Dear Kingdom Fire team,

Thank you so much for such a wonderful and powerful event.

I had been awaiting an opportunity to sit under some of Randy Clarks teaching for some time now.

I was very impressed at what such a small body in Christ could put together. Congratulations to you all, and may you be richly blessed by The Lord as you continue to press in and spread His love.

Since the conference, I have noticed within myself a deep awareness of words of knowledge. I had moved in them before, but only whilst praying with someone. Now I am experiencing them in a much greater capacity and I know they are to be a mighty tool in the healing ministry.

This teaching and impartation alone from Randy Clark has had a profound effect on me.

But also I am noticing a greater moving of the Lords power within me as I pray for healing.

I do see healing regularly, but I know what I received from this conference has been a game changer. It is like The Lord is moving through me more freely, more powerfully.

It has only been a week, and I have seen the benefits of what The Lord has done through the conference already. In fact I was seeing them during the conference also. I loved that Randy had the attendees participating as The Lord moved. It was inspiring, and greatly encouraging.

Since the conference I have seen 3 people healed from words of knowledge, 2 of them at a small church gathering, and approximately 8 or 10 healing touches where various pains were healed as I prayed.

If you send out Email prompts over the months following, I have no doubt you will be enthused by feedback and results we will be seeing.

I have been filled, and blessed beyond measure.

Money could not buy what I have received, but I feel the small expense of the meeting has been a wise investment in to my life in Christ.

Thanks you all so much,
With love in Christ,

Jeff Nichols
Goughs Bay