Why did Egyptians vote for Morsi then demonstrate for his removal?  Many abstained from voting but among those who voted for Morsi were liberal Muslims and a small percentage of Christians who were really voting against a Mubarak candidate. Since his election, Morsi  violated all of his campaign promises. Shortly after his election he began acting more like a totalitarian dictator than an elected official, and soon gave himself full executive, legislative and judicial powers. Instead of choosing the best and most capable people to lead the country with him, he replaced nearly all government Ministers and most of the 27 regional Governors with people from his party. 

Most were incompetent for the positions to which they were elevated. As a result, the performance of Morsi and his government was extremely poor. Morsi was leading Egypt towards the dark tunnel of political Islam, the ideology promoted by he and the Muslim Brotherhood (MB). He thus alienated himself from most Egyptians who realized he was really not interested in their welfare. Egyptians are hurt by what they perceive as a lack of appreciation by Western allies of the enormous liberation they have achieved. They claim the peaceful demonstration against Morsi by more than 30 million people was probably the largest demonstration in human history! 

The MB has been striving to establish an Islamic state in Egypt since 1928. Gaining power in Egypt was their first political breakthrough. The complete failure of the first Muslim Brotherhood “political Islam” experiment is a terrible shock for them and a miracle for many Egyptians who were convinced the MB were here to stay! The worldwide consequences of the rejection of political Islam as a viable option in Egypt is a serious set-back to the MB political dream. Islam is no longer “the political solution” as the Islamists claimed.  It has been tried in Egypt and has failed to win the approval of the 21st century Muslim masses.

This will have dramatic implications for many of the countries the MB influence in the region. Most Egyptians believe they could only liberate themselves from the grip of the MB with the army’s help.  But they are also looking forward to returning to a civil State as soon as possible.  To do so, there needs to be a political reconciliation with the MB followers, who have been protesting on the streets since the removal of their leader and are continuing to incite their followers to violence.  Their anger at being ousted is understandable.  But the violent and destructive way in which they are protesting is creating havoc in the country. 

The hundreds of thousands of MB protestors are terrorizing the areas in which they congregate.  This aggressive protest has very sadly resulted in more than 130 deaths to date and more than 4000 wounded! Please pray for a breakthrough in this complex and dangerous deadlock. Egypt is and continues to be a Muslim Nation. It is very important to note that Egypt’s vote against “political” Islam was actually a vote for “moderate” Islam.  The tens of millions of Muslims who have protested on the streets also celebrated Ramadan with great fervour and deep religious commitment. What they protested against was the radical MB version of Islam being forced upon them.

Following the January 2011 revolution, Christians in Egypt regained close relationships with their Muslim friends and neighbours and felt very much at peace living among a Muslim majority.  During Morsi’s presidency Christians feared that Egyptian Muslims as a whole were espousing a version of Islam which would not have been hospitable to Christians.  We are relieved that the vast majority of Egyptian Muslims appear to want to share Egypt equally with us. Having been side-tracked by the MB takeover, we all now want to rebuild our Nation on the basis of true justice, freedom and equal opportunity for all.   Please praying alongside us that this dream will be achieved. 

Source: Ramez Atallah, General Director, The Bible Society of Egypt



Pro-life forces are scoring major victories across America with new laws and regulations that could force many abortion clinics to shut down. This battle over clinic regulations shifted into high gear in Texas recently as state lawmakers moved closer to passing a bill that could force all but a handful of the state’s 67 abortion providers to close. The Guttmacher Institute has reported that there were nearly 3,000 U.S. abortion providers in the early 1990s and fewer than 1,800 providers since 2008. Abortion rights supporters say regulations are an effort to drive clinics out of business and deny women their rights to abortion, even while it remains legal on the books.

Techniques include raising treatment standards that clinics must meet, blocking relationships with public hospitals, and banning online technology that enables abortion doctors to treat patients in remote locations. “Extremist politicians are blatantly attempting to close down abortion clinics” said the Centre for Reproductive Rights, which is planning to block the laws in state courts this summer. Pro-choice activists call these measures targeted restriction of abortion laws. Pro-life groups counter that in the wake of the May murder conviction of abortionist Kermit Gosnell – his Philadelphia “house of horrors” clinic operated for years under lax state rules and oversight.

