Singing the Lords Prayer
“Your country needs you” to be champions of good government
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A great place to start this edition, singing the Lords Prayer:
The Lords Prayer (sung)  (700, 000 hits) 4mins 40 sec
Being champions of good government
Every now and again God raises up champions to speak to a nation on practical issues as well as spiritual.  

John Wesley, Charles Spurgeon, William Wilberforce, Dr Martin Luther King or our own Carolyn Chisholm (below) are examples.
Involvement in government and politics is a high calling:
We get to live out our prayer to reflect heaven’s ways on earth. 
God cares about our country, more than we do.
It’s part of loving our neighbour.
There is a big world out there that needs Jesus at every level.
Current Christians in government are crying out for support.
Ignorance is not a virtue, we can’t ignore national or local governance. 
We are the salt of the Earth, salt preserves, flavours and sometimes even irritates.
Government is God’s instrument to promote good and judge evil.
The average Christian shies away from government and politics for lots of reasons:
Politics is seen as not ‘spiritual’.
The Bible only seems to say we are to be subject to leaders, pray and pay taxes.
Politicians are the ‘bad guys’ and ‘can’t be trusted’; we have become cynical.
We may be afraid of compromising our beliefs, or find it boring and time consuming.
It’s out of our comfort zones. 
It’s not what we perceive that ‘church’ is about.

BUT…. involvement in government or politics is still a high calling from God and should be encouraged, supported and honoured in our churches. It is a valid and important ministry role.

Suggestion Actions:
1. Pray for our leaders and government, communicate with and encourage them. 
2. Churches have members who are also members of their preferred political party.  
3. Political party members to listen and learn, earning the right to contribute,
    Always speaking the truth in love.
    Blessing those with whom they may rub shoulders with in this unfamiliar territory. 
Follow link to the Canberra Declaration, 70 000+ ordinary Christians are praying and having a say!  
For reading: Jesus is Involved in Politics (a book from Amazon)
To help make a decision on what party to support or become a member of, check the Australian Christian Values Website
From the DIDUNO series:
THE EMIGRANT’S FRIEND and the Christian Connection.
Caroline Chisholm.
“The richest and most powerful Government of the world, master of India and a million men, failed in the colony, where a single woman succeeded through her force of character and vigour of soul.  Without fortune or help she did more for the new world (Australia) than all the emigration societies and the British Government put together”.Follow link to find out more about Carolyn Chisholm
Currently there is a team from Power to Change (formerly Campus Crusade) having their annual conference and door-knocking outreach in the Illawarra Region
From David Milne (Move)
The “Power to Change” Uni Student mid year conference was held in Wollongong again this year.  More than 100 teams visited homes or shopping centres between Berkeley and Bulli.  They partnered with six local church teams in the Illawarra who now have opportunity to follow up people who would like to know more about Jesus.
The students had a simple questionnaire that allowed them to listen to folk from our community, to hear of their needs and spiritual beliefs.  This dialogue may then lead to an opportunity to pray with people and/or share a Gospel message as appropriate.
We have not yet collated all the data, but we do know of people who asked Jesus to be Lord of their lives. Many others have received prayer or have been invited to follow up to know more about Jesus.
Thanks to the great team from Power to Change for partnering with us again in 2017 – we look forward to next year!
Dave Milne
Sunday July 23rd, Annual Shoebox Musical Celebration:
Breakfast event not to miss!!! Saturday 29th July
Pulse 94.1 is proud to support FamilyVoice Australia’s Not Ashamed National Tour with special guest speaker Andrea Williams from Christian Concern in the UK
Andrea is a barrister who has practised at all levels of  the British judicial system. She pioneered the Student and Policy work of the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship, and went on to found Christian Concern and the Christian Legal Centre. Andrea is a leading analyst, campaigner and spokeswoman on issues of national importance in the moral life of the nation and as defender of Christian liberties in the parliamentary process, the justice system and the media.For more details follow link 
Church in Hard Places Workshop. Friday August 18th
Fairy Meadow Anglican will be hosting this workshop on 18th August with Mez McConnell author of “Church in Hard Places”  This workshop seeks to give insights into how to reach and disciple people from poor and low education backgrounds.  Follow link for details and bookings
Every Friday Morning Prayer Breakfasts 7.00 am. It’s a great time of prayer, fellowship and Godly start to the day. Meets at the offices of Warwick Marsh, Dads4Kids, behind Central Rd shops, through KFC car park Unanderra. 

Q: What do you call an Amish guy with his hand in a horse’s mouth?
A: A mechanic.
Pray with, and for, other Christian leaders in your area.   
How is your local leaders fellowship going? 
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