In a video message, British jihadists in Syria can be seen trying to recruit more Muslim young men to come and join them. One, holding a weapon, says,”This is a message to the brothers who have stayed behind.”  They have taken to social media to share an Islamic message with their friends back home: Even if you lead a sinful life, the Koran teaches that martyrdom is a ticket to heaven. Another jihadist, wearing a hood, says, “Dear brothers,especially brothers and also sisters, in the land of jihad at the moment. Most of you playboy guys ain’t seen this yet. All I’ve come to do here is what’s prescribed to us as Muslim men. I also invite all over to the land of jihad. Allahu Akba!”

Then he fires his weapon into the night sky. Someday these jihadists are coming home. Some already have. Mehdi Nemmouch, the French gunman who killed four people at the Jewish Museum in Brussels, had a homemade flag of ISIS, the terrorists who have setup an Islamic state in Iraq, when he was arrested in May.  Nemmouch went to fight in Syria in 2012. The French government knows it has many more like Nemmouch in France: Muslim radicals who went to Syria to fight in the civil war and are bring jihad back to Europe. More 700 French and as many as 3,000 Europeans are believed to have fought or are now fighting in Syria and Iraq.

They are young men who did not, in their eyes, “go bad.” They think of themselves as committed Muslims. When they’re not killing people they’re handing out Korans and helping establish a worldwide Islamic state. The mother of one of the jihadists talked to Britain’s Sky News. She said she was “absolutely shocked to see how his character has changed.” “He is a lovely boy that any mother could ever have or want. He’s honest. Always cared for his family. Always wanted to be there for them,” she said. “He’s just one of those best boys any mother could ever want.” A Dutch jihadist in Syria, talking to a reporter via Skype, thought it was amusing that the British government, by helping Islamic rebels in Syria, was helping jihad.”

The British government itself is funding and training the Free Syrian Army,” Yilmaz, the jihadist, said. They are helping to bring about an Islamic caliphate. Some European nations have agreed to exchange information about the European jihadists in the hope of tracking them and possibly arresting them when they return. Strong enforcement is needed because there are many more Mehdi Nemmouch’s who want to attack in Europe. “It’s almost inevitable that having joined an organization like ISIS, that these individuals will at some stage be sent back home and expected to conduct terrorist attacks here,” Ghaffar Hussain, director of the QuilliamFoundation, said.

French officials just uncovered a plot by Muslim radicals to blow up the Eiffel Tower and take down airliners. Richard Prasquier, former head of France’s national Jewish association, CRIF, said it’s a mathematical certainty that more European Jews will die at the hands of Muslim radicals.”It is mathematical because to cross the border is simple, to buy a Kalashnikov is nothing, and the motivation is extremely strong,” he said. Europe’s failed experiment in multiculturalism could suddenly become very dangerous for everyone when the war in the Middle East is over and Europe’s jihadists all go home. 

Source: CBN News

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After fleeing violent attack from Boko Haram militants, thousands of refugees are now facing hunger and thirst as Cameroon struggles to provide for so many displaced people. Hundreds of families from the north of Cameroon, where violence in Nigeria frequently spills over the border, have fled to other parts of the country. “Christians were specifically targeted,”says one Cameroonian pastor, of the attack on his village. “At least three Christians died.” This particular pastor and his community fled to Mokolo. The help they received from the government was limited, and while the local church was quick to send the refugees as much food as they could gather, it was not enough.

Some women even made the decision to undertake the dangerous journey back to their deserted villages in search of millet that may have been left in the granaries. A total of 82 families are now being housed in a local church. André, an Open Doors worker, was able to visit the group to encourage them and let them know that they haven’t been forgotten. An estimated 43,000 Nigerians have fled to Cameroon over the past year, according to IRIN, the humanitarian news service associated with the United Nations. Almost 16,000 of them are housed in the Minawao refugee camp near Mokolo, but conditions are poor.

“Many people do not have cover or a dry space to sleep,” says Judith, one of the refugees. “Many people have fallen ill.” There are 3,000 Christians in the camp who meet together for worship in makeshift shelters. Open Doors workers were also able to visit the camp and encourage believers there, who said it gave them courage and strength to know that people would travel long distances to comfort them. Although the Nigerian government has announced in recent weeks that they have purportedly reached a truce with Boko Haram, further attacks in both Nigeria and Cameroon have continued to take place. Sadly, this means the influx of refugees to Cameroon is likely to continue.


