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1. ‘Destination Wollongong’ have put out a handy list of 12 Community Carols Events happening in our region.  

Churches are reasonably covered in the list, but there are some missing details on some events. It would be wise to check.
At the time of writing this eLink, the Albion Park combined carols had been omitted plus Figtree and Berkeley carols had no details (this is being corrected).
Churches are finding excellent ways to connect with the community at this time; from door knocking and distribution small gifts, special church services to major combined events. It’s all good! Many of our friends are just waiting to be asked to come to something at Christmas time.
Unity is Fellowship that costs Something
2. Events
Now Showing. The Mel Gibson movie HACKSAW RIDGE is the extraordinary true story of Desmond Doss (Andrew Garfield) who, in Okinawa at the bloodiest battle of WWII, saved 75 men without carrying a gun.
We may be called upon to be conscientious objectors one day. 
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December 7th December Prayer Summit with Dr Jason Hubbard

Every Friday Morning Prayer Breakfasts 7.00 amIt’s a great time for prayer, fellowship and Godly start to the day. Meets at the offices of Warwick Marsh, Dads4Kids, behind Central Rd shops, through KFC car park Unanderra. 
3. Humour            

Pray with, and for, other Christian leaders in your area.   
How is your fraternal going?
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