For some reason today, I recalled what my attitude toward God used to be. As young as 4 years old I already had an opinion…His attitude toward me was obvious…He didn’t care. I was not what you would call a cuddly kid, more prickles than a porcupine even at that tender age. The ability to weave stories peppered with lies & fantasy was all ready being perfected. My imagination was unbelievable but also my safety valve & became my Hiding Place. This persisted into my teenage life and beyond. All because of two people that could not reconcile & a Legal Device called Divorce. No matter how I would stamp my foot & demand that God appear, He never did. But my immaturity did not allow for His only Son, Jesus Christ. Thirty years later Jesus turned up in my life. WOW! Transformation!

Suddenly the sky was bluer and the trees greener.

Now I see God, el Shaddai, the God who is enough… everywhere I go. I see Him in the changing face of the sky – storms, rainbows, lashing torrents to translucent, gentle drops.  I hear His voice in the whispering leaves of wind-swayed trees. My heart is captured by the gurgling laughter of a happy child. I weep at the Face of Poverty. I only occasionally stamp my foot at God now because I am wrapped in His love & I know He forgives; I am held firm in His promises. I try not to argue for He is Truth always. I no longer need proof, HE IS.

My attitude now toward my God, the Father to the fatherless, is so different that I long now only to live for Him. To make a difference…because of Him.  Two photos attached: Me  as I saw myself as a child, & me as I pray that I have become – broken for His purpose, with a heart for the lost & despised; born to become a Woman with a Mission.  

Lynne Inarukundo.