CityServe at Albion Park Rail: results


The weather turned on a great day for City Serve on April 18 amidst a week of rain. 130 volunteers  turned out contributing in excess of 780 hours of volunteer labour. The Albion Park Rail Community Centre received a make over with surrounding areas at Albion Oval also getting a spruce up. Amongst this work the group achieved the following list

30m3 Garden mulch spread

20m3 Soft fall Playground mulch spread

Turf base spread for top dressing and rut filling: 8m3

Planted 50 Grevilleas  in the community centre garden

Planted various herbs for the herb garden 20 x punnets

2.5 tonne of green waste removed from site.

Replaced two thirds of the grandstand timbers.

Painted the grandstand

Painted the community centre verandah posts, water tank, gates and old murals.

Painted the graffiti on the skate park

Painted the two southern amenity blocks

Repaired rendering on the amenity block

Stained the copper log fence surrounding the oval


It was great to see the community and Council partnering to improve valuable assets within the city. The energy and enthusiasm was outstanding.


Shane Cook