What gets measured gets done
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Our God is an Awesome God  (2 million views)
What gets measured gets done. What do we measure?
All successful businesses recognise the principle of measurement leading to action.
But what about in God’s ‘upside down kingdom’, in our church?
What should we be measuring?
How much money is given away?
How many people are ministering outside the church?
How long does it take to free people for ministry?
How many churches have been planted in workplaces, universities, schools, coffee shops and homes?
Who gets recognised? (and who loves to work in secret?)
How many people are praying?
How many are regularly sharing their faith?
God hasn’t sent people to your church for you to own and keep, they are there for you to release and send out.  (Movement Conference)
Street Chaplains are making a huge difference in Western Australia.
Dynamic team-oriented people of all ages from a wide range of Christian churches are living out the call to be “Good Samaritans”. Currently 200 volunteers are working in the streets from 8 centres in Western Australia.
They provide crisis pastoral care unconditionally to any in need. The chaplains offer compassion and practical help to all who need and want it. They always work in teams providing first point of care resources. Follow link for details
God makes promises to areas, cities and communities.
To be strategic, all local churches need to play a part. (Movement Conference)
Community Prayer Time. Every Friday 10-11 am at Living Water Lutheran Church 15 Burelli St Wollongong (next door to the Salvation Army)
This a time to:
Give thanks and praise to God
Reflect on God’s promises
Pray for regional items
Be Still
Enjoy brief fellowship


There will be soft background music.
A brief but helpful item from the Clergy Coaching Network:
In Summary:
Worthy in Character
Believed in Me
Aimed to leave a Legacy
No Place Left.
This programme, linked with the wider #NoPlaceLeft community, is currently happening in the Illawarra using ‘Simple Skills to Multiply Disciples’. It begins with praying and sharing Jesus widely with friends and family; connecting with others outside our existing relational networks and discipling to fostering a movement of disciple makers. Contact Woonona Presbyterian Church for details.
Contact Woonona Presbyterian Church for details
Men’s Leadership Summit August 17-19th
“Join the elite team of men from all across Australia training men to be great men as part of the Dads4Kids mentoring courses.
The Men’s Leadership Summit weekend is all about helping men achieve extraordinary results for themselves, their families, in the workplace, in the church and in the broader community” Warwick Marsh. Follow link for details and booking.
Promoted by:
Port Kembla Baptist Church Presents
Good News for Israel Conference With Rev Fraser J Harding
Friday pm to Sunday 7th – 9th September.
Fraser Harding has served as Pastor and Evangelist in Australia and overseas with the Baptist Denomination and with Inter-denominational Ministries. For 20 years he led tours to the Middle East, he has also lived and worked in Jerusalem as a guide at one of the historic sites. Consequently, Fraser has a keen focus on both the historical and biblical aspects of the land and people of Israel. He has authored four books including “The Jesus I have come to know” which has proved popular in NZ, UK, USA and Israel, as well as in Australia. This conference is provided FREE of charge however, love offerings will be taken at sessions to cover costs. Bookings essential for catering, numbers are limited.
Contact Pastor Gordon Barr for details


John Eldredge is coming to the Tops Conference Centre Stanwell Tops to run a Wild at Heart Mens Bootcamp.  Tickets are limited. Follow link for details
Every Friday Morning Prayer Breakfasts 7.00 am. It’s a great time of prayer, fellowship and Godly start to the day. Meets at the offices of Warwick Marsh, Dads4Kids, behind Central Rd shops, through KFC car park Unanderra.
Pray with, and for, other Christian leaders in your area.
How is your local leaders fellowship going?
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