A homosexual activist has admitted that homosexual materials and policies pushed in schools across America are for the sake of “indoctrinating” children into acceptance of homosexuality. “All that time I said I wasn’t indoctrinating anyone with my beliefs. That was a lie,” writes S. Bear Bergman, a woman who identifies as a transgender man, in a piece tellingly titled ‘I Have Come to Indoctrinate Your Children Into My LGBTQ Agenda (And I’m Not a Bit Sorry).’ Bergman, who runs a Toronto-based publishing company makes books for children that positively portray “LGBTQ” people. Bergman writes that as a young activist, she often entertained a “fantasy” of wishing that as a child she had been given the pro-LGBTQ mentors, workshops, and resources that kids today are freely given in schools.


“In my fantasy, I was ushered into the world of queerness by experienced homos and trans people. I would be issued my leather jacket and my protest pins, my safer sex supplies and a hotline I could call if I needed it.” Bergman recounts that as a young activist she was taught how to refute accusations that the movement was engaging in “indoctrination and recruiting.” She told concerned parents that she was “just providing an alternate viewpoint.” She used “soft” language when speaking about homosexuality. But Bergman says that she is tired of the “lie.” “All 25 years of my career as an LGBTQ activist, I have been on a consistent campaign of trying to change people’s minds about us. I want to make them like us.


That is absolutely my goal. “I want to be present in their emotional landscapes as a perfectly nice dad who used to be a girl but is now married to another guy, who is friendly and cheerful and not scary at all, no matter what anyone says.” “That is our job: to encourage people, especially children, to think differently about a subject than they do now,” she continues. “To dispel the dim and dismal miasma of myths and stereotypes, and instead allow the light of truth and fairness to shine in. That’s the deal, my friends. And if we have done it — if we have come to a place where a kid has been struggling in the muck of ignorance and hatred, and helped them up and cleaned them off and sent them to play in a meadow of love or at least kindness — then baby, we have done the thing well.”


While Bergman paints a “friendly and cheerful” picture of the homosexual lifestyle, she fails to mention the serious health risks tied to such behaviour. These include increased rates of sexually transmitted diseases (STD), bacterial and viral infections, depression, and even cancer. Research done in 2002 found that same-sex sexual behaviours expose participants to “extreme risks of mental disorders and even a shortened life span.” Common sexual practices among homosexual men were found to lead to “numerous STDs and physical injuries, some of which are virtually unknown in the heterosexual population.” The US Centre for Disease Control (CDC) have warned on numerous occasions that HIV rates, already at epidemic proportions, are continuing to climb steadily among men who have ‘sex’ with men. 

Bergman also fails to point out the spiritual damage caused by homosexual activity. Christianity, Islam, and Judaism categorically reject homosexual practices in the strongest language as a direct rejection of God and his plan for human sexuality. The Catholic Church calls homosexual acts “intrinsically disordered” since they “close the sexual act to the gift of life.” Despite accusations of ‘homophobia,’ the Catholic Church actually teaches that people struggling with same-sex attraction “must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided.” Bergman is one of a number of homosexual activists who have admitted the movement aims to “indoctrinate” children into their worldview.


“Why would we push anti-bullying programs or social studies classes that teach kids about the historical contributions of famous queers unless we wanted to deliberately educate children to accept queer sexuality as normal?” “We want educators to teach future generations of children to accept queer sexuality. In fact, our very future depends on it. Recruiting children? Bergman added. “I for one certainly want tons of school children to learn that it’s OK to be homosexual, that people of the same sex should be allowed to legally marry each other, and that anyone can kiss a person of the same sex without feeling like a freak. And I would very much like for many of these young boys to grow up and become homosexual. “If that makes me an indoctrinator, I accept it. Let me be honest — I am not even a little bit sorry.”


Source: LifeSiteNews

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In a move that has angered many in the homosexual community, Pope Francis has argued that schools need to teach children to “accept” their natural bodies as they were created by God, and to appreciate their bodies as male and female. In his newly-released letter on marriage and the family, “The Joy of Love”, the pontiff asserted said that sex education should teach “respect and appreciation” for sexual differences. In doing so, schools will promote self-acceptance and help young people overcome self-absorption and narcissism, he argues. The Pope said that especially when experiencing difficulties with gender identity, “the young need to be helped to accept their own body as it was created.”

