1. New Years Day Dawn Prayer Chain

2. Church Friendly Illawarra Prayer House

3. Regional events.

4. Humour.



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1. New Years Day Sunrise Prayer Relay


We invite churches, ministries, prayer teams, families and individuals to join in at sunrise across Australia (and the world) from the east to the west on New Year’s Day 2016 in prayer and a declaration that Jesus is Lord!
See link for details which includes a full background brief and a professional promo video.


2.In 2016, we hope to develop a Prayer Centre in the Illawarra using a church friendly workable model based on an exciting project in Whatcom County, Washington State, USA. 

Warwick Marsh, a well known local Christian leader, has just returned from an extensive world ‘prayer pilgrimage’. His comments and reflections are worth reading. We might very well have a tool in our hands which could continue to enhance what the Lord is doing in our region.

To quote Warwick:

“This is probably the single most exciting thing I observed on our 47 Day Prayer Pilgrimage around the world. This is an original workable city wide ‘prayer house’ model. I am cautiously very excited about it. Jason  Hubbard is pioneering something very unique in Bellingham WA.. I Spoke to about a dozen seasoned prayer leaders all over America and also in Germany about this and they all say this is very exciting, achievable and also reproducible. This model is fostering amazing devotional and practical unity and seeing amazing results in evangelism and community reaching while still honouring and blessing the local church”.

The secret: It’s not just one prayer house, but a network of praying churches


1. The Whatcom Story by Light of the World Prayer Centre  

2. The strategy is more fully explained in the website Operation Rolling Thunder.

Please indicate interest to return email: illawarrapastors1@gmail.com


When I’m driving my car I’m 100% Arminian. When I check the rear view mirror, I’m 100% Calvinistic (Ed.)   


A Bethlehem style Christmas Service.

I had the privilege of joining in a Christmas service at a small local church.

There was a beautiful earthy bunch of people in an old church building on a week day.

There was no pa system, just a portable CD type player and a screen.

The girl leading the service had downloaded from the net some songs with words and they were displayed onto the screen. She sang like an angel, barefoot, gently, seemingly lost in worship.

And there was a Christmas message that turned out to be a very real testimony of God’s intervention into a life going in the opposite direction. The preacher was barefoot as well.

After that, everyone had a fun lunch together.


On reflection, it was probably the most Bethlehem like Christmas service I had been to. Definitely the no frills version, simplicity, transparency, reality and lots of love. It reminded me of the upside down kingdom of God. (Ed.)


3. Regional Events

National Day of Prayer and Fastingis 7th February 2016. See link for details

Illawarra Day of Prayer and Fastingconfirmed for Saturday 13 February 2016.  Venue to be confirmed ASAP. Inquires ring Warwick Marsh 0418225212 or Hengki Widjaja 0408 653 445

40 Days of Prayer and Fasting10th Feb – 20th Mar 2016.

Friday February 26th 2016 7 – 8.30 am. Wollongong Prayer Breakfast launch

The event designed for Christian leaders who have common interests in praying for each other, for unity and the city, bringing God’s blessings and His Kingdom to the region.  It will be a great time to greet, connect with other leaders and to testify God’s works in their life as well. Seats are limited to 50 people.


5. Humour


Pray with, and for, other Christian leaders in your area.   

How is your fraternal going?



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