In a surprising move, the Queensland Parliament has came a step closer towards introducing the world’s most dangerous and radical abortion legislation. Australian Christian Lobby Queensland Director, Wendy Francis, said the Parliament made a technical, procedural vote that combined two separate pieces of abortion legislation into one, providing a massive threat to the unborn and to women’s health. “If passed, this extreme abortion bill from Cairns Independent MP Rob Pyne will remove all safeguards currently in place to protect women from coercion and dangerous practices,” Ms Francis said. Ms Francis said Queenslanders expected both major parties to stick to their pre-election commitment not to tinker with abortion laws during this term of government. 


“Out of principle the major parties should reject this bill because it was against their election commitment and it is being processed through parliament in a covert manner,” Ms Francis said. “The major parties should be under no obligation to support this bill which ignores community concerns and has been rejected by a parliamentary committee. Queenslanders are sick of politicians not keeping promises, particularly on such an important issue where the welfare of women and babies is a stake.”


“Queenslanders, who are overwhelmingly opposed to late term abortions and recognise that abortion is harmful for women will feel extremely let down if the major parties allow this bill to be given time to be debated,” Ms Francis said. “It would be seen by Queenslanders as incredibly arrogant for the Parliament to rush through legislation which, according to the advice it has received, has significant flaws and places women with unwanted pregnancies in danger.” Mr Pyne’s bill allows women to perform abortions on themselves, without any support or counselling. The bill removes safeguards that ensure abortion is genuinely the woman’s choice and not the result of coercion.


It allows for sex-selective abortions and will see viable babies being aborted late in a pregnancy. “Voters have rejected Mr Pyne’s abortion-to-birth bills and have expressed deep concern with abortion,” Ms Francis said. A Galaxy Poll, conducted in May, showed 84 per cent of Queenslanders believed abortion was harmful for women with the percentage rising to 90 per cent among younger voters aged 18-34 years. Parliamentary Committee inquiries into Mr Pyne’s two abortion bills have attracted 2,700 public submissions, more than 80 per cent opposed to liberalising abortion laws. Meanwhile, almost 36,000 people have signed two petitions against the bills. “It is clear there is no appetite in Queensland for removing safeguards that exist in current abortion laws.” Ms Francis said.


“The Queensland Government would be better placed to consider ways to provide additional support to women who are experiencing unwanted pregnancies. “Women who find themselves with an unwanted pregnancy deserve so much more than what Mr Pyne would want us to believe is an easy fix. It’s not. “Women deserve to be given all information, about all options, as well as appropriate support. “Despite extensive input from professionals, Mr Pyne, in his bills, has ignored calls for counselling, cooling off periods, access to ultrasound technology to view the unborn baby and respect for the rights of doctors and nurses to be free to counsel patients with all options that are available to them.”

Source: Australian Christian Lobby

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Supporters of traditional marriage in Australia have seized on a landmark ruling in Canada which they say puts parental objections to same-sex education at schools into legal conflict with the state. Justice Robert Reid in the Ontario Superior Court last week dismissed an application by Greek Orthodox father, Steve Tourloukis, that would have allowed him to remove his children from school classes that went against his religious values. The Superior Court upheld the decision of the local school board not to accommodate Mr Tourloukis’ request, noting it had supported the “values of inclusion and equality over individual religious accommodation.” Justice Reid deemed this to represent a correct balancing of the conflicting imperatives in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


But the decision was seized on by Marriage Alliance spokeswoman Sophie York who said it amounted to an attack on parents’ rights and exemplified the societal consequences of legalising same sex marriage. “This ruling clearly shows the attack on parents’ rights and religious freedoms with parents of a student being told in no uncertain terms: ‘You have no place in public education if you do not agree’,” she said. She said that, despite claims made by LGBTI activists, the ruling sent a “clear and unambiguous statement by the courts” that the consequences of redefining marriage went directly to the classroom. “We have heard time after time that there are no consequences to redefining marriage for ordinary Australians, yet we now have exactly the opposite from the courts in Canada,” Ms York said.


“As the parents of Australia rightly raise concerns about what their children are being taught under the contentious Safe Schools program, we are seeing similar programs being made mandatory learning in education systems around the world where marriage has been redefined.” The warning was sounded as Labor, the Greens and key crossbenchers joined forces in backing a Senate inquiry into marriage equality and the government’s exposure draft to amend the Marriage Act.Greens LGBTIQ spokeswoman, Janet Rice, said that ditching the proposed plebiscite to determine whether or not to legalise same sex marriage had “paved the way” for parliament to resolve the issue.


Source: Marriage Alliance

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Australian “Safe Schools” operatives are pushing a global teacher training program designed to shame people who believe in marriage between one man and one woman and who resist radical gender theory should be of concern to parents. “It is alarming that ‘Safe Schools’ organisers want the next generation of teachers to view anyone who believes marriage is between one man and one woman as ‘modern homophobes’,” Australian Christian Lobby managing director Lyle Shelton said. Mr Shelton renewed the ACL’s call for federal and state parliamentarians to act to defund “Safe Schools” and to remove it from classrooms. “We also need assurances from state and federal education ministers that they will keep Australia free of the GALE program which our ‘Safe Schools’ leaders are pushing,”he said. 


“Children and parents need to be free to disagree with redefining marriage and the teaching of children that their gender is fluid without being considered bigots. “In a democracy, people should be free to be in favour of keeping marriage man-woman. Holding this view should never make someone a ‘modern homophobe’ who has to be re-educated through the public school system. “It is possible to be against the bullying of any child at school for any reason and at the same time be against the teaching of radical gender theory which says a boy or girl might be born in the wrong body,” Mr Shelton said. “It is clear that the people behind ‘Safe Schools’ are part of a global agenda to re-shape society and to use the training of the next generation of teachers to re-educate anyone who gets in their way.”



Source: Australian Christian Lobby

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