An Australian Defence Force (ADF) officer, Squadron-Leader Vince Chong, has received a gold commendation — from the Vice Chief of the Defence Force (VCDF), Air Marshal Mark Binskin AO, on May 22, for his leadership in a homosexual activist political organisation, the Australian Defence Gay and Lesbian Information Service (DEFGLIS).  This organisation has succeeded in having homosexual servicemen march in uniform in the 2013 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Normally, servicemen are prohibited from marching in uniform in political demonstrations — indeed, it is very much frowned upon for them to take part in such demonstrations even in civilian clothes. 

Furthermore, in various catch-all disciplinary measures — “conduct unbecoming”, etc — it has for a long time, perhaps always, been a standard rule of the armed services that people’s sexuality is their own business and it should not be flaunted. While one or two such incidents may have little effect, it is possible to anticipate how, over time, a drastic change will occur in the armed forces’ culture as a result of an accumulation of such incidents. The conditions of service make the necessity for discreet personal behaviour obvious —  with large numbers of men and women living in close confinement for long periods.

Up until recent times, people joining the armed services have accepted that along with the job go certain restrictions on personal conduct and the need for decorum. This is important not only for internal discipline but also for the armed services’ image in the community. There is, of course, a corollary to recent developments in our armed services. The favouring of homosexuals, such as seems to be happening here, must almost certainly lead to a disfavouring and punishment of those who are at all vocal about other inclinations, particularly, one fears, Catholic and evangelical Christians. 

One former member of the ADF — a former officer who served in Iraq — has written: “Defence hierarchy are supporting homosexual political activism and the gay marriage agenda by awarding Vince Chong for his leadership of DEFGLIS.” On the other hand they appear to be taking a position of denying other personel with an opposing view on these subjects the same right of public expression. When a Christian officer recently raised publicly his concerns about his children being taught by homosexual teachers, his commanding officer took him to task for “offending the homosexual community.” He was allegedly told that his comment was inappropriate and that he should cease political activity if he wanted a military career. 

If proven to be true it is unfair that some within our Armed Forces are able to publicly promote their political, religious and sexual beliefs, and be rewarded for doing so, whilst others with opposing views must remain silent and are disciplined for expressing their position to others. If this is correct, the case seems to be a matter for parliamentary investigation.

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Members of Tasmania’s Upper House have delayed a vote on abortion — probably by many months — by referring the issue for further examination by a committee. Lobbying of MLCs ended in a move to start a new process of taking submissions. Previously the House of Assembly passed the legislation in April. If finally approved by the Upper House, it takes terminations out of the criminal code, reducing the risk of doctors and women being charged with a crime. It would also allow terminations, with consent, up to 16 weeks of pregnancy, after which approval of two doctors, including a specialist, would be needed. 

Presently that approval is needed at any stage of pregnancy. MLC Paul Harriss moved for the committee process, which will invite submissions and be advertised. “It became clear during the day that the lawyers were unclear as to the law’s application and there was even conflicting advice from doctors,” Mr Harriss said. He agreed the process could take months. Health Minister Michelle O’Byrne moved the legislation as a private member’s Bill. If approved, it would put termination under the normal regulations of the medical professional and health authorities.

“I am disappointed that the Upper House has delayed making a decision on this important issue,” Ms O’Byrne said. “A number of experts in the field, on all sides, have been available to members and the issue has been the subject of a significant level of discussion for months. “Both Houses of Parliament decided over a decade ago that women should have access to safe and legal terminations. It’s time to remove this medical procedure from the criminal code and ensure that access is safe, legal and equal.” The original proposal set the limit after which two doctors’ assessment was required at 24 weeks, but it was reduced in a bid to allay opposition.

Source: Compiled by APN from media reports



A man in Australia who claims to be neither a man nor a woman has been officially recognized by Australian authorities as “sexless” on his birth certificate. Norrie May-Welby, a British expat, was born a man but had a sex change operation in 1990 when he was 28. However, after becoming unhappy as a woman he opted to become a “neuter.” In 2010, officials in New South Wales (NSW) altered the Briton’s birth certificate to declare a new sex category, “not specified,” but the decision was later reversed. Now, three years later, the man has won an appeals verdict in the NSW Supreme Court to be recognized as “sexless” on his birth certificate in a landmark case.

The NSW Supreme Court ruled that people do not have to legally specify if they are male or female but could select a third sex category, stating “non-specific” on official documents. In 2011, new passport rules were introduced in Australia that allow residents to identify their gender as male, female or indeterminate. In the same year, the U.K. Home Office said it was considering scrapping any mention of a person’s sex on passports for the sake of “transsexual equality.” However, critics raised concern that such a move would place an undue burden on the U.K. Border Agency, and there was confusion about how exactly the scheme would work.

Also in 2011, parents in Canada decided to raise a “genderless baby”—in “a tribute to freedom and choice.” Kathy Witterick and David Stocker already had two boys, but with their third child they decided to keep the child’s sex a secret. Glenn Stanton, a family researcher, says the parents’ thinking was pure “storybook.” Stanton says, “The parents have this utopian idea that, ‘We can just let our child be free,’” but added, “That is completely to misunderstand what it means to be human.” Harold S. Koplewicz, a leading child psychiatrist, points out that “when kids are born, they’re not a blank slate,” and they do actually have a male or female brain.

Source: The Christian Institute



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