New Churches Springing Up 
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Why new churches?
“There are too many churches and not enough Christians to go around”
  “New churches are starting and only growing by transfer growth” 
These, and similar comments, are common these days. What is going on?
Yes, things are changing, we’ve prayed for it and it’s taking some of us by surprise.
For reflection:
God may be doing a new thing through others, honour them. 
We are to reach out to the ‘new kids on the block’, they are now part of our body.
Understand that sheep love their shepherds but they will go where they get a feed.
Sheep talk to all kinds of other sheep these days, they can’t be isolated. 
We must responsibility for our city, not just for our own churches.
We can’t hold onto how we do stuff, our traditions, our wineskins, they will burst.
Let’s confirm and stay focused on God’s calling on our lives as part of a team.
It’s time to focus on evangelistic activities and move with the movers.
We need more churches, more leaders, more of the Kingdom of God
From the DIDUNO series:
This is David Unaipon on the $50 note. He was an astounding Aboriginal inventor, writer, preacher and government advisor. Read his story, it’s a great resource to tell a Gospel story from the money in your pocket!


Case for Christ Movie: Currently Running at Shellharbour. Follow link for sessions.  
A hard-driving journalist, Lee Strobel was exactly where he expected to be at work: on top. His award-winning investigative reporting recently earned him a promotion to legal editor at the Chicago Tribune. But things weren’t going nearly as well at home where his wife Leslie’s newfound faith in Christ went against everything Lee believed-or didn’t believe-as an avowed atheist. Utilising his journalistic and legal training, Lee begins a quest to debunk the claims of Christianity in order to save his crumbling marriage. Chasing down the biggest story of his career, Lee comes face-to-face with unexpected results that could change everything he knows to be true.
Based on Lee Strobel’s award-winning bestselling book and starring Mike Vogel, Erika Christensen, Faye Dunaway, and Robert Forster, THE CASE FOR CHRIST opens in cinemas May 4 – A movie for anyone who has ever pondered the existence of God…and what role He could play in their lives.
‘The Shack’ Follow link for sessions

The film will be covered under the Big Studio Movie Licence when it comes to Home Entertainment, but for now, it has been released in theatres.
As many are aware, The Shack, based of the New York Times best selling book by the same name, has had some controversy and questions surrounding it’s subject matter and interpretation of God. Eternity News has interviewed the author of the book, William Paul Young, and discussed a large number of the “hot topics” surrounding his book.

Position Vacant:
Shellharbour Community Church is seeking expressions of interest for the role of Early Childhood Director in new long day care to open early 2018. This role will best suit a creative and driven person who has a vision to positively impact the community through providing Christian based childcare. If this is you we would love to hear from you. For more information follow link

Shellharbour Business Hub Breakfast Friday June 2  7 – 8.30
    Speaking is Scott Rowe the Co-founder of Wanda Egg a local social enterprise with a big vision. Wanda Egg mission is: Best practice, pastured free range chickens, sustainable, slow food product with a global vision to support food security projects in Rwanda, Africa. Scott works his full-time job as well as being a faithful steward of this vision. He has been playing a big game and we cant wait to hear him share all about his journey. 
Come and enjoy a cooked brekky from the lovely volunteers, hear an amazing testimony and hang with like minded people. 
$20 cash (sorry no eftpos facilities) and 100%will go to Foodcare.
– Pat Steel, Shellharbour Community Church 
Figtree Anglican Church Sat June 3rd
Many conferences and seminars exist on becoming healthy, wealthy and wise, but very few speak directly into the lives of grandparents. This National Grandparent Conference is a great opportunity hear from a range of speaker, and to be encouraged how grandparents can and do play a unique and powerful role in the lives of their grandchildren. For all details, download a copy of the brochure.
On the seventh day God rested. His grandchildren must have been out of town. Gene Perret

Gong Men’s Day. Sat 17th June at Dapto Anglican Church 
The overall theme is: “Time to Act”
The three talks will be from Acts 9; 17 and 28 challenging us to “act” and bring the gospel to light as we live our lives day by day.
Every Friday Morning Prayer Breakfasts 7.00 am. It’s a great time of prayer, fellowship and Godly start to the day. Meets at the offices of Warwick Marsh, Dads4Kids, behind Central Rd shops, through KFC car park Unanderra. 
Pray with, and for, other Christian leaders in your area.   
How is your local leaders fellowship going? 
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