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Emma Kipps – When Christianity turns sour

7.00am-8.15am Tuesday 15th July 2014, Wollongong Golf Club Cnr Corrimal & Bank Sts – Buffet Breakfast $30

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Emma Kipps

Emma grew up in a South Coast church and moved to Sydney with work. She was introduced to a “church” that seemed to be zealous, exciting and purposeful. She was embraced and rose through the ranks because of her performance. As time passed she found herself being increasingly controlled by the expectation of its leadership until she was completely under its direction. With great difficulty she was extricated from the church. That was 20 years ago.

Since then she has been committed to help others who have been snared by such high demand religious groups. She is now a member of a support group called CIFS – ‘Cult Information, Family Support’. Her passion is to educate people to recognise and understand controlling aspects of such groups and prevent them from being trapped by such harsh and ungodly practices and beliefs. She has been invited to appear on the SBS program “Insight.”

Emma is married to Dominic and has 4 children. She works part time as a training and development consultant in the Spa industry. She enjoys travelling, sport and recreation (exercise and fitness) and watching and encouraging the kids with soccer and swimming.