Kingdom Connections Illawarra, the future
13 years ago I inherited the Illawarra Pastors Network from David Bartlett.
1 year ago I tendered my resignation from KCI and I haven’t yet found anyone who is willing and able to take it over.
Some years ago the Illawarra Pastors Network had a name change to Kingdom Connections Illawarra to recognise the involvement of marketplace Christian leaders in God’s plan for the Illawarra.
There have been changes with new networks plus a multiplication of levels of fellowship among church leaders. This is all good, and continues despite the current COVID 19 restrictions.
The wholesale use of ZOOM and other electronic means of communication have been very good gap fillers. Denominational links remain.
My own health has taken a bit of a hit over the last year.
The next generation has taken us quickly into the 21st century.
Recent additional expressions of Christian fellowship and activity:
Illawarra Prayer Breakfast
City Serve
Together for the Illawarra
Illawarra For Jesus
Humble Worship
Pulse 941 expanding role
  1. KCI will gradually be integrated into ‘Together for the Illawarra’
  2. The new email address will be: Follow link
  3. The board members will remain unchanged: Hengki Widjaja, Warwick Marsh and Jeff Stacey
  4. This monthly eLink will be gradually handed over to ‘Together for the Illawarra’ as time and resources become available.
  5. Personal details of of recipients of this eLink will remain confidential.
I have really valued the relationships which have grown out of this over the years. You, the readers are a precious goldmine of mighty men and women of God in our region!
My favourite memory was recording over 400 Everyday Miracles from amazing people in dozens of local churches. The stories were played on Pulse 941. They are still happening, but unfortunately not being recorded.
Follow link to listen
Darryl Stewart
How we respond to imperfect leaders is an indication of our readiness to lead.
We will learn more from people that don’t like us than from those who think we are a great.
If your church has a pre-offering talk, instead of using the time to boost the giving,
take 2 minutes
to give people some hints on financial management. Bless the people.
The Living Water Project
Free Gospel of John from
Living Waters Down Under (link).
These gospels can be given away at any time in any place.
Letterbox drops are
currently being done in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Darwin and also many other towns and municipalities in Australia.
A few local Christians have begun delivering these into letterboxes in the Illawarra. 3,400 have been delivered in Towradgi and East Corrimal. Around another 8,000 should be available for the Illawarra shortly.
The take-up in Australia has surprised the mission headquarters in the US, and they are preparing a further 250,000 for shipment here. Free! Australia just pays for the freight. They say “God is moving in Australia”
These gospels are a gift from the USA, except for freight, through the Living Water Project, They have published the booklet “Living Water – The Gospel of John”. It is a small shirt pocket sized booklet that is ideal for outreach projects. The notes are simple, concise, and designed to help the reader focus on the presentation of The Gospel of John. Since this booklet was first published in 1994
over ten million copies in many languages are now in print worldwide.
Follow link to read the Living Water Gospel of John.
Follow link for background to the Logos 21 translation
Follow link for 2 minute Youtube LWG warehouse video
HELP NEEDED FOR DISTRIBUTION, it’s amazing how God opens doors and hearts when someone discovers God’s word for the first time.
Dennis Bagnall or
Darryl Stewart by email
Good News
The Holy Spirit is stirring the Church as we look to ways of ministering beyond buildings and church services. Discipleship and more particularly disciples making disciples, seems to a theme that God is speaking to many.
In the South West of Sydney, the Salvation Army is walking the streets in pairs, offering prayer for healing. We’re hearing many stories of healing and salvation and give the glory to God for the way He is moving.
Robyn Black, Tarawanna Corps
Illawarra Online Church Services Directory
Click the image above (or
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) to access the page. 
If you have an online service and would like people to easily find it, submit the details by filling out the form (click “Submit your church” button at the top right when the link opens)
Trust God for Families
The Lost Ones are Coming Home
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