1. The drift from being the good guys to being ‘on the outer’

2. The bottom line from the gay rights lobby: Destroy marriage completely…. and more.

3. Local grass roots evangelism that is working.

4. Regional Events.

5. Humour.


1. The drift from being the good guys to being ‘on the outer’
The chief aim of the Gospel is not the happiness of man, it is the glory of God.

Christians are the most persecuted people on earth. See link for details

Our turn must surely come.

During a recent conversation with a Christian Aboriginal lady, she told of a powerful move of God in their remote community: “We have been persecuted for many years by the elders who were hanging onto the tribal ways”… “We are teaching the Christians how to be martyrs”    

Is persecution bad news? The apostle Paul rejoiced in sharing in the sufferings of Jesus. (Col 1:24)

2. Marriage again: the truth emerges about the next step.

A lesbian activist speaks openly, declaring that the true purpose of the current public campaign to widen the definition of marriage is to completely destroy the whole concept of marriage. Recent events are only a step in a process.This is real, it seems things are moving faster than the church can handle. And we can’t pretend it’s not there and hope it will go away.

A few local leaders heard  Dawn Stefanowicz from Canada give an urgent warning to Australia. She spoke from her own experience from growing up in a homosexual community and seeing her own father die from AIDS through to seeing the right of free speech being systematically shut down in her home country. She clearly said that the ultimate agenda of the homosexual lobby was to outlaw freedom of speech, especially for Christians. This lobby has already begun to paralyse the Canadian legal system through laws which allow organised groups to take individuals, churches and even a Catholic bishop to court (with huge personal costs) for ‘offending’ someone. See theIllawarra Mercury 28/7.See also Dawn’s thoughtful 5 minute testimony on YouTube

The Greek Orthodox church in Australia has published an information sheet on the situation in Canada where 200-300 people, mainly Christians have been formally charged for believing and stating that marriage is between a man and a woman.

Our primary weapon is prayer. The Australian Prayer Network is calling the Nation to 21 days of prayer and fasting for a “Miracle for Marriage” July 20 to August 10. See also theNational Day of Prayer and Fasting website and special promo for prayer for marriage. See also the APN’s most recent commentary on “marriage equality”.

Family Voice Australia are asking that we contact coalition MPs and senators by clicking on the link: http://marriage.fava.org.au and fill in your details. You can send a personal email with your own wording, or with suggested wording.

The Australian Christian Lobby are also asking for public support. Please follow link

Daniel Nalliah from Rise Up Australia (love him or hate him, at least he’s going public) is urging Australians to send flowers to Tony Abbot:
“On Monday August 10th, the day before the same sex marriage bill is to be brought before the parliament, we are asking you and all your like-minded friends to make this vision a reality by the simple act of sending a bunch of flowers to Tony Abbott at parliament house with a note thanking him for standing for heterosexual marriage only, and protecting the life-giving covenant for marriage”.

It is questionable that the majority of Australians support dismantling the meaning of marriage. The real picture is emerging that a brilliantly organised and financed minority have swayed the “I don’t care” majority to ‘go with the flow’. Seelink of a recent Tasmanian poll.

See this classic picture of a hero at the recent ALP conference. This could be you…

Seen a local office:

Let’s pray and do something!!!!

3. Dave Milne from Move and No Place left (when following the link, that’s him on the bottom right hand corner of the group photo) reports that a few local churches have been involved in recent local grass roots evangelism. A summary:
“Last week I assisted co-ordinate Student Life (Campus Crusade) in partnership with local churches (Wollongong Baps, Woonona Pressy, Berkerly Life Center and a few others) prayer walk and look for people open to the Gospel. There were approximately 300 of us out and about talking with local people. It appears that we have around 70 people with varied levels of interest to follow-up. Praise God!!”

See full report. This is just so positive, encouraging, and it is working!   


4. Regional Events

22nd July to 9thSeptember 2015 Wednesday Lunch Time Bible Talks with Bishop Reg Piper. “Ocean Room”- Wollongong Town Hall Corner Kembla& Crown

Times: 12.45pm to 1.15pm sharp  Doors open: 12.30pm to 1.30pm.  Further Info: 4284 1128 or regpiper@bigpond.com.  All free. All Welcome.

August 6, 13, 20, 27, Northern Suburbs Thursday evenings Men’s Boot Camp at Bulli Anglican Church. For men of all ages. Follow link for details.

July 21, August 4 and 19, Rehearsals for Worship over Wollongong (below)

Saturday August 22, 2015 Worship Over Wollongong (see website). This event celebrates the bi-centenary of the gospel being preached in the region. The event features a massed choir, the Salvation Army brass band and a youth band and will be held in the Wollongong Town Hall. The Wollongong Gospel Choir is the host choir. To join the choir, email wollongonggospelchoir@hotmail.com or phone John Sandercock on 0499 444151. Rehearsals begin July 21. The leaders are also calling for practical help and suggestions.
Please put this date in you diary and church bulletins. Executive director is Wayne Morris,

August 27th. ‘War Room‘, the movie, see the trailer and the background trailer This movie is a MUST SEE!
It’s about the power of prayer, strategic prayer. The story is built around an older lady who disciples a young lady in how to pray for her marriage. It’s produced in order to be able to confidently take friends, whether Christian or not.
Prayer certainly is our most powerful weapon.
Don’t wait for the DVD, let’s give the Shellharbour theater owner a good reason to extend the season!

October City Serve at Shellharbour: From Shane Cook: The project dates for October 10th, 17th 24th and 31st . Shane Cook says he just wants to clarify that there is no expectation for the participating churches to be involved in all of the projects, but that each of the churches pick one project and weekend and commit to that.

October 16th; Global Leadership Summit at Figtree Anglican Church. See link

October 22nd 20157.30 pm. Moore College’s Centre for Christian Living is bringing an evening to the ‘Gong.
How the Gospels shape Christian living. Speakers: Peter Bolt and Tony Payne. St Michael’s Cathedral, Wollongong.  More info about CCL here.  

Friday October 23rdSalvation Army International Staff Band comes to Wollongong! See link. BOOK EARLY. Want to be inspired and see more?  

Friday November 6th 2015.Shellharbour Mayors prayer breakfast.  The venue will be Ravensthorpe Conference Centre Albion Park. Guest speaker for the event is Margaret Court. See web page.  

7.30 Friday Morning Prayer Breakfasts meet at the offices of Warwick Marsh, Dads4Kids, behind Central Rd shops, through KFC car park Unanderra.  

Wollongong City Breakfasts: Sept 8 Tony Williams, Oct 27 Glenn Davies. 

National Day of Prayer and Fasting7th February 2016. See link for details

40 Days of Prayer and Fasting
18th Feb – 29th Mar 2016.



5. Humour    





“I set myself on fire and people come to watch me burn” John Wesley 


Pray with, and for, other Christian leaders in your area.   

How is your fraternal going?


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