Illawarra Christian Leaders Roundtable

Tuesday 14 October 2014

with Rev Jim Wilson from U.S.A. PrayNorthState


1.       7:30AM Cosy Corner Café IMB Arcade Unanderra (Buy your own breakfast)

2.       10AM Macdonalds Corrimal (Buy your own Coffee)

3.       1PM Green Poppy Café Addison Street Shellharbour(Buy your own lunch)


Rev Jim Wilson is a minister in the Anglican Church in America.

He is Co-Director of the National Day of Repentance in USA and cofounder of PrayNorthstate.


About Rev Jim Wilson

Jim Wilson was ordained in the Episcopal Church in 1985, where he served congregations in California and Virginia for 16 years. From that vantage point he has seen and celebrated the work of God’s Holy Spirit in charismatic, evangelical and mainline bodies with equal awe and enthusiasm. He and his wife, Diana, launched PrayNorthstate in February 2001, making it their full-time ministry in June of that year. Jim is currently a minister with the Anglican Church, USA.

Jim has taught workshops and seminars in personal evangelism, congregational development and leadership training, spiritual giftings, and the simple majesty of God’s creation since 1994. He has been in demand as a speaker and teacher in many locations and his ministry crosses denominational and cultural barriers as he shares the wonder of God’s call to the Body of Christ to become a genuinely cooperative Body.

He is Co-director of the National Day of Repentance in USA. He has written several books including “Holy Spirit and the end times” and “Living as Ambassadors of Relationships” which are in the top 20% of sales right now. He hosts a radio program heard on five stations called PrayNorthState Radio, and has a blog now read by more than 400,000 people. He has a special focus in prayer for reconciliation with indigenous people.


Enquiries:          Warwick Marsh      0418 225 212

                             Hengki Widjaja      0408 653 445