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At the time of Federation 98% of Australians identified themselves as Christians. Now only 8% say they regularly go to Church. What’s changed? How did Australia become a post-Christian nation and what part did the Churches play in their own decline?

Author Roy Williams (God, Actually, In God they trust?) has long been an impassioned defender of Christianity. Here, he tackles the decline of the church head on, acknowledging that in many cases, inflexibility, negativity and a refusal to listen have led to a tarnished image. But he also argues that Australia had a long and often misunderstood Christian heritage. And without it, he says, we will become a society with no moral centre, a community where rampant materialism is the only rule.

Offering a bold roadmap for the Church to change, Williams challenges atheists, agnostics and true believers to a genuinely open debate about the force of faith.

Roy Williams

Roy won the Sydney University Medal in law in 1986. He practised as a litigation solicitor in Sydney for 20 years, before becoming a full-time writer. He is the author of “GOD ACTUALLY” an award-winning and best-selling defence of Christianity published in Australasia by ABC Books and in Britain and North America by Monarch Books.

Although his great grandfather was a Presbyterian minister, he himself was a skeptic for most of his life, coming to faith in his mid thirties via parenthood, prodigious reading and a life changing illness.

In his second book “IN GOD THEY TRUST?” Roy examines the spiritual life of each of our Prime Ministers from Edmund Barton to Julia Gillard


ABC books has just published his third book “POST GOD NATION?” How religion fell off the radar in Australia – and what might be done to get it back on”.

The books can be purchased at the ABC bookshops and Koorong on line.