Give thanks for those involved in children and youth ministry

Options of responding to Halloween



There are lots of wonderful people in our community working with children and youth. Give thanks for the folk who are loving, discipling, teaching and praying for our younger generation. 

At Halloween, these same young ones, along with their parents, often take part in a questionable ‘celebration’ which they may not understand. At best it is simply a commercially driven excuse for a children’s street party.

What is our most appropriate response to Halloween visits? 
a) Hide or ignore the knocks on the door?
b) Politely explain to those at the door that you don’t get involved in Halloween?
or c) Get together with your church and other local churches to create opportunities such as:
Those trained in evangelism ministry to be active at Halloween.
Homes to put the welcome mat out, hand out treats with a simple Christian message, and engage children and families in friendly conversation.
Host an alternative street party with a different festive theme.
Do a letterbox drop with little gift packs before Halloween.

In this ‘foreign land’ of Halloween, we must still love our neighbours as ourselves.

Being reminded by the movie War Room, and Scripture, it’s a spiritual battle, including for our younger generation.Uphold our children’s and youth workers in prayer. 

A couple of basic resource items below, there are lots more on the web: 

Halloween, originating from a Druid fire festival where the souls of the living and dead could mingle.   

The cartoon movie  ‘Minions’ is built around the theme that the eternal purpose of the minions (us) is to find the worst person on earth to follow. It targets children. (See spoiler for summary)  

The movie Insidious: Chapter 3, like so many horror movies, is simply designed to provide another spiritual fear kick to a lost generation.



Pray with, and for, other Christian leaders in your area.   

How is your fraternal going?


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