Having a big vision


 Do we minister in a church or in a city? Is our vision just for our own ministry, or is it also for something bigger?

Can we achieve our vision alone or has God also given us a ‘big picture’ team?

Can we dream of what heaven is like? Can we picture our world invaded by the Kingdom of God? What happens in our spirit when we meditate on Rev 11:15?!

Is there anything unrealistic to believe for? Is there anything God doesn’t do any more in Australia; or in the Illawarra? Can He still do immeasurably more….?

When our church folk or churches are running amok, can we declare and believe Psalm 133 over our people? Does God really love unity?

Let’s choose to lift our eyes  Isaiah 40:26.

Dream a dream for our entire region!


Inspiring stories from local Christian leaders:

1. Lloyd Ollerenshaw from Shellharbour City Baptist Church tells the very honest story of his last 2 years of being stretched, finding himself “off the edge of his map

2. Why would Douglas Carolisen leave South Africa, live in South Australia and then move to Wollongong to start a church? Was it Kingdom madness or obedience?

3. This amazing, brief Youtube of a ministry time is set to become an Illawarra classic: “The Mongoose and the Red Baron” from Randy Clark at Shellharbour
See other great stories on the
testimonies page 

Looking for some gentle but stirring folk/Gospel Aussie Christmas music? (I shed a few tears listening to a couple of tracks)

Shane Cook from the Shellharbour City Community Church has shared with other ministers what is happening in Newcastle with cityserve.com.au  He aims to replicate this combined churches ministry in the Shellharbour area. See link for details on how it works. This is catching!

Hard Stuff: Quoting the early apostles: “We will turn this responsibility (daily distribution of food) over to them and give our attention to prayer and ministry of the word” Leadership and ministry can be lonely, make sure we are all praying with someone. We should be praying with friends who have a vision. We can’t do it alone…

Is this the shortest sermon ever? (Less than 2 minutes!)





Significant Events:



This Wednesday 18th December INFORMATION NIGHT for April next year’s Christ for the Coast Mission. See events page for details. 


Saturday, 21st December Combined churches Carols by the Harbour at Shellharbour Harbour (Little Park)


5pm – Family Festival


7:30pm – Carols


9pm – Fireworks




Friday, Feb 14th 2014, Annual Wollongong Prayer Breakfast for Christian leaders 7- 8.30 at the Wollongong City Salvation Army Corps Centre. 11 Burelli St.  Ian Shelton from Toowoomba will be with us. Churches in that city (follow link for story) have probably had the most regional impact than anywhere else in Australia. If you are passionate, or even interested, in how, together, we might radically touch the Illawarra for Jesus, please come along! If you can’t make it, please send a senior member of your church. See invitation for further details   


7th to 11th April 2014, Christ for the Coast Mission
Evangelistic events will be held in Wollongong city, North Wollongong area, Wollongong University and in Shellharbour.
Al Stewart is booked to speak at each event. He is a gifted and experienced evangelist, who will clearly, faithfully and persuasively proclaim Christ. Details are yet to be announced. 





Morning breakfasts restart Feb. 7th 2014 at 0730 (another change of time) 


Venue is the Hope Centre Food Barn behind the Harvey Norman Warehouse at Warrawong. It’s great fellowship, and occasionally there are special items! And it’s FREE (but any support for the Hope Centre is welcome)



Pray with, and for, other Christian leaders in your area. 


Please note and forward any event items which you would like included in the website  




Blessings, Darryl