1. Benefits of Congregational Feedback.

2. Praying together when we are not praying together.

3. Regional events.

4. Humour.


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1. Good feedback systems can revitalise and grow your church.
(Points below taken from various resources)
Times are changing. Church congregations, especially young ones, are expecting and are able to give realistic input into the way their church operates.

Signs of a healthy church are where people feel valued, listened to and are able to contribute. This may be more difficult as a church grows, and that’s where good systems are needed.

Recently I sat next to a young couple in a church. I asked the lady why she came to this church. She said she recently switched churches because everything here is “on the table”, people (especially leaders) listen and communicate.
The whole church service itself reflected this strongly. Everyone was asked to fill in the communication sheet which, along with a pencil, was waiting for you on your seat as you entered. The service leader filled his out while everyone else did theirs. A short way into the service itself, the whole service was shambleised for a 10 minute coffee break. The preaching was easy and conversational. After the service, everyone was again talking to someone or seeking to connect.     

There are some basic truths about feedback:
           Feedback is simply data, it’s about quality control.
           Don’t initially argue about what you don’t agree with, you may be wrong.
           Recommendations are that feedback sheets can be anonymous and don’t
           use  tick boxes.
           Ask folk for feedback.
           Seek help to manage your fears and triggers.
           Acknowledge your limits, strengths and weaknesses.

Indications that feedback is lacking:           
           Continual reference to “the leaders” when talking about church decision making
           No effective, formal feedback system in place
           No history of actions arising from feedback or suggestions           
           All feedback is screened by one leader (‘Theo’ of the ‘theocracy’)

Let your people a say and see your church blossom!


2. Illawarra Prayer Centre: A prayer centre that is not a prayer centre. 


See the following links:   

1. Jason Hubbard Testimony-  Waves of Glory

2. The Whatcom Story by Light of the World Prayer Centre, see Review Article.  


A way forward would be for local fraternals to take the concept on as a key project.  

Already there are a couple of pastors who have agreed to pray for their area at the same time, from their own homes/offices. Small beginnings… The Kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed. Matt 13: 31,32


Great, short, YouTube report on the Illawarra Day of Prayer and Fasting.
See also a 2 minute locally produced clip on the power of unity in prayer


Creative Visions is a local print company, offering high quality printing services. They are very keen to assist local Christian organisations. (Yes, this in an ad!) 


David Cameron, the British Prime Minister in his Easter message declares that Great Britain is still a Christian country.  

Heard from a pulpit recently: “Our Annual General Meeting is next week. Please come; we are going to do some serious praying.”  


The Church is like Noah’s Ark. It’s full of an incredible mix of life. It probably stinks a bit… that’s what animals do. But outside, people are dying.



3. Regional Events

Easter, outdoor events:

Keiraville International Church Easter Sunrise service 

Celebrating Christ’s Resurrection at Sunrise

Time: March 27, 6.30 am – 7.30 am

Place: Galvin Park, Stuart Park, North Wollongong

Inspiring Singing by KIC Band

Live Testimonies of people whose lives have been transformed

Short Sermon on why we celebrate Easter by Rev. Lachlan Edwards

Light Breakfast at 7.30 am

Note: Transport Available for Uni students from SJK Church at 6.00 am


Shellharbour City Anglican Church Easter Sunrise Service 7 am at Shellharbour Nth Beach. Pancakes included 

Northern Illawarra Combined Churches Easter Sunrise Service. 6.30am March 27 at Sandon Point Headland

India Relief Foundation Dinner 7.30pm April 2, Bulli Uniting Church

There are many almost unknown people in our region involved in mission work. Vi Knowles is over 90 years old and still actively involved in ministry to children in India. See Vi’s story. She tells of increasing and sometimes brutal persecution of Christians and Muslims in India since the new hard line Hindu prime minister came to power. The dinner evening includes a soloist, the IRF singers, a speaker, and a choice of Indian or Australian food. Call 4271 7571 for details


Wollongong Prayer Breakfast  7am Fri May 27th. Early bird bookings are being taken. The speaker this year is His Excellency General The Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Ret’d), the 38th Governor of NSW.

The Watchman School of Intercession Fri May 27 7-9.30pm and Sat 28 9am-4pm Gerringong Uniting Church
Brian Pickering, the National Coordinator of the Australian Prayer Network will be speaking. So far 4000 people throughout Australia have attended this seminar. It is a strategic event which seeks to train and equip people to pray for our churches, our nation and the world. Register at: guceprayer@gmail.com or call 0405 149 602

Every Friday Morning Prayer Breakfasts 7.30 am. For prayer, fellowship and great start to the day. Meets at the offices of Warwick Marsh, Dads4Kids, behind Central Rd shops, through KFC car park Unanderra.   


There has been some initial interest in sponsoring a regional event of Praise and Celebration this year. Any other interested folk out there?



4. Humour    

Pastoral Search

Pray with, and for, other Christian leaders in your area.   

How is your fraternal going?



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