It came out of the blue….

I don’t really remember if it was the 3rd or 4th day into the conference.

Since I am a child of 2 yo,  I have 30% of vision on my right eye and 70% on the left.

I came into the altar and asked Randy Clark to pray for my eyes. I am not quite sure if I had great faith… I came to him speaking my native language Portuguese; and there and than he prayed for my eyes, in Portuguese, he took his time….

I didn’t feel any different there and then, a little wobbly, maybe… 
Than,  he asked for people to pray for each other in that amazing faith saturated atmosphere. 

People gathered around me, placed their hands upon me and prayed for my eyes to be open.

I tried to read a big print that I couldn’t read before. 

I couldn’t believe my eyes were open!! I could read the print size for the first time in my life!! 

I am not completely healed, but I can at least read a print that I never could. 

God is amazing and I believe persistence and faith in Jesus Christ’s name is going to bring complete healing into my life!