Dear Pastors,

In August of this year Dr Graeme Goldsworthy will be coming to the Illawarra for a weekend of seminars and is keen to open these up to the churches of the Illawarra. Graeme is probably best known for his book ‘Gospel and Kingdom‘ which has helped many around the world understand ‘the Bible as a whole, so that we can see the plan of salvation as it unfolds step by step‘. 

The seminars will be in the form of a free Friday evening talk which will be invaluable to anyone involved in teaching from God’s word, from Scripture and Sunday School teachers to youth group leaders, campus workers and preachers. A more in-depth seminar will follow on the Saturday, digging deeper into the hermeneutical themes raised the previous evening. The Sat seminar will include lunch. Both seminars will be held at Figtree Anglican Church.

Graeme has also written ‘Gospel and Wisdom’, ‘Gospel and Revelation’, ‘According to Plan’, ‘Preaching the Whole Bible as Christian Scripture’ and ‘Gospel-Centred Hermeneutics’.

This is a special equipping opportunity for Christian teachers in the Illawarra region. We hope you will attend and bring your colleagues and apprentices! Registration is essential and until booked out. Please reply soon to avoid disappointment.

Drop us a line if you would like flyers or posters and we will mail out some printed material.


Yours in Christ,

Geoff Thompson

Figtree Anglican Church