*   for provision and healing for the thousands of refugees in Cameroon and the surrounding region.

*   for God to work through workers like André and others who are caring for refugees

*   for wisdom for those trying to broker a truce with Boko Haram and for peace to settle in Cameroon and Nigeria.

Source: Open Doors

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Fresh off the stunning attack on religious liberty in Houston where pastors were told by Houston’s Mayor to hand over their sermons, there is now aneffort underway by pastors across America to VOLUNTARILY send Bibles and their sermons to the mayor of Houston. Mike Huckabee called for it and so has influential Christian author Eric Metaxas. Metaxas tells The Brody File, “Never in our history has religious freedom been so brazenly defied. A bold red line has been crossed. The Houston mayor’s inexcusable demand to see the sermons of pastors is an outrageous and shocking affront to all Americans and to liberty itself. If the American Church does not rise up and stand against this, there is no American Church.”

Sources say that pastors from Canada, Australia and Germany are also sending the Houston mayor Bibles and sermons. There are also big events planned around what happened in Houston. On November 2nd, The Family Research Council is hosting a huge simulcast event in Houston at a big church. Guests will include Mike Huckabee, Phil Robertson, the Benham brothers, Dr. Ronnie Floyd and others. In South Carolina, the South Carolina Pastors Alliance is staging an event called, “The Stand” to be held on the statehouse grounds. We are beginning to see pastors rise up. Will it last? In the evangelical community, this is at critical mass. Will the flock respond?

In late breaking news the Houston Chronicle reports that Houston Mayor Annise Parker has dropped the subpoenas after meeting with local pastors and national clergy. In a surprise announcement, the embattled Mayor has withdrawn subpoenas of all five local pastors named in an Equal Rights lawsuit. Parker was quoted as saying she was persuaded to take the action after meeting with the pastors and other national clergy. The announcement came amid a national firestorm about the subpoenas which prompted outrage among Christians. Parker, however, was quick to not give the pastor’s credit for the withdrawal, but instead said, “I didn’t do this to satisfy them — I did it because I was not serving Houston.” 

Source: CBN News

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A federal judge in Wisconsin has dismissed the Freedom from Religion Foundation’s (FFRF) attempt to use the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a weapon to censor houses of worship who preach on moral issues that have political implications. After almost two years of litigation, FFRF asked the Court to dismiss its own lawsuit once the Becket Fund stepped in to defend the rights of a small Wisconsin church and its pastor. FFRF had relied on the so-called Johnson Amendment, a law that politicians use to restrict what some private groups can say about them, and which—by an accident of history—caught houses of worship in its web when it was passed 60 years ago.

“This lawsuit was a bad idea from the beginning—who thinks the IRS should be deciding what a preacher says in a sermon?” said Daniel Blomberg, Legal Counsel for the Becket Fund. “Fortunately for the First Amendment, once FFRF encountered an actual opponent they chickened out. The win shuts down FFRF’s first-of-its-kind attempt to make the tax man into a sermon-censorshipboard. Whatever people think about religion or politics, all can agree that deciding what clergy say to their congregations should be a private religious decision, not one for bureaucrats or militant atheists.” FFRF filed the lawsuit in an attempt to force the IRS to enforce the ban, something the IRS has for decades been reluctant to do.

“The IRS has long threatened churches with speech restrictions, but hasn’t been willing to do much more for fear of losing in court,” Blomberg said, “It’s remarkable to see the collusive way that FFRF and the IRS orchestrated getting out of this suit as fast as they could. From hiding documents to falsely promising to provide information, they did whatever they could to run away quickly.” Father Malone is one of thousands of religious leaders across the country who could face severe penalties for faithfully preaching their moral convictions to their congregations. The IRS’ rules reserve the power to revoke the tax-exempt status, or levy fines against churches and individual leaders, when they say things that the IRS does not allow.