The taxpayer-funded abortion provider Planned Parenthood, is trying to take over with its extreme agenda that is out of touch with American values. Every U.S. state still has at least one abortion provider, according to the Guttmacher Institute, but in 87% of U.S. counties, there are no doctors, hospitals or clinics that offer abortion services. Lone clinics in Mississippi and North Dakota are fighting to survive new laws. Ohio Republican Gov. John Kasich signed a bill that included a provision blocking public hospitals from entering into written agreements to accept emergency patients from ambulatory surgical centres that perform abortions.

The measure means that Ohio abortion clinics must enter into agreements with private hospitals to be licensed. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican, signed similar legislation in his state. The American Civil Liberties Union and the Planned Parenthood Federation of America filed a lawsuit against that law, saying the measure would in practice close two of the state’s four abortion clinics. In Texas a state Senate panel heard testimony about a bill that would set new restrictions on abortion clinics and outlaw abortions after 20 weeks. If enacted, the legislation would likely reduce the estimated 67 abortion facilities in Texas to a handful.

All Texas abortionists would have to have admitting privileges at hospitals within 30 miles, to ensure a patient’s swift emergency care if needed. Opponents said that is tantamount to ending abortion because many Texas hospitals will not grant such privileges to abortion doctors. In its report, the Guttmacher Institute said that as of June, seven states require abortionists to have admitting privileges at local hospitals. By midyear states have adopted 43 provisions of all kinds that limit abortion, according to the Guttmacher survey. This was “as many as were enacted in allof 2012,” it noted.

Please pray:

* giving thanks that the abortion debate is getting renewed focus at the state level, giving potentially 50 new opportunities for detailed examination of a national atrocity. Pray for God to raise up wise governors and state legislators as closer scrutiny in the U.S. moves into the area of state-by-state regulation.

*  that governors such as Rick Perry of Texas and others who support the sanctity of life in the womb would be able to work with their state’s legislators to curb this often covered up area of national violence against the lives of the unborn. Pray that businesses and practitioners of such wanton killing would be exposed in their disregard for life and even for abortion laws, as liberal as they are.

*   that exposure of the ‘love of money’ as the ‘root of all evil’ will be honestly confronted by intercessors in their prayers for justice across the nation. Pray for forgiveness and for biblical revelation for President Obama, who once proclaimed “God bless Planned Parenthood.” May he be given the mercy to understand from Scripture what God will bless and what He will never bless.

Source: Intercessors for America



One of Apple iTunes most popular free apps-the Bible App by YouVersion – recently reached the milestone of 100 million downloads, joining major brands like Facebook and Twitter that have achieved the same landmark. For perspective, the Bible App was among the first 200 apps on iTunes; today there are over 900,000. For three consecutive years, Apple has ranked it among the top 100 free apps. Today it’s available for virtually every mobile device. Pastor Bobby Gruenewald of in Oklahoma said “This is a story about a global mission to share the Bible. Publishers and Bible Societies are offering 500+ versions of the Bible for free in 300+languages.

Designers initially hoped for 80,000 downloads in the first six months, a number surpassed during the first weekend the Bible App was released. A first-ever survey of the world’s largest digital Bible-reading community found that the Bible App is not only changing the frequency of Bible usage but the experience as well:

. Over 77% of respondents read the Bible more frequently because they have it on their mobile device.

. While the app was most used at home (81%) and church (60%), it was also used “on the go” (55%). Nearly a third used the Bible App at work..

 Over 67% switch between Bible versions.

“Never before could you compare multiple translations of the Bible in an instant. In the past, it would have taken an entire room of Bibles and weeks if not months to do so,” said Pastor Gruenewald. “Now when you don’t understand a particular phrasing, it’s easy to check out another translation for clarity.” Further tracking research indicated that people love to share Bible verses. In 2012 alone, there were more than 31 million shares of Bible verses via Twitter, Facebook, email, and text.  The three most shared verses were Isaiah 53:5, Hebrews 4:15 and Matthew 7:7.