Thinking that we enjoy “absolute power over our own bodies” can lead to the delusion that “we enjoy absolute power over creation. An appreciation of our body as male or female,” Francis said,  is “necessary for our own self-awareness in an encounter with others different from ourselves.” The pontiff explained that sex education will not keep some men and women from being more masculine and feminine than others and emphasized that masculinity and femininity are not “rigid categories.” “A rigid approach turns into an over-accentuation of the masculine or feminine, and does not help children and young people to appreciate the genuine reciprocity incarnate in the real conditions of matrimony,” Francis argued. 

“Such rigidity can hinder the development of an individual’s abilities, leading them to think that it is not masculine to cultivate art or dance, or not very feminine to exercise leadership” The Pope added. The Pope also criticized some schools approach to sex education that primarily deals with “protection.” “Such expressions convey a negative attitude toward procreative sexuality, as if an eventual child were an enemy to be protected against. This way of thinking promotes narcissism and aggressivity in place of acceptance,” Francis stressed. “It is irresponsible to invite adolescents to toy with their bodies and their desires, as if they possessed the maturity, values, commitment and goals proper to marriage. They end up being encouraged to use other persons as a means of fulfilling their needs or limitations.” 

The Pope’s words have been criticized by many in the homosexual community, who say they are “disappointed though not surprised by the Catholic Church’s stance.”  “We’ve given this a good go for a long time, and it doesn’t seem to have penetrated into the mind of the Vatican on how sexuality and sexual ethics have changed,” Mary E. Hunt, co-founder and co-director of the Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual (WATER), said. Francis DeBernardo, executive director of New Ways Ministry, which describes itself as “a ministry of advocacy and justice for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender(LGBT) Catholics,” said he was “very disappointed” there were “no affirmative statements” about LGBT people, and said any mentions were made in a “negative context.”


Recently the pontiff came under fire for comparing gender theory to genetic manipulation and nuclear arms. He said every historical period has “Herods” that “destroy, plot designs of death, disfigure the face of man and woman, and destroy creation.” “Let’s think of the possibility for nuclear weapons to annihilate high numbers of human beings,” he was quoted as saying. “Let’s think also of genetic manipulation, or of the gender theory, that does not recognize the order of creation.  With this attitude, man commits a new sin, against God the Creator. True creation does not consider man an accident, or a problem to eliminate. He added, “God has placed man and woman at the summit of creation and has entrusted them with the earth. The design of the Creator is written in nature.”


Source: Gospel Herald

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Canada’s new liberal government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has closed its Office of Religious Freedom. “I’m very disappointed,” Doug McKenzie, CEO for The Voice of the Martyrs Canada, said. “We were supportive of it to our constituents and asked people to pray for the Office.” “We saw the change of government, and we predicted that there was probably going to be some changes in that office. And of course it’s come to the office being defunded, which is a radical change because it will no longer exist,” McKenzie continued. Former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper pushed for an office that had the goal of promoting international religious freedom. It opened in February 2013. Canadian conservatives had tried to keep it open, but liberals defeated the motion, 225 to 90.


Trudeau’s administration says it will instead focus on worldwide issues of human rights. Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion said the decision to close the Office does not mean Canada is unsympathetic to religious freedom, according to WORLD News Service. Instead, he said the Liberal Party of Canada will advocate for all human rights, which include religious freedom. However, he did not discuss any new plans to do that. The office had a small budget and staff but played a part in various projects for religious freedom in countries like Nigeria and Pakistan. The office devoted its attention to promoting tolerance through education and assisting religious minorities in danger.

“We now have one less strong partner and one less voice for religious freedom,” Katrina Lantos Swett, commissioner of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom told WORLD News Service. “This is a very unfortunate message to send out to the rest of the world at this time.” “That office was punching above its weight,” said Phil Horgan, president of Canada’s Catholic Civil Rights League. “The decision by the liberals to effectively shut it down in favour of, well, nothing, is rather disappointing.” The office was originally dedicated to Shahbaz Bhatti, a Pakistani politician who advocated to Muslims on behalf of Christians and Hindus in his country. Bhatti was assassinated in Pakistan in 2011, a short time after he returned from visiting Canada.