Source: The Becket Fund

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In May the government of India changed. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)overwhelmingly defeated the Congress Party. India’s constitution guarantees freedom of religion and freedom to propagate religion. However, Christian Believers are concerned about persecution under the new ruling BJP party.Some states have already introduced anti-conversion laws despite the Constitution’s protection.  Attacks against Christians are on the increase. Extremist Hindu groups promote “Hindutva,” which equates being Indian with the Hindu religion. The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), a radical Hindu organization, have issued ultimatums to Christian and minority communities in Chhattiisgarh to leave the state.

Neighbouring Nepal is also experiencing pressure from the BJP. The Vice President of India’s BJP visited Nepal earlier this year.  He urged senior Nepali leaders to immediately outlaw religious conversion. Hindu extremists see the growth of the Church in Nepal as a threat. The first church was planted in Nepal nearly 60 years ago with 29 people. According to Operation World, there are now almost one million Christians in Nepal.  Hindus have pressured officials in Nepal to take action against Christians. They arrested 40 church leaders and members. Despite a Hindu crowd gathering outside the jail and threatened a riot if the Christians were freed, mos twere quickly released, but eight leaders were held for several days.

Let us pray for:

*  supernatural protection for Christians as they gather to pray and worship the Lord together. For boldness and courage as Christians share the Gospel in the face of threats and violent persecution. 

*  the new anti-conversion laws to be found unconstitutional and repealed in India. Pray BJP’s influence in other nations is unsuccessful. 

*  the rapid growth of the churches in India and Nepal to explode in a manner that it cannot be contained and for the changed lives of Nepali Christians to astound non-believers and to attract them to the Gospel message.

Source: Windows International Network

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On 24 October 2014, all of us here in Egypt were shocked to hear the news of another terrorist attack in the North of Sinai. The terrorists fired on amilitary border check point, killing 26 military officers and soldiers and injuring a further 25. This was a very serious incident and an attack on the forces of law and order, yet it was largely ignored by the international media. Egyptians were angered and saddened by the attack and the government responded by tightening security measures, especially at the border with Gaza from where the terrorists possibly had crossed into Sinai, or from where they had received support. The government also declared a State of Emergency in the region.

Terrorist attacks have become more frequent since the removal from power of President Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood and his supporters are generally believed to be behind the terror campaign. A Muslim Brotherhood leader (ElBeltagi) tellingly claimed “All explosions in Sinai will stop the minute Morsi is allowed to return to the Presidential Palace.” Hamas in Gaza was originally set up as an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the two remain closely linked. Many people in Egypt now believe that this country was saved from a fate similar to that of Syria when the Muslim Brotherhood was removed from power. This explains why morale remains high here, despite the terrorist attacks we have suffered since July 2013.

Fighting terrorism is not an easy war, because the enemies are always hidden and they attack from within most of the time. Egypt now needs the support of its friends. This support involves understanding of the real situation and cooperation to combat terrorism. Please pray for Egypt as we strive to rebuild the country and its economy.

Signed: The Most Rev. Dr. Mouneer Hanna Anis, Bishop of Episcopal / Anglican Diocese of Egypt with North Africa and the Horn of Africa, President Bishop of the Episcopal / Anglican Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East. 

Source: Letter issued by The Most Rev.Dr Mouneer Hanna Anis

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Alexander and Maggie Kirkpatrick (their real names are not being used for security reasons) have served in East Asia for 25 years. When they first arrived in Western China, it was 1989 and the region was considered the “wild west” for many Westerners. But since then, they say the growth of Believers they have witnessed is “staggering.” “The day where we arrive in a city and we go for months and months and never find a Christian are really gone,” said Maggie. “That is a major, major God-thing… we can find the results of evangelism and discipleship, even in some of the most far-flung places.”

When they first came to Western China, Maggie said the Church was still recovering from the Cultural Revolution. It was difficult to find anyone who believed. “It took time and relationships to find some of those people,” she said. “It is many of those people who believed in the early days who are now taking the Gospel forward in China. “Interestingly, as we’ve won new people, we began to discover more and more about the Church that was left here after the Communist takeover. A number of those networks from prior to 1950 are still alive and well and spreading the Gospel not just to China, but all over the world.”

Source: Baptist Press

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