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Feature Article 17th February 2018 – Seven Ways for Christians to Become Better Leaders

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Feature Article 20th January – Identity Politics at Odds with Liberal Democracy

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Commonwealth Games Prayer Weekend

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Feature Article 25th November 2017 – Same-sex marriage results in loss of freedom for all

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Commonwealth Games 40 hour prayer weekend

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Feature Article – Why culture won’t change without radical revival

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Feature Article – What’s Changed in Britain Since Same Sex Marriage was Legalised

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Feature Article – A Faithless Australia May Lose More Than Just God

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Our Ministry in Egypt begins in 3 weeks

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Feature Article – Will the Real Donald Trump Please Stand Up

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Feature Article – New progressive morality taking over the Christian beliefs

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Feature Article – The stunning silence behind the healing power of prayer

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NDOT Newsletter 3/17

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Feature Article – ten ways mothers can set the example for their children

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NDOT Newsletter 2/17

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Feature Article – How Free Speech Dies

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NDOT Newsletter 1 / 17

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Feature Article – Muslim WomenInternational News 20th March 2017

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Egypt Ministry Report 2016

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Feature Article – A Christian perspective on the Federal Election

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A Season of Prayer for the Federal Elections – Week 5

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A Season of Prayer for the Federal Elections – week 4

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A Season of Prayer for the Federal Elections – week 3

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A Season of Prayer for the Federal Elections – week 2

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Training and Mobilising the Egyptian Church

A Season of Prayer for the Federal Elections – week 1

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National Day of Thanks News 7

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Watchman School of Intercession – Foundation Level – Gerringong 27th & 28th May 2016

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Feature Article 14th May 2016

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National Day of Thanks News 6

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Watchman School of Intercession – Foundation Level and others

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Feature Article – Safe Schools – What is all the fuss about

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