Evangelical Revival at Dapto 1835

Are the men still missing from church?

Excellent Sydney Morning Herald Christmas Editorial

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Pray with, and for, other Leaders and Churches in your Area


 A study by Robert Evans (first written 2000) records that the second recorded Evangelical Revival in Australia was at Dapto in 1838, the first being in Sydney. There was a deep conviction of sin, a desire to pray and a sense of the presence of God. See pages 13,14 for the early Sydney and Dapto stories (also as an extract).

Doctor Stuart Piggin (see *below for CV) writes:

Four propositions concerning revivals in Australia (follow link for full content)

1. Local Revivals have been frequent in Australian history
2. Evidence indicates that local revivals have been genuine.
3. Revivals have raised moral standards of whole communities
4. Revival comes with social salvation to marginalised and underprvileged groups 


He continues with:

He continues with thoughts concerning prospects for revival in Australia

1. Revivals are often caught rather than taught
2. The theology of revival is increasingly studied and understood
3. Revival is usually preceded by unprecedented unity
4. Revival comes when we move together.

Could things be stirring again the Illawarra?

Is church still a bit light on with men? A good holiday read might be ‘Why Men Hate Going to Church‘. See a short synopsis (written by a local churchgoer).  See also the Leadership Journal interview with the author for some helpful points.

An excellent editorial in the Herald: Why we need the Christmas Story


Regional Events:

Friday Feb 6th 2015.  7-8.30am. The launch of the 2015 Wollongong Prayer Breakfastwill be held in the heart of the City at the Salvation Army Cafe Essay at 11-13 Burelli St, Wollongong. We invite you to come to this special launch breakfast and bring a friend. Please RSVP asap for this free breakfast as space is limited. Register by email to info@wollongongprayerbreakfast.org or by phone on 0415 538 183.  The speaker will be Sam Clear who has walked over 15000 km through many countries, promoting unity. He has an amazing story.  See link for event details.

Sunday Feb 15th. National Day of Prayer and Fasting . More Things Are Wrought by Prayer Than This World Dreams of. . . . from a poem written by Alfred Lord Tennyson.  

Thursday March 12th  20157.30 – 9.15pm. Perspectives 2015 course. It’s about Establishing foundations for Cross Cultural Ministry. See link for details

Friday May 29 2015. The Annual Wollongong Prayer Breakfastwill be held on Friday, 29 May 2015. The speaker will be Lyle Shelton, the Managing Director of Australian Christian Lobby.     

Immediately following the breakfast there will be opportunity to talk to Lyle Shelton in a more informal setting. He can answer questions and bring the national issues into a perspective that relates to the local church.  


YWAM Wollongongis organisingGo Fest Sydney June 24-27 2015.  

This event is for all who have a heart to work with churches, school groups or anyone sharing the vision to see a new wave of young and old alike connecting to God’s wonderful call on their lives. For more information visit Facebook.com/gofestsydney,or contact Sydney Go Fest email

7.30 Friday Morning Breakfasts  meet at the offices of Warwick Marsh, Dads4Kids, behind Central Rd shops, through KFC car park Unanderra. In recess from Dec 19th to Feb 6th 


 All it takes for the Kingdom to advance is for one person to know what they carry






Pray with, and for, other Christian leaders in your area.   


How is your fraternal going?


*Dr Stuart Piggin, Director of the Centre for the History of Christian Thought and Experience at Macquarie University, lectured in history at Wollongong and Macquarie Universities before taking up his present appointment.  His books include studies of Australian Church History and of Evangelicalism



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