Handy hints to get to the next level (Steve Backlund)


• Spend time in His presence and power. Out of that encounter, build

structure and organization that serves the vision. Ask yourself these questions:

1. Are you organized for people to encounter God?

2. Are you organized for people to find family?

3. Do those who get saved in your church stay in your church?


• Ask the hard questions, do exit surveys and get feedback from those leaving.


• Build with vision and budgets that stretch you. Include the ‘more’ of God in what you dream of and what you build. Be hungry for more!


• Regarding offerings: People respond to vision more than to need. Keep vision out there so that people want to serve something bigger than themselves.


• There is more than enough! Pray for character and wisdom as the grace for increase comes on your life. Pray for multiplication of resources, leaders, and kingdom impact.