Becoming a Christmas-loving leader 
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Three ways to become a Chistmas-loving leader.  

Christmas can be a long haul for pastors and leaders, there are added special programmes, pastoral needs can be more acute, regulars and key people will be away, there are visitors who’d like to meet the pastor, the pastor’s family gets sidelined, and ministry preparation time is rationed. Some quick hints:
1. Keep Christ in Christmas. Don’t let Santa and the world steal your Christmas. Plan a personal and family devotional routine, even dig out the old favourite Christmas hymns and songs to listen to with family or friends. 
2. Let Christmas reshape your routine. Be ruthless, say no, delegate and postpone where possible. You are not indispensable. Plan to focus on the Christmas event, let God speak to you about the wonder of who Jesus is and how it all started. Be inspired and share it around
3. Be a Christmas herald. Don’t be afraid to tell the world why you love Christmas, even over the sounds of Jingle Bells. 
Pastors are Fair Game at Christmas, Keep Smiling!               
City Serve is coming to Wollongong. 
City Serve Wollongong March 2018 invites Expression of Interest.
“We are seeking individuals, churches and businesses that are interested to participate in our INAUGURAL City Serve Wollongong project on March 2018. We will be working together to beautify and uplift an outdoor area of a high school in the Northern suburbs of The Illawarra”. Follow link for details
A Chris Vallotton classic:
That day I decided that I am never going to let the world tell me how to treat people when my heart is pure. I will be militant in my commitment to tell people they’re beautiful. (from a message: “We need to bring affection back in the church”). Follow link for an inspiring 7 minute video
Christmas Items:
Northern churches Christmas outreach programme 
The home visitation programme is still powering on through November and December.  Hazel Nisbet, Woonona Presbyterian Church.
Figtree Anglican Community Carols at Figtree High School Sat Dec 9th 
Handel’s Messiah 2pm Sat Dec 9th at Wollongong Town Hall
Handel’s Messiah is one of the best known and loved choral works. Going to a performance of it is an important and uplifting part of many people’s Christmas season. The Illawarra Choral Society performs it every second year in the Wollongong Town Hall with its magnificent organ. The choir will continue the tradition on Saturday December 9 at 2pm. The Messiah will be performed by the choir and guest soloists, organ and orchestra, directed by Meryl Jackson-Kew.  Follow link for details
Combined Churches Community Carols at Albion Park Tuessay Dec 12th
Combined Churches Community Carols Shellharbour Sat. December 16th
Northern Churches Combined Churches Christmas Services  
Carols on Crown.  
From the Wollongong City Council website:
“Sing along with Santa and his helpers to all your favourite Christmas tunes.
Don’t miss this event on Wednesday 20 December from 6 to 9pm, featuring the Gateway City Church Choir and Wesley Church singers, plus your hosts from i98fm.
Bring a cushion or blanket and some Christmas cheer to join the fun! City Centre stores and eateries will be open until 9pm“.  Follow link for details
Yes Minister:

Christmas at the Ministry (BBC Comedy Sketch) 19822 minutes (follow link)

Copyright Seminar  Dapto Uniting Church on Saturday 10th March 2018
The seminar will be run at the Dapto Uniting Church in conjunction with the Christian Copyright Licensing Inc. 
It is designed for:
Church leaders
Worship leaders and muscians
Office workers
Those who produce printed material

Contact Bruce Fairhall for details     

02 4261 2424 (M: 0427 211 019) or link to email  
Prayer Events:
Sunrise Prayer Relay January 1, 2018
New Year’s Day Sunrise Prayer Relay 2018
“We invite our brothers and sisters in Christ, prayer groups, and churches to join us all over the world to pray at Sunrise on New Year’s Day 2018 at a public location like a hill, lookout or landmark in your city or town. Your location might like to include praise and worship in your prayers. You could even take communion, have a time of fellowship or evangelism”. Use the prayer resources on the website and register your location at   www.sunriseprayerrelay.org
2018 Illawarra Prayer Breakfast. Friday Feb 23rd   
“God has continually showering Illawarra with His goodness.  Earlier this year, we announced that the prayer breakfast will be called Illawarra Prayer Breakfast starting in 2018. We feel that it is the right time to humble ourselves and pray together as one with our brothers & sisters throughout Illawarra.
We are excited to announce that we will host a FREE breakfast for pastors & leaders throughout Illawarra to launch 2018 Illawarra Prayer Breakfast on Friday, 23rd February 2018. This FREE Breakfast serves as a prelude of the annual Illawarra Prayer Breakfast . 
The event will be attended by Christian leaders and pastors who have common interests in praying for each other, for unity and the region and bringing God’s blessings and His Kingdom to the region. Seats are limited to 50 people”. See Website for details. Email your reservation enquiries and details to this address
The Worldwide Persecuted Church.
Special information Session Friday March 2nd 2018, an invitation from Pastor Shane Cook, Shellharbour Community Church 
“In raising awareness of the persecuted church, we are going to have a prayer and information session for all churches in the Illawarra area. At this meeting, we will provide a presentation on part of the persecuted church. We will have a guest speaker from Open Doors which is a ministry that supports the persecuted church worldwide. We will provide prayer points and have a brief prayer time for the persecuted church. There will also be a collection to provide support to Open Doors. This meeting will be held at Shellharbour Community Church on Friday March the 2nd 2018. We would love to see your church there at the meeting”. Follow link for full details and invitation
“Perhaps you face something that is tempting you to take a more leisurely path through life, when an invitation to get up and climb is staring you in the face. The battle will be in the mind, even though it will likely manifest in the flesh. Your temptation to resign is, in fact, your invitation to write history.” 
Paul ManwaringKisses from a Good God: A Journey Through Cancer
Copyright Seminar Dapto Uniting Church Saturday 10th March 2018
The seminar will be run at the Dapto Uniting Church in conjunction with the Christian Copyright Licensing Inc. 
It is designed for:
Church leaders
Worship leaders and muscians
Office workers
Those who produce printed material
Contact Bruce Fairhall for details  02 4261 2424 (M: 0427 211 019)
All Generations Discipleship Training School at YWAM. Beginning April 2018. 
Singles, couples and families are all welcome to come and join in this special All Generations DTS being run by YWAM Wollongong, located at Port Kembla.
This course is based on the principle that we are a community of believers and no matter what our stage of life, we can all play a part in the great commission. 
Facilitators are Al and Cheryl Cartwright. Follow link for details and a short video.

Every Friday Morning Prayer Breakfasts 7.00 am. It’s a great time of prayer, fellowship and Godly start to the day. Meets at the offices of Warwick Marsh, Dads4Kids, behind Central Rd shops, through KFC car park Unanderra. 

Pray with, and for, other Christian leaders in your area.   
How is your local leaders fellowship going? 
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