The Current Elections:  Christian Leaders, Please Lead.
Whyalla, a City Saved by United Prayer
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The Current Elections

The verses below were written by Martin Niemoller, a pastor who opposed Hitler.
All Christians should read, learn and tell this story, follow link.
It does apply now. Some of the exact same words and concepts are used today. Around 300,000 people were deemed to be the “Incurables” and involuntarily euthanised under Hitler and early post war.

Of all people, Christians have the responsibility and answers to speak to our nation.

We are being cooked like frogs. Slowly, as laws and standards gradually change around us.
The result of these coming elections will either a) halt the moral decay in our country or b) accelerate the process to marginalise and then eliminate the Christian voice.
Christian Leaders, please lead.
This table will assist in helping us make a wise choice. It has been produced by the Australian Christian Values Institute.
The Christian Democratic Party ticks all the boxes. They need prayer and practical support.
A very small team is currently trying to function in the Illawarra. Follow link for a local email contact.
Persecution of Christians in the world is increasing, see the latest news from the Australian Prayer Network. 
Whyalla – “Australia’s largest ghost town.” (Sydney Morning Heralded April 2016)
Not on my watch! As many were giving up on Whyalla, a call to pray for the cities future was given and many Christians from different churches came and believed for a sustainable future for Whyalla. Prayer is powerful and over the last three years as we have continued to pray, we have seen an incredible transformation in Whyalla. From a struggling steel plant to becoming a global leader in state of the art steel production and renewable energy. Whyalla is poised to boom with recent announcements of new industry coming to Whyalla, brand new high school, new hotel, and plans for one of the largest integrated steelworks in the world.
This is just the beginning!
A documentary was produced by Australian Story on Whyalla last year “The town that saved itself” which is a must watch. Follow link
But still so much has happened since then. Follow link


For His Kingdom and His Glory,
Josh Coppins
Pastor, Southern Lights Church (Whyalla)


Want to watch a short video clip of today’s evangelism in action? We are seeing the same things happening in the Illawarra. Stick with it, have some tissues handy and somewhere to kneel.

Todd White, Evangelist


CityServe April 6
The combined churches of Shellharbour and the Shellharbour City Council invite you to join in at the next CityServe event.
Come along on Saturday April 6th as we work together to create a community friendly area at  McDonald Park, on the corner of Tongarra Road and Station Road, Albion Park Rail.
The morning begins at 8am.
CityServe hats & T-Shirts will be available for purchase on the day.
A BBQ Lunch will be served to all volunteers and visitors.
To register go to the webpage
Email enquiries: follow link
Transforming our city through service.     
Movement Day
What legacy will your local church leave in your city? A flourishing city legacy can only be achieved strategically with the relational and collaborative efforts of the city-wide church family. Come to Movement Day Australia in Sydney May 8-9. 
For more info and registration follow link
From Ian Shelton:
I recently had the wonderful opportunity to visit Washington DC where Christian leaders from 160 global cities gathered to share stories about how God was moving in the towns and cities of the world.
Here in Australia we are excited to be a part of this global movement as we gather at Movement Day Australia in Sydney, May 8-9, 2019.

See Ian’s short video introduction.

“Our starting point is to weep for the city, Jesus wept as he rode into Jerusalem”.
“A broken church can’t heal a broken city”. 
Ian Shelton


Illawarra Prayer Breakfast
For further details and registration, follow link.


Every Friday Morning Prayer Breakfasts 7.00 am. It’s a great time of prayer, fellowship and Godly start to the day. Meets at the offices of Warwick Marsh, Dads4Kids, behind Central Rd shops, through KFC car park Unanderra.




Pray with, and for, other Christian leaders in your area.   
How is your local leaders fellowship going? 
Please note and forward any event items which you would like included in the website
Blessings, Darryl