From the commencement of the Illawarra Pastors Network, and until December 2009,David Bartlett was Convenor.

Until his retirement, David was available – to come along side the pastors of the area through personal contact, offering the possibility of a listening ear and a praying partneR (from someone not within the normal denominational structures, and, therefore, a non – threatening perspective);to be a link among pastors/ministers (shepherds), encouraging the development of relationships between pastors in the area and across the region, especially across denominational lines – done through personal contact, visitation of prayer and fraternal groups, as well as through the monthly newsletter, “The Illawarra Pastors’ Link”, which is produced in association with the Illawarra Pastors’ Network; and to be part of the process of assisting pastors/ministers of the region catch a wider vision of what the Lord Jesus, the Head of the Church, is wanting to do in this region (believing that He has strategies to reach the region which He wants His Church to understand and obey, and such strategies will be understood as we share and pray together as under-shepherds of Christ’s flock).


Brought up in a Christian home, in which involvement with inter-denominational organisations such as Scripture Union and Christian Endeavour were regular occurrences, David first trained in Civil Engineering, and worked with the Water Board in Sydney. After his marriage to Gillian, they moved to Wollongong, continuing to work for the Water Board.

A few years later, David felt called to the pastoral ministry, and became student pastor of the Congregational Church in Wollongong whilst training for the ministry. On completion of his studies, he was ordained in the Congregational Church and continued there as pastor until September 1995. At that time, after 24 years in the pastoral ministry, David felt led into a different phase of ministry: “Pastors’ Link Ministries “. Since the Pastors’ Summit in June 1999, David has been affirmed by the pastors at the Summit as a “pastor to pastors”, and Convenor of the Illawarra Pastors’ Network.

David has always been involved with the wider activities of the church, both denominationally and inter-denominationally. He has served as Secretary of the Wollongong Ministers’ Fraternal and the Wollongong Combined Churches Education Board; Chairman of the Illawarra Christian Media Association; Chairman of Illawarra AD2000 & Beyond Inc.; Chairman of the Congregational Ministry Committee; and is a regular teacher in a short-term ‘Didasko School of Ministry Training’ programme in India.

David has been concerned for the growth of the Kingdom of God in the Illawarra and the importance of reaching the City for Christ. Two keys in that process are the unity of the churches and prayer. Pastors/ministers are a vital part of both these areas. The Illawarra Pastors’ Network exists to assist the development of unity and prayer among pastors by caring for and encouraging pastors in their ministry.

Theologically, David is committed to an Evangelical position, holding an openness to the work of the Holy Spirit today, and has a commitment to the Body of Christ in all its diversity. He attends Woonona Presbyterian Community Church, where he is now an elder.