“Building on this research, we’re currently launching a new social feature of the Bible App that will advance the Bible-reading experience in the context of trusted relationships and community,” announced Pastor Gruenewald. The new feature allows readers to form a group of close friends and interact with them about the Bible – learn from what their friends are learning, discover new insights, and explore what passages mean in conversation with people they are close to. A collection of new initiatives announced in celebration of the 100 million milestone will extend the demographic reach of the Bible App:.

Adding the New American Bible Revised Edition for the 77 million Catholics in the U.S. alone, has been one of the most popular decisions in recent years. The Vatican has also encouraged greater church efforts to teach Catholics about the Bible, equipping them to read it and pray with it more. Archbishops Charles J. Chaput of Philadelphia and Cardinal Francis George of Chicago joined others in the Catholic community applauding the move.

Plans are in development for a new Bible app for children ages 4 to 10 that includes an interactive experience full of fun games and stories to help educate and empower them with God’s love.

A new one-year devotional from the Rev. Billy Graham, which joins hundreds of other reading plans already available for tackling everything from relationship woes to life. There are even plans for reading the entire Bible–another goal many people have achieved thanks to be accessibility of the app. 

Source: Breaking Christian News



Kenya has been a nation struggling with issues that have tried to divide it, with Islamic terrorists killing Christians with increasing frequency. Muslims have tried to shut down Christian gatherings and houses of worship, especially near the country’s borders with Somalia.  Prior to the last presidential election in March, there had been great opposition from the Islamic agenda against the Christian Church.  Kenyan Pastor Dr Sammy Ngaho,said “As a result of much prayer throughout the country, all resistance is coming down,””The election in March was the first peaceful election in over 50 years –with no bloodshed,” he noted.

“This was all because of what God did to answer prayer and fasting that was organized across the entire country. Every county was  dedicated to God and an altar to God was planted in each one as well.  President Kenyatta and the deputy president William Ruto, are both true believers,” says Dr. Ngaho,”and they declared Kenya a Christian nation one month ago in a speech at Kenya’s 11th annual National Prayer Breakfast.” At the breakfast, President Kenyatta declared, “It is said that prayer is to the soul what food is to the body.  On a personal level, I am convinced that there is nothing more valuable than praying to God, for prayer unites us with our Creator.”

President Kenyatta went on “This National Prayer Breakfast is unique as it is the first one in our Jubilee year.  As we celebrate our Jubilee anniversary this year, let us profess that it will be our year of restoration, renewal and repentance in the spirit of the Biblical year of Jubilee.” He also asked his nation to repent of their sins. “As we come before the Almighty God in prayer, I call upon Kenyans to seek forgiveness and repent for our wrong doing. Let us also forgive one another and pray for reconciliation and healing in our country.  I urge Kenyans to remember that we are all equal in the eyes of God, and we must forge ahead as one, united people.”

Source: ASSIST News Service



In response to the recent moral shake-up in the Boy Scouts of America (BSA)organization, a new scouting organization, incorporating current national youth groups based on Christian values, is set to launch on January 1, 2014, providing an alternative for families left disillusioned by the BSA. The new organization’s focus will be on sexual purity, not orientation, and producing Godly and responsible husbands, fathers, and citizens. While the alternative group has yet to decide on a name, interim executive director Rob Green said that rank advancements from BSA can be transferred and transition plans will be offered.

“Our vision,” noted Green, “is to be the premier national character development organization for young men which produces Godly and responsible husbands, fathers, and citizens. The new program will be an exciting and motivating outdoor-based program focused on leadership and character development for boys, and founded on principles and values that reflect a Christian worldview.” Green added that membership will be open to all boys “irrespective of race, religion, ethnicity, or national origin,” but that although parents may come from any religious background, adult leaders would adhere to a standard of Christian faith and values.

Source: Intercessors for America



A baby girl who was pronounced dead at birth came back to life after a nurse, too upset to take the body directly to the morgue, placed the corpse in a box and left it on the altar in a Brazilian hospital’s chapel. When the newborn’s grandmother arrived with the mortician to pick up the body, they were stunned to see her kick one of her legs and open her eyes. Dr Aurelio Filipak, who had initially battled to save the baby and signed the death certificate said, “People can make their own conclusions, but only those who were there know what really happened. In 20 years of medicine, I have never witnessed anything like this.” The baby is now in a stable condition.

Source: Breaking Christian News