26 February 2016


Dear Members and Friends

We have just come through the busy period of Christmas and New Year and already February has almost gone. Where does the time go? After the business of Christmas shopping and excessive heat which is quite exhausting, especially when you are getting on in years, as I am, I felt the need to take things easy for a little while.

I recently had my 90th birthday and realize I am not as young as I used to be. Even so I am not giving up on my calling to India. As long as God gives me strength I will fulfill my commitment to that calling. My vision is to break the poverty cycle in as many homes as I can by educating the children and at the same time giving them Jesus. Parents are also being drawn to the Lord. “A little child shall lead them” Isaiah 11. 6

Since the new Prime Minister came into power in India, he has been working to eradicate every religion from India except Hinduism.  When he was over here at the “summit” in Queensland I heard on TV that he was under the watchful eye of Human Rights as he had organized the killing of 200 Muslims. I am told the real figure was in the thousands and operated through the police.

Our orphanage in Delhi was closed down and the children placed in a Hindu orphanage where they are being beaten. These children are pastors’ children who saw their parents killed before their eyes by Hindus. One thing is certain, if they refuse to bow down to idols they will surely be beaten and for many other possible reasons. The old lady, whom the Lord sent into the forest to rescue them from where they had fled, has been put into prison, sick and in much pain and has been there many months for preaching the gospel.

A South African pastor, raised in USA went to preach in India. While sitting in the pulpit prior to preaching, he was arrested and imprisoned. While there his 3rd and 4th fingers and down through his hand were cut off and he was sent home on the next plane. There were no surgical procedures and no anaesthetic and no pain killers. Since then an Indian pastor was arrested for handing out leaflets and imprisoned for about 3 weeks.

The Indian PM has now employed many people to search out, particularly through the files of Western Union, for people who are sending money to Indian Pastors and others.

I have used this method many times and there are those who fear for my safety. I know that while in Australia no harm can come to me but as soon as I set foot in India I could be arrested. I am taking no chances. We have a safe method of transferring money to India. While there is a very high danger for white visitors there is also very real danger for Indian Christians. We need to pray this man out of power. He is a very dangerous, fanatical Hindu. Not all Hindus are fanatical. Some are only Hindus because they have never heard of Jesus.

The Lord gave me two verses in Psalm37:35,36

“I have seen the wicked in great power and spreading himself like a native green tree. Yet he passed away, and behold he was no more. Indeed I sought him but he could not be found.”

I am asking the Lord to remove this man from sight so that nobody can follow him anymore. The system also needs to be thoroughly cleaned as there are so many people only too willing to persecute Christians and carry out atrocities on them.

There are some pastors who have compromised in receiving money from this man to get their church members to vote him in. They believed it was God’s will that he should be PM. None of our pastors have compromised.

For those who would like to pray for our pastors, here are their names:


Ps TTAbraham in Kerala


Pastor Sunny in Chhattisgarh


Pastor Sajan in Payyanure           

Pastor Babu Kuriacus in Mumbai

                                                                             Pastor Johnson in Mumbai


Pastor Wilson in New Delhi

Ps Philip in New Delhi

Pastor Bennie in New Delhi


Pastor Sunny’s children at Chhattisgarh






Pastor Babu’s children in Mumbai


Moncy T in New Delhi [traveling around universities and colleges in India, contesting with students that God is the great Creator and Controler of the whole Universe, the One who has man’s existence in the palm of His hand.

These men put their lives on the line when they preach the Gospel  Please pray for them and for all who will stand true to  the cross of Jesus Christ.

Our next  dinner will be on  2 April at 5.30 pm.

I hope to see you there.

Good bye and God bless you as you seek to serve Him.


Yours in His service

Pastor Vi Knowles JP

Founder and Director