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Important counsel from a former satanic high priest

John Ramirez once worshipped the devil and carried out evil in the name of Satan.
Now a pastor, he knows all about the dark side.
He once sacrificed animals as part of satanic rituals and his friends even called him, “Lucifer’s son.”
In his book,  Armed and Dangerous: The Ultimate Battle Plan for Targeting and Defeating the Enemy, Ramirez details why Christians need to pray more effectively.
“I wrote this book because I wanted Christians to know that it’s not only a defence spiritual warfare, but there’s an offence spiritual warfare,” he told CBN News.  “We need to keep the devil, the devil in his place.”
 “I took that territory away so I owned your neighbour; I owned your neighbourhood; I owned your region because you didn’t saturate with prayers. I beat you to it.”                                                                                          CBN
If we ever doubted the reality of spiritual warfare, watch his brief powerful testimony.
Interestingly, he says, pray for your neighbourhood even before your family. Deal with the local spiritual power base as a priority.
I will be going to a different area within the Illawarra each weekday. I plan to pray for these suburbs and ask God that the churches will be united in prayer. Ephesians 6.  Darryl (Editor)

Pray Together

Freedom for Faith
The times they are a changing  (remembering Bob Dylan and Peter Paul and Mary)
Follow events closely within your denomination or other resources.
This current debate is part of a general loose movement to marginalise Christianity in our country.
Movies Change People
Thought about a movie night for a Sunday evening service?
There are lots of great titles to choose from.
Recently a Ugandan pastor arrived in Australia, including Wollongong, with a simple message, much like John the Baptist and his one liner (and Jesus’ theme) “Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is near”. (Matt 3:1, 4:17)
The pastor had a similar ‘good news and bad news’ message for our country:
Good News:
       God is fulfilling His promises to Australia
Bad news:
    You are not hungry for God
        You don’t have eyes for the outsiders
       You are silent
Maybe not the most helpful message for exhausted clergy balancing a raft of issues  in an increasing hostile and complex environment. However it could be a bit of a nudge for all of us to stay focused.
African Proverb


Wednesday Lunchtime Bible Talks
Wollongong City Bible Talks October 12 to November 18
Bishop Reg Piper will be working through Acts 9-11 as our dear friend Luke the doctor reports the gospel’s progress from Jerusalem to the beginnings of the Lord Jesus’ work among the Gentiles. Bible Talk notes are distributed and all are welcome. All is free.The doors open at 12.30-1.30pm Wednesdays and the lectures begin and end at 12.45-1.15pm sharp. The venue is the Ocean Room in the Wollongong Town Hall, corner of Kembla and Crown. For further info, call 0408 029 379 or email
Wollongong CityServe 27th Oct and 3rd Nov at Corrimal High School 
City Serve Wollongong will continue our transformation at Corrimal High School on Term 4.
Dates: 27 October and 3rd November, from 8AM – 1PM ONLY.
On this Stage 2, we will transform an unused room into a functional cafe kitchen.
We are also going to continue garden works from the previous stage.
We are inviting local churches and community to register as a volunteer on our online form (Follow link).
Movement Day is becoming a premier forum to bring Australian Christians together to explore best practice, and in particular to expand our cultural vision from ministering to churches to ministering to towns and cities.
The next 2 day conference is in Sydney 8th and 9th May 2019
(Last years dates on this visual aid)
Pray With The Persecuted Church Worldwide
Out of the 50 most dangerous places in the world to be a Christian, the driving force  behind the persecution is almost exclusively Islam. Follow link for an excellent resource for prayer. Many of our brothers and sisters are desperate.
Special day of prayer Sunday November 4th
CAP Money Course November 6th and 13th. Grace Church Shellharbour
“I recommend the CAP Money Course for a whole new approach to finances. Sometimes it’s about getting your finances back on track and sometimes it’s just about doing budgeting better. The next course starts at Grace Church, Tuesday, November 6th & 13th, 10am. Bookings on 0416751154. Its free & confidential.
Franklin Graham Evangelistic Tour. Sydney Feb 23/24 2019. See link 
In honour of 60 years since Billy Graham crusades in Australia, Franklin Graham is coming to Australia next year for an evangelistic tour, with Crowder doing the music.
To prepare for the upcoming Franklin Graham Evangelistic tour, the Wollongong Regional Training will be held at Figtree Anglican Church on Tuesday 13th November from 7pm. This is for those that want to evangelise their friends, and also the essential training for those who wish to volunteer at the Graham events.
Follow link to register.

Awakening Australia Nov 16th – 18th 2018

Trusting God for 100, 000 souls

This will be move of God in Melbourne, follows Awakening Europe and is supported so far by over 150 churches and ministries Australia-wide. See link for full details
“This is not just an event, this is thousands of real lives changed forever”
From the website “We know you will be coming for Jesus firstly, but these amazing friends will be joining us because they know it’s Australia’s time.
                         Dr Heidi Baker                                Ben Fitzgerald
                          Bill Johnson                                         Todd White
Special Guests:
Phil Pringle, Darlene and Mark Zschech, Daniel Kolenda, Shane Baxter, Peter McHugh. Margaret Court, Tim Hall, Katherine Ruonala and many more.
Pat Steele from Shellharbour Community Church is the Australian Prayer Coordinator for Awakening Australia.
Thousands of people all over the country are praying at 7pm every day for an Awakening in Australia. Local Prayer and Worship events are planned. Follow link for official prayer Facebook page.
Jesus Loves Australia launch event December 1 2018 in Sydney. 
Main event November 2019
ANZ Stadium has been booked (this alone is a wonderful story of God’s intervention and provision)
Shane Degen from Australia for Jesus has invited Illawarra leaders and congregations to join in at the UNITED WE STAND Prayer Rally and Gospel Gathering at ANZ Stadium 10 am to 4pm December 1st 2018. On this day there are denominations and other leaders networks taking segments. There will also be churches, various ministries, Christian businesses and schools/colleges praying for our cities and nation. The gospel gatherings will be in the evening at ANZ stadium where members can bring a friend who doesn’t know Jesus.  We have also been asked to ‘adopt’ the new believers .
The current plea is for Christians to be UNITED IN PRAYER before the 2019 event in order for it to be successful. The call to pray happened in our country preceding the Billy Graham crusades, it must happen again!
John Eldredge is coming to the Tops Conference Centre Stanwell Tops to run a Wild at Heart Mens Bootcamp.  Tickets are limited. Follow link for details
Every Friday Morning Prayer Breakfasts 7.00 am. It’s a great time of prayer, fellowship and Godly start to the day. Meets at the offices of Warwick Marsh, Dads4Kids, behind Central Rd shops, through KFC car park Unanderra.


Pray with, and for, other Christian leaders in your area.   
How is your local leaders fellowship going? 
Blessings, Darryl