Let us praise God for a new year, full of new beginnings, joy and hope!

1. Mentoring, it works.

2. Proposed Illawarra Prayer Centre (It’s about a network of prayer centres based in individual churches)

 3. Regional prayer focus events.

4. Humour.




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1. A Christian leader in the Illawarra has been intentionally mentoring and discipling younger men for some years. He says it took some time to get it fully  integrated into the life of the church but it has now become part of the church culture.
They use a brilliant book by R. Kent Hughes “Disciplines of a Godly Man”. Book or download. (180 reviews by Amazon give it 4.5 stars).
It’s a practical, thorough, frank, well documented, Biblical searchlight for living a mature, victorious Christian life.
For details, call Darryl Stewart 0419290853

For those who were, and will be, inspired by the movie, War Room  a discipling program (among men in particular) would be a brilliant application of this book.


In reply to this request, Jesus gave the “Lord’s Prayer”. It’s designed to work. 


(Note: There were no instructions about unanswered prayer)

Who has taken the time to actually teach their people to pray?


From the previous edition:


In 2016, we hope to develop aPrayer Centre in the Illawarra using a workable city wide Church Friendly Prayer House model.


Warwick Marsh, a well known local Christian leader, has just returned from an extensive world ‘prayer pilgrimage’. His comments reflections are well worth reading: 


This is probably the single most exciting thing I observed on our 47 Day Prayer Pilgrimage around the world. This is an original workable city wide prayer house model. I am cautiously very excited about it. Jason Hubbard is pioneering something very unique in Bellingham WA. Tom White shared this story when he came to Wollongong on his Australia trip. I Spoke to about a dozen seasoned prayer leaders all over America and also in Germany about this and they all say this is very exciting, achievable and also reproducible. A local church friendly prayer house that is fostering amazing devotional and practical unity and seeing amazing results in evangelism and community reaching while still honouring and blessing the local church.
1. Jason Hubbard Testimony-  Waves of Glory

2. The Whatcom Story by Light of the World Prayer Centre, see Review Article.  

Check it out. Love to hear your feedback.

The featured county was the least churched in the USA, after the pastors began praying together, the number of churches grew from 105 in 2005 to 180 in 2015. 


The self satisfied don’t need to pray

The self sufficient don’t want to pray

The self righteous cannot pray


If your preacher doesn’t weep over the congregation, weep over your preacher


both quotes from Leonard Ravenhill


The Prayer Room in the foyer of the Salvation Army Centre,13 Burelli St. Wollongong


3. Regional Events

3rd Feb to 25th March City Wednesday Bible Talks    

Paul, prisoner and Martyr is the topic for the series of Bishop Reg Piper’s Wednesday lunch time Bible Talks to be held in the Ocean Room of the Wollongong Town Hall, corner of Crown and Kembla Streets from 3 Feb to 25 March. The doors open 12.30-1.30pm. Lecture times from 12.45-1.15pm sharp. Notes are provided. All welcome. All free. Further info: 0408 029 379. Reg is a pastoral historian in the best of Anglican heritage and the talks are a goldmine.    


Sunday 7th February 2016  National Day of Prayer and Fasting.
Quoted from the website:

We are excited to announce that in 2016 there will be a number of ways for you to take part in the National Day of Prayer & Fasting in Canberra and in different locations around the country.

Our goal is to have as many Christians and churches as possible observe this day and pray together for revival and transformation for Australia.

1. You are invited to go to Canberrato pray with others in the Great Hall of Parliament House on Sunday 7 February 2016 from 10 am – 4 pm. Christians from all denominations united together in prayer in our seat of Government is a powerful testimony to our leaders.

2. Each local churchAustralian-wide is encouraged to participate in the National Day of Prayer & Fasting where they are on 7 February 2016. Suggestions, including a Declaration and Prayer for Australia, will be provided on this website.

3. Individuals or groupsof people can watch online the live webcast from the Great Hall in Parliament House in Canberra on 7 February 2016.

Saturday February 13th Illawarra Day of Prayer and Fasting Lighthouse Church 1 Railway Square Wollongong. 10am -4pm. Come for an hour, come all day.


40 Days of Prayer and Fasting 18th Feb – 29th Mar 2016.
Follow above link for full information. See an inspirational 2 minute clip featuring indigenous Australians taking a lead in calling us to pray for the nation.
Prayer and fasting moves mountains. We can participate in many ways.


Friday February 26th 2016 7 – 8.30 am. at Cafe Essay Salvation Army Burelli St Wollongong.  Wollongong Prayer Breakfast launch  

This FREE event is designed for Christians who have common interests in praying for each other, for unity and the city, bringing God’s blessings and His Kingdom to the region.  It will be a great time to greet, connect with others and to testify God’s works in their life as well. The speaker is Brett Davis, the pioneer of National Christian Surfers movement and the founder of Christian Surfers International. Seats are limited to 50 people.

City Breakfast Monday March 1st

Leigh Hatcherradio announcer, presenter of sky news, political and European correspondent for the seven network and holder of numerous other positions in the communications field disappeared from public view because of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. He has read, spoken widely and written on this mysterious sickness. Leigh now enjoys better health and works as Director of Public Affairs for Hammond Care. Leigh is Guest Speaker at the City Breakfast to be held at the Wollongong Golf Club on 1st March. It includes a buffet breakfast, runs from 7.00am to 8.15am and costs $30. Booking is through Trybooking. Any difficulty in booking should be directed to Ian McKensey. Bookings close Friday 19 March 12 noon.

Every Friday Morning Prayer Breakfasts 7.30 am. For prayer, fellowship and great start to the day. Meets at the offices of Warwick Marsh, Dads4Kids, behind Central Rd shops, through KFC car park Unanderra.   

Who wants to sponsor a regional event of Praise and Celebration this year?


4. Humour    

Heard in church, in response to taking seriously a poor attempt at joking:
“I’m a bit vulnerable on Sundays, I’ll believe anything”



Pray with, and for, other Christian leaders in your area.   

How is your fraternal going?


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