Marriage equality activists have been found not guilty of offensive language charges after yelling expletives into a loudspeaker in public. Sydney magistrate Geoffrey Bradd dismissed charges against a group of protesters hauled before the Local Court for saying “f— Fred Nile” and calling opponents “f—ers” at a rally in support of same sex marriage. In a decision touted as a win for free speech, Magistrate Bradd threw out offensive language charges against the group, saying the words were used “to dismiss the argument against marriage equality” rather than to cause offence. April Holcombe was one of three protesters charged with using offensive language after the rally in Belmore Park in Haymarket in September last year.


“I was called 48 hours after the protest to be told that I had sworn, that this was on police footage, and that my $500 fine was in the mail,” said Ms Holcombe, LGBTI Officer for the National Union of Students. The protest was organised by activist group Community Action Against Homophobia (CAAH) to counter an anti same-sex marriage march organised by Christian Democratic Party leader and upper house MP Fred Nile and Christian group Unity Australia. Ms Holcombe said during the protest: “We need to make a stand against them and make sure us using bad language about these f—ers is nothing compared to the epidemic of suicides these people contribute to”. Patrick Hildehand and Cat Rose, co-conveners of CAAH, were charged with saying “f— Fred Nile” and “bigots f— off” respectively.


Police issued them with penalty notices for offensive language, which were invalid under criminal procedure laws which prevent police from issuing such notices during “an apparently genuine demonstration or protest”. Cat Rose said: “We’ll keep protesting until we have our rights.” The trio was subsequently charged with using offensive language – the maximum penalty for which is a $660 fine – and served with notices to appear in court. The court heard Ms Rose told a police officer “f—” was “part of the common vernacular”, prompting him to respond it was “not part of children’s vernacular” and there were families at the park. Magistrate Bradd said there was no evidence Ms Rose used the words “f— off” and dismissed the charges against Ms Holcombe and Mr Hildehand on the basis the words were not offensive in context.


He said whether the word “f—” is part of a child’s vernacular “depends on the words that a child listens to from others”. The word was only offensive if it was “calculated to wound the feelings, arouse anger or resentment or disgust and outrage in the mind of a reasonable person”. Phrases such as “you f—ing beauty” and “f—ing hell” were unlikely to be offensive, he said. The protesters were represented by a phalanx of lawyers, including Sydney barristers Stephen Lawrence and Felicity Graham and solicitor Charles Stanford. Sydney solicitor Christian Hearn, who appeared for Ms Rose, said offensive language laws had “for too long been used as a social control applied disproportionately against marginalised and vulnerable people”.


“The magistrate ruled that the language used by our clients was not unlawful and once again confirmed that a person does not commit a crime merely by using the word ‘f—‘,” he said. “The police should remind themselves of that before subjecting peaceful protesters and other citizens to arrest and criminal prosecution for nothing more than speech.” Ms Rose said: “We’ll keep protesting until we have our rights, and you can expect a few f-bombs along the way.”


Source: Compiled by APN from media reports

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The compulsion by law of Christian bakers in Northern Ireland to decorate a cake with a same-sex marriage political slogan is the latest example of the intolerance of those pushing for marriage to be redefined in law. Australian Christian Lobby (ACL)  Managing Director Lyle Shelton said it was clear that same-sex marriage ideology left no room for those with a different vision of marriage and that the law would be used to enforce compliance. Mr Shelton was commenting on the defeat in the court of appeal in Belfast of an appeal by Ashers Bakery for refusing to decorate a cake with a political slogan which contravened the Christian beliefs of the owners.


In 2014, a local same-sex marriage political activist, Gareth Lee, asked Ashers Bakery to decorate a cake with the image of Sesame Street’s Bert and Ernie and the slogan “support gay marriage”. Owners Daniel and Amy McArthur, who believe marriage is between one man and one woman, declined and were ordered by a lower court to pay five hundred pounds in compensation to Mr Lee. “Australia’s same-sex marriage activists have told us for years that same-sex marriage does not affect other peoples’ freedoms,” Mr Shelton said. “Clearly this is not the case.” Mr Shelton said the Ashers Bakery case had eerie similarities with the legal action recently brought against Hobart’s Catholic Archbishop Julian Porteous for distributing Christian teaching on marriage.


Like the case in Northern Ireland, it was a prominent same-sex marriage activist, Rodney Croome, who urged the legal action. The case against Archbishop Porteous was mysteriously withdrawn after six months but only after it was deemed to be damaging the political movement for same-sex marriage in Australia. Mr Shelton said it was concerning that Northern Ireland’s equivalent of the powerful taxpayer-funded Australian Human Rights Commission, the Equality Commission of Northern Ireland, had advised Mr Lee in his legal action against the bakers. This also had echoes of the Porteous case where the head of the Tasmanian taxpayer-funded Human Rights Commission, Robin Banks, had ruled that the Archbishop and the entire Australian Catholic Bishop’s Conference had a case to answer.


“Given that Australia’s human rights commission believes same-sex marriage is a human right, something not recognised in international law, Australian dissenters to same-sex marriage had cause for concern should the law ever change here. Mr Shelton said it was concerning that Attorney General George Brandis’ recent exposure draft for legislation to redefine marriage did not include protections for non-clergy business people like the McArthur family. “Australian florists, photographers, cake makers and venue owners will face the same legal punishment as their US and Irish counterparts if they too wish to exercise their right of conscience to decline services to same-sex weddings under the proposal put forward by Senator Brandis.


“It is clear that the implications for freedom of conscience, speech and religion have not been thought through by the Australian Government.” Mr Shelton said. It was deeply concerning that John O’Doherty, the director of Northern Ireland’s gay activist Rainbow Project, said there was “no justification” for McArthur’s views.”This seems to be typical of Australia’s same-sex marriage activists and all the more reason why same-sex marriage is a threat to other Australian’s basic rights and freedoms,” Mr Shelton said.


Source: Australian Christian Lobby

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The infamous founder of the highly poisonous “Safe Schools” program, Roz Ward, has come under renewed fire from Australians who refuse to buy into her lies and deception. Many have called for her to step down as head of the highly inappropriate sex-ed campaign disguised as an ‘anti-bullying’ program in Victoria. It’s a program that promotes radical sexual experimentation, sexual ‘diversity’ and sexual ‘inclusion’ to students in all grades. It even promotes deviant sexual behaviour, including transgenderism, to youngsters in the lower grades of primary school using vile books such as ‘The Gender Fairy’. All of this done in the name of helping those dealing with contrived issues of ‘gender dysphoria’ and preventing ‘bullying’.


Now, concerned parents and family advocacy groups have further reason to push for the removal of this nefarious psychopath and her agenda. Highly offended by dissenting opinions, the hypocritical LGBTI ‘rights’ activist proceeded to harass the male, who was wearing a “Trump 2016” T-shirt, by trying to remove his matching cap. She is seen smirking while the man tries to shield himself from her. According to the Daily Mail:  The Safe Schools program founder was seen carrying a handful of copies of a Marxist newspaper and smirking when she reached over to take the cap from the man, who was one of 50 pro-Trump supporters celebrating his US presidential win in Melbourne.


Photographer Kenji Wardenclyffe told The Australian he saw the incident as hundreds of anti-Trump protesters marched through the centre of the city in response to the far-right merriment. As the report alluded to, Ward is a militant Marxist who promotes all kinds of vile filth in the name of ‘progressiveness’. The transgender woman has even called the Australian flag ‘racist’ and declared that she wanted to replace it with a red one. Like a true leftist, Ward believes that she is entitled to free speech and expression of opinion, while those who hold dissenting views, are not.

Source: The Caleb Report

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