Healing from Heaven

Who would have thought?

A non believing high school student attends the conference, loves what is taught about God, gets involved by praying for the healing of three people – God hears the prayer and all three people get healed! 

A Buddhist family attend the conference and get healing. They are then asked to pray for the healing of another person who had one leg shorter than the other – A miracle happens as they pray! “Would you like to know Jesus personally now?” they are asked. “I’m not sure”. Sunday night they return to inquire about salvation! God is great!

Someone who has never seen a miracle is asked to come out the front and pray for 6 people who have lost their sense of smell.  A short prayer is offered and all 6 immediately received their sense of smell back! 


The following are written testimonies received at the conference.


My bladder would spontaneously contract resulting in socially inappropriate “wee dances“ and wet clothing to varying degrees. I was prayed for on Friday night with a massive change. How great is our God! There have been some smaller residual bladder contractions, however I will continue to be thankful for the answer He’s given so far.


My daughter’s left arm was hard to use as she has cerebral palsy but after the 6pm prayer experience she was raising her left hand in worship!! 1st of many miracles in her life.


My reading sight improved. I couldn’t read close up with my glasses. Had to hold it arm’s length out. Healed of “presbyopia”.


Both eyes healed of floaters Thursday night.


In November 2012 I had a complete shoulder replacement in my left shoulder. My arm was in a sling for 6 weeks. After that I had physic exercises for 4 months. My shoulder is fully flexible but my arm muscles have degenerated so much so that the muscle in my upper arm seems to be much lower between my forearm and upper arm. Last night it appeared to move back to normal place. When I came home I did some exercise to prove it was ok but later found it was only partially healed.


Had floaters in my eyes. Clear eyes since being prayed for.


God has released me from a layer of deep pain – related to emotional and spiritual abuse. He is very kind.


When I lost my husband 2 1/2 years ago after 61 years of knowing him I sat down, asked God, “What now?” He told me I could melt in fear or get up and do His will. I have walked the Harbour Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge. Most important I have claimed Stocklands Mall for Him and talk to people there.


I am blessed by the opportunity to hear Chris speak. What an amazing privilege it was for me to be here at this conference. I felt encouraged in my faith. I am thankful to have been fed the truths of God’s healing heart.


I had an affirmation of who I am in God’s Kingdom and my ministry gifting.


Had neck joints clicking and pain in right shoulder. Was prayed for and can move neck. No clicking or pain and no pain in right shoulder.


I came to receive healing, teaching and impartation and so far God has healed me by lifting fogginess of my head and mind. He healed my back injury. I am still thanking God for the manifestation of things that I haven’t seen evidence off but will pass on my information as things unfold.


I had rolled my right ankle many times playing sport. As a result it was weak and would ache at times, click and have restricted movement. I have had it worked on by physio’s and the like and been taught to treat it myself. I was prayed for on Thursday night and it felt a little better. Prayed a second time and it felt better again. On Friday I took it out for a short run. It was stable and strong. In fact it felt better than the right. All glory to God!