On Tuesday night, my grandson came with me to the conference.

On 18th May he, his brother & sister had a car accident in which my grandson sustained a dislocated shoulder, 5 vertebrae cracked in his spine, & the ligaments between the vertebrae crushed. (His sister died from the accident.)

At the end of the meeting on Tuesday night, I went with him down the front for prayer for healing and after the lady (Noela) prayed for him God healed his back. Where he couldn’t move without it paining – no pain. He is still wearing the backbrace until he can get into see the specialist, which is not until the middle of August, but we are praising God for His love and power, & that my Grandson (Aaron) will come to salvation through this.

Yours in Christ

Helen Whipps


This Tuesday, (after God brought forward his next appointment with Dr Kumar!!!) Aaron had CT scans which showed that the ligaments are HEALED!!! The funny thing is that the vertebrae, although knitted on the outside are still healing on the inside, which, as Dr Kumar said, the bones usually heal before the ligaments! So, he is now okay to start on physio to get all the muscles working again. He still has to wear the back brace, to give the bones extra healing time, but Dr Kumar said that after about 4 weeks physio, he can take the back brace off at home, unless he’s doing anything strenuous. Then after about 6 week’s physio he can take the back brace off. He is so pleased and knows that it was God Who healed his back, as before we went down for prayer at the Kingdom Fire Conference, he still had pain when he did certain things. Praise the Lord!!!

God bless you Bethany,

Helen Whipps