Dr David van Gend, the President of Australian Marriage Forum., which promotes marriage between a man and a woman and opposes homosexual ‘marriage’, recently gave a presentation on the Sunshine Coast. In his presentation Dr van Gend focuses on the importance of children having a mother and a father, the issue of homosexual rights, polygamy, and the Christian response to these issues, together with answering questions asked by the audience. Dr van Gend reminds viewers that legalising same-sex marriage will have major consequences, as has been observed overseas, for the moral education of children and for the freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

David van Gend is a family doctor and head of the Australian Marriage Forum. He is also an eloquent and hard-hitting speaker. He is able to draw on years of experience as a GP and keen political instincts as he presents a convincing case why governments should not legalise same-sex marriage, not only for the sake of future children having both a mum and dad, but also for the sake of our own children and grand-children. It is important that our children not have their sense of sexual right and wrong corrupted by the enforced normalisation of homosexual behaviour, which is the main cultural consequence of normalising homosexual ‘marriage’.

The DVD can be viewed here

Source: Marriage Coalition

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On June 8, there will be an opportunity for believers around the world to cover the Internet with the Gospel. #goeverywhere is an online movement presented by the team at yesHEis, for Christians to answer the commission Jesus left us to “go into all the world”. To go everywhere. An event called the #goeverywhere Thunderclap will see the start of something that has the potential to reach millions on a single day. By signing up to the Thunderclap, people will give permission for a post or tweet to be automatically sent out to all their friends and followers sharing a short 2 minute gospel video, creating a wave around the world. The post will say… “This is why I believe. #Jesus #goeverywhere”

If you’d like to become part of this evangelistic thrust, there are 3 ways to add your voice:

1. Visit and sign up for the Thunderclap.

2. Share the #goeverywhere video with your friends, or even play it at your church.

3. Tell your Christian friends about #goeverywhere and encourage them to be part of this movement to spread the Gospel to every part of the Internet.

If you’d like more information about this opportunity, please email and visit


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Same-sex couples legally married under overseas laws shouldn’t have to “leave their marriages at the customs gate,” according to a new bill progressing through Federal Parliament. The bill, which was introduced to the Senate last week by South Australian Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, is yet another back-door attempt by the homosexual lobby to move towards legalisation of same-sex marriage in Australia. With Labor support, the bill has now been sent to the Senate Legal and Constitutional Committee for further consideration. The Committee will report back to Parliament later in the year when the bill will be voted upon.

In proposing the new bill Hanson-Young said it’s progress brought reform one step closer. “Recognising international same-sex marriages will mean that gay Australians who wed overseas won’t have to leave their marriages at the customs gate.” The move comes just weeks before same-sex couples can legally start to wed at Britain’s consulates in Australia following the recent legalisation of gay marriage in England and Wales. Same-sex Australians who take advantage of the new British laws and who legally wed under UK law would not have their marriage recognised under current Australian law if and when they returned to Australia.

Source: Compiled by APN from media reports

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