1. How to manage the dreaded feedback sheet (tongue in cheek).

2. Short stories on what happens when pastors pray together

3. Feedback from the Towards Belief series

4. Feedback from the Annual Prayer Breakfast

5. Regional Events

6. Humour



1. Pastors and leaders will sometimes be challenged to compromise the “two metres above reproach” rule and open the doors to feedback. It takes a brave soul. The feedback exercise carries grave risks to ego, the existing power structures, long held traditions, and could even generate change. Horror.
There are some ways to minimise these risks:

a) When composing the feedback sheet:

Don’t ask for any help from anyone
Leave out any real issues.
Write questions that can only be answered in a positive tick box

Do not threaten any person who has any power or position.
Do not suggest moving any furniture or fittings more than 10cm.

Leave room for only 4 words in the general comments space.

b) People must sign them (for follow up ‘ministry’ and possible structural changes)

c) Review the sheets with a committee of 3 that includes the pastor, his wife and
     her best girlfriend. Make a list of who needs to be quietly spoken to.

d) Bin the sheets you don’t like.

e) Delay the report while everyone forgets what they wrote.

f) If you are pressured to go public, stay positive and avoid any specifics.
g) Mumble.

h) Do nothing.

2. From One Heart Ministries Australia, three great short video stories from South Africa, Toowoomba and the UK describing what happens when pastors pray together. The three minute story from the UK is quite amazing, the potential is huge- follow link.


3. Feedback from theTowards Belief series, an initiative by eight northern Illawarra churches.

Venue was the Bulli Workers Club, a relaxed and familiar local setting.

Week 1: Suffering – 160+ attending.   

Week 2: Science & God – 150 attending.

Week 3: Abuse in the Church – 95 attending.  

The evening started with a meal together. Tables could be prearranged or folk could mix and match. It was a great opportunity to make new friends and to also bring along unchurched folk.
The sessions were very in depth, interviewing key people in the chosen topic.  

It was an excellent outreach, scratching where people are itching.



4. Feedback from the Annual Prayer breakfast with Lyle Shelton from the Australian Christian Lobby.

Lyle spent some time telling the story of Dietrich Bonhoeffer in Nazi Germany. He drew parallels with the current, slowly deteriorating relationship between Australian church and state.    

His focus for the morning was the hot topic of homosexual marriage. He described the legalising of gay marriage as being the thin edge of the wedge for churches to be marginalised and breaking the law. The process is driven by a busy and well organised minority while the church is largely (as Keith Green put it), ‘asleep in the light’.

Lyle’s call was that our congregations should be informed on this key issue and be speaking into the community. 

Email your MP today.

The Catholic Bishops Commission on Pastoral Life has written a strong and clear one page pamphlet on What is Marriage?. Order hard copies on line.  


What God has planned for the Church in this hour is greater than our ability to imagine and pray.


5. Regional Events:

This is the Salvo’s RED SHIELD APPEAL weekend. Be great to bless the Sally’s!


City Bible Talks. Wednesdays  from 6 May to 24 June  
Bishop Reg Piper is offering a series of Lunch-time Bible Talks in the Wollongong Town Hall on the Apostle Paul’s life and ministry. See flyer
This term he will be concentrating on Paul’s work in modern day Turkey. The talks are being held in the Ocean Room from 12.45pm to 1.15pm sharp. Doors open at 12.30pm and close at 1.30pm.
Lecture notes are given. All welcome. No cost.


Monday June 1st. 7.40-9.30pm Steve Smith and Ying Kai will be at Wollongong Baptist church to discuss principles of church planting movements (CPM). Both Ying and Steve are CPM world leaders (see their book “T4T a Discipleship Re-Revolution”).  The format will involve presentation on principles, question time and supper.  RSVP/questions to David Milne 0402600044 


Tuesday 9th June – The makers of the Movie Fireproof and Courageous are releasing a movie called ‘War Room’ about the power of prayer, screening in the Illawarra on August 27th (see below). There will be a free premier screening of War Room for pastors and Christian leaders at 1PM on Tuesday 9th June at Gateway Church, Wollongong and 7PM Tuesday the 9th June 2015 at Shellharbour Community Church.
See background 6 minute trailer  This movie could be a very significant event for our churches and region.  