“Religious freedom deserves unique focus, particularly in this time in history,” Bruce Clemenger, president of The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, said. “We have lost an important capacity.” “Both the enemies and the friends of religious freedom will view this decision as an effort to downgrade the importance of this fundamental human right,” Swett said. “The world is kind of on fire, as it relates to religious freedom. So the timing, in my humble opinion, couldn’t be much worse.” McKenzie agrees. “We believe there couldn’t be a worse time—that there’s a need right now for our nation to be focused on things which are eternal and which take us beyond the temporal and beyond a lot of the tension which has been built up around religious ideologies that are taken to the extreme,” McKenzie said.


Source: CBN News

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In 2015 Bible Societies assisted in translating the Bible in 50 languages spoken by nearly 160 million people. 2015 was ‘a first’ for 28 languages, spoken by nearly 33 million people. 11 communities now have their first full Bible, 6 have a New Testament and 11 communities have their first portions of Scripture. As languages develop  Bible Societies are revising existing translations and providing new translations, when requested, to help as many people as possible engage with the message of the Bible today. In 2015 this resulted in a further 20 new translations and revisions plus 2 study editions with the potential to reach over 127 million people. The full Bible is now available in 563 languages spoken by nearly 5.1 billion people and a further 1,334 languages spoken by 658 million people have a New Testament.


This leaves 281 million people with only some portions of the Bible and a further 497 million people with no Scripture translated in their language at all. Translation into sign languages to serve Deaf communities worldwide is also seeing significant progress. Over 300 million people are estimated to be deaf and 70 million globally have a Sign Language as their first or ‘heart’ language. There are over 400 unique Sign Languages and yet the New Testament is only available in American Sign Language and this is the largest portion of Sign Language Scripture currently available. 

• Ceylon Bible Society published Sign Language selections from Acts

• Hungary and Lithuania produced the first ever drafts of Mark’s Gospel

• Brazil produced 15 new Bible stories in Sign Language

• The Mexico team completed Luke and Acts

• The ViBi team in Japan completed Exodus, Titus and Ephesians.


285 million people worldwide are estimated to be visually impaired, of whom 40 million are blind. Significant progress continues to be made in serving these people by providing Scriptures in Braille.

• In Sri Lanka Sinhala Braille Bible – 44th language

• In Mexico the first Braille portion in the Purepecha

• Additional portions in Spanish and Armenian

• New version of Dutch Braille Bible


Source: United Bible Societies

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Christians are facing an “educated persecution” that seeks to restrict their rights to freedom of religion and conscientious objection, Pope Francis has warned. This “educated persecution” of “which not much is being said,” comes “dressed up as culture, modernity, or progress,” the pontiff said during a morning Mass at the Vatican’s Santa Marta Hotel.. And it targets individuals “for wanting to have and to manifest the values of a Son of God,” the pope said. “It’s a persecution that robs man of his freedom, even from conscientious objection!” said Francis. “We see every day that the powerful countries create laws that force us to go down this path. A nation that doesn’t follow these modern laws, or cultures, or that at least doesn’t want to have them in its laws, is accused, is politely persecuted,” he noted.


Pope Francis has publicly supported conscientious objection before. “Conscientious objection is a right, and part of the body of all human rights,” the pope told reporters following his September 2015 visit to the United States. “If we want to make peace, we must respect all rights.” The pope told President Obama during that visit that American Catholics, along with “countless other people of good will…are likewise concerned that efforts to build a just and wisely ordered society respect their deepest concerns and the right to religious liberty.” And Francis visited the Little Sisters of the Poor during the United States tour, which was intended to show support for the order, which is battling for a conscience exemption from the Obama administration’s controversial contraception mandate.


The pontiff pointed in his homily to Christians who continue to suffer the persecution of martyrdom, mentioning those Christians that the Taliban claimed it had targeted in an Easter Sunday bombing in Lahore, Pakistan. “Those Christians were martyred because they were celebrating the Risen Christ,” he said. “Persecution is the daily bread of the Church,” Francis added. “Jesus told us about this.” Both martyrdom and the “educated” persecutions have “a boss,” he said. “Jesus named him the Prince of this World.” “And when the powers want to impose attitudes, laws against the dignity of the Son of God, they persecute and go against God. It is the great apostasy,” Francis said. “The Lord has promised us He will not abandon us. ‘Be careful! Do not give in to the spirit of the world. I will be with you.’” 

Source: LifeSiteNews

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