Catholic Archbishop of Hobart Julian Porteous, has raised the ire of Australian Marriage Equality director Rodney Croome, himself a native of Tasmania. Mr Croome has threatened Bishop Porteous that he will lodge a complaint to the anti-discrimination board because the Catholic Bishops in Australia have produced a booklet explaining the Churches position on marriage, which of course does not conform to the position taken by the homosexual lobby for which Mr Croome is a spokesperson. This in spite of the fact that traditional marriage is the law of the land and a long standing tradition entered into by the vast majority of Australian men and women of adult age.    

It is no mystery that the archbishop — and every other bishop of the Catholic Church — is, and always will be, opposed to gay marriage. The church holds that marital love can be expressed only through the natural biological sexual union of man and woman, the only relationship that can, naturally, of itself, produce children. Until recently, this was the uncontroversial, biologically based universal concept of marriage and sex within marriage. Christians, Jews, Muslims and most others the world over share this view. However, homosexual campaigners want to remove the natural biological centre of conjugality and replace it with the ephemera of romantic love, with its heart-shaped symbolism, something to which the young are notoriously susceptible.

So, to make the church’s teaching on this matter clear to parents, and by extension their children, all the bishops have sent to Catholic schools a booklet enunciating Christian teaching, “Don’t Mess with Marriage”. They did this with the understanding that parents who send their children to a Catholic school accept the school’s ethos and teaching on the sacraments, including marriage. But according to Croome, Porteous is guilty of what amounts to a type of child abuse and hate crime. According to Croome “The Catholic Church has every right to express its views from the pulpit but it is completely inappropriate to enlist young people as the couriers of its prejudice.

Croome added “The booklet says to gay students in Catholic schools that their sexuality is wrong and that their aspiration to marry is a danger to marriage, religion and society. Any teacher who exposes children to such damaging messages violates their duty of care and are a danger to students.” He claims: “The booklet denigrates and demeans same-sex relationships and will do immense harm to gay students and students being raised by same-sex couples.” The booklet in no way vilifies homosexuals, but Croome ignores this. The booklet states clearly that “every man, woman and child has great dignity and worth which can never be taken away. This includes those who experience same-sex attraction. They must be treated with respect, sensitivity, and love.”

Consequently, few complaints have been received. However, at least one complainant has written to the archbishop to say they will be sending a formal complaint to the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Commissioner on the grounds of inciting hatred. Anthony Cleary, the religious co-ordinator of the Sydney archdiocese, which has sent out 100,000 booklets, has received only about a dozen complaints, whilst at the same time receiving three times that number of letters from parents who wrote with congratulations. Cleary says many parents are relieved the church is taking a clear stand on this issue. Parents know “all social moral and ethical issues are presented in Catholic schools from an unapologetic Catholic perspective.

In fact, the booklet hardly mentions homosexuality. Some commentators have said that Croome saying Catholics should be presenting both sides of the argument is disingenuous nonsense.” They claim it is also more than just another political argument. It goes to the moral heart of the natural family and its position in society. However, with the topsy-turvy logic of current thinking within the homosexual community, Croome is saying the classic Judeo-Christian view on this matter, which is contained in the booklet and enshrined in the law, is simply prejudiced and children should not be taught these things. So what will happen if same-sex marriage becomes legal? Will Croome demand schools cease to teach Catholic precepts?

Australia is a free country where people of all religions have the right to enunciate their views in public. By attempting to intimidate the Catholic Church into silence, Croome is showing the true colours of the Australian Marriage Equality movement. Suppressing freedom of religion and thought, is the end game of the marriage equality push. There are hundreds of examples of this all over the world where people have been sacked, fined and had their views and work suppressed by anti-discrimination laws. Porteous is facing this scenario now and the law doesn’t yet allow same-sex marriage. So if it does, what restrictions are going to be placed on religious schools in future about what they can and cannot teach?

Source: Compiled by APN from media reports

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Rev Fred Nile Leader of the Christian Democratic Party has expressed his dismay at the legalisation of same sex marriage in the USA. “It astounds me that in a nation which declares itself one of the world’s most democratic, it only took five out of nine US Supreme Court judges to actively repudiate a nation’s entire history and traditions. The legalisation of same sex marriage across the 50 States of the US is an injustice to cultural values and to the principles of traditions. “Religious liberties and teaching of their principles that are valued and worshipped by many faiths, have been unprecedentedly compromised,” stated Rev Nile. Religious liberties is the freedom of religious practice and the scope of that liberty is directly related to the restraints placed upon religious practice.

“It is inevitable, as Justice Thomas stated that there will be ‘ruinous consequences for religious liberty’. It is evident in other countries which have legalised same sex marriage, that polarisation is inevitable; along with demonization of those who dissent from the new definition of marriage. “Australians can learn from the experience of other nations following the legalising of same sex marriage. One of the most detrimental factors is that freedom of rights, beliefs, teachings and self-expression are now no longer legal and are dealt with by the judicial system. “The citizens of the US have been denied their democratic rights when marriage was redefined by the judicial system, despite the advice of 54 law experts from 27 countries advocating for judicial deference.

Democratic Parliaments must make these radical decisions not unelected Judges.” said Rev Nile. There are only 19 nations of 193 United Nations, which have changed the definition of traditional marriage or have legalised unions of same-sex couples. “The remaining 176 nations, including Australia, possess the ultimate advantage of learning from the social, ethical and legal implications and inevitable detriments which other nations are now experiencing. “We must not be fooled by the left wing activist propaganda; same sex marriage is not inevitable in Australia. It is crucial that Australians are aware of the warnings and understand that there is an immense uncompromising detriment to every citizen’s rights and freedoms,” said Rev. Nile.

Source: Compiled by APN from CDP Press Release

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Labor’s national conference has ended with a pledge by Bill Shorten to legalise same-sex marriage within 100 days if the ALP is elected to government. Under pressure from the Left to deny a conscience vote for federal MPs on the subject in favour of a binding vote, Mr Shorten announced a compromise to deliver laws in the next parliamentary term under a Labor government, or see Labor MPs bound to vote in favour in the parliament after that. “Marriage equality is an overdue change that sends a powerful message,” Mr Shorten told the conference. Labor frontbencher Penny Wong, who has a lesbian partner, said the decision would end a conscience vote “that never should have been in the first place”. “Our party is a party of progress,” she told the conference.

In his final words to delegates, Mr Shorten said the party had established it was serious about offering a social and economic program for Australia’s future. He said the 397 delegates had dealt with some “extremely difficult issues”, including support for the option to turn back asylum seeker boats. Labor senator Sam Dastyari said it had been an important conference for Mr Shorten. “There is no doubt about it … Bill Shorten has stamped his authority on the Labor party.” The conference passed a raft of new rules, including allowing non-union members to join the party, and agreed to a review the ALP’s 1921 “socialist objective”. Delegates also hailed a new rule to ensure 50% of party roles are held by women as an historic moment in the party’s history.

Source: Compiled by APN from media reports

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