The purpose of the two screenings is to provide options for busy church leaders.  Bill Biddle from Koorong is coming to the Illawarra on Tuesday the 9th of June to explain the background to the movie and meet with key church leaders. Can you pass this onto to pastors, church leaders, home group leaders,  key prayer leaders and worship leaders.

Where:                 Gateway City Church (Regent  Theatre) – 199 Kiera, St Wollongong
When:                  Tuesday 9th June @ 1pm
Registration:         http://warroomwollongong.eventbrite.com
Password:            warroomanz

Where:                 Shellharbour Community Church – 500 Shellharbour Rd, Shellharbour. NSW
When:                  Tuesday 9th June @ 7pm
Registration:         http://warroomshellharbour.eventbrite.com
password:            warroomanz

Bookings are essential by above registration password.


Saturday 13th June. Gong Men’s Day
Men with a Conscience. Living for God in all circumstances.  
Men sharpening men Proverbs 27:17
Speakers: David Mansfield and Rob Sharp
Cost: $35 ($25 concession)
Details: Dapto Anglican Church. 9am-2pm OR 5pm-9.30pm
Register and more information at gongmensday.net


Thursday 18th June 7.30pm at St Michaels Anglican Cathedral Wollongong. “Defining and Defending Christian Marriage in an Age of Redefinition”  A seminar plus Q&A by Sandy Grant.  
Information at wollongong.anglican.asn.au or 4228 9132

Issues being addressed are : 

  • how to respond to marriage redefinitions that depart from biblical norms; 
  • whether to expect ‘Christian values’ to be reflected in secular legislation;
  • whether the ‘horse has already bolted’;
  • how to care for homosexual people in our communities; 
  • how religious liberties might be respected for all;
  • and how to respond to accusations of bigotry. 

See link for details

Saturday the 20th June. CityServe at the Albion Park Community Centre and Library grounds 8am till 3pm.
The organising team will be sending through a video promo but in the meantime, usethis link for general details.


YWAM Wollongong is organising Go Fest Sydney June 24-27 2015.  
It’s all Systems GO. Follow link for latest update.
This event is for all who have a heart to work with churches, school groups or anyone sharing the vision to see a new wave of young and old alike connecting to God’s wonderful call on their lives. For more information visit Facebook.com/gofestsydney,or contact Sydney Go Fest email

Saturday August 22, 2015 Worship Over Wollongong (see website). This event celebrates the bi-centenary of the gospel being preached in the region. The event features a massed choir, a brass band and a youth band and will be held in the Wollongong Town Hall. The Wollongong Gospel Choir is the host choir. To join the choir, email wollongonggospelchoir@hotmail.com or phone John Sandercock on 0499 444151. Rehearsals begin July 21. The leaders are also calling for practical help and suggestions.
Please put this date in you diary and church bulletins
Executive director is Wayne Morris,

Thursday August 27th. ‘War Room’, the movie, see the Australian trailer. Prayer is a powerful weapon.

Friday November 6th 2015. Shellharbour Mayors prayer breakfast.  The venue will be Ravensthorpe Conference Centre Albion Park. Guest speaker for the event is Margaret Court. See web page.  


7.30 Friday Morning Breakfasts meet at the offices of Warwick Marsh, Dads4Kids, behind Central Rd shops, through KFC car park Unanderra.  



Wollongong City Breakfasts: Sept 8 Tony Williams, Oct 27 Glenn Davies. 



6. Humour: 



Great faith doesn’t come out of great effort, but out of great surrender.

Seen on holidays:    

               Miracles are normal 



God’s job is to get me to Heaven. My job is not to go to Heaven; my job is to bring Heaven to earth through my prayers and obedience.. 


Pray with, and for, other Christian leaders in your area.   

How is your fraternal going?


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