asking the Lord to thwart attempts by Muslim hard-liners to remove him
from a position of influence. 

*  for strength and discernment for Ahok so he can continue representing
Christ to unbelievers in Jakarta.

Source: Mission Network News

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The Presbyterian Church U.S.A, the largest Presbyterian denomination in
America, has voted in a new definition of marriage.  The definition of
marriage in the Presbyterian “Book of Order” will be altered from a marriage
contract “between a woman and a man,” to one “between two people,
traditionally a man and a woman.” While many agreed with the change, others
have spoken out against it. The national director for The Fellowship
Community, Paul Detterman noted, “Our objection to the marriage amendment is
in no way anti-gay. It is simply concern that the church is capitulating to
the culture and is misrepresenting the message of Scripture.”

Source: Washington Post

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