One way to identify radical ideologists is that they all seek to influence one group in particular: children. The LGBTI lobby is constantly seeking to indoctrinate our children, thus paving the way to bend the future adults of Australia to their will. However, they recently suffered a major setback, when education ministers in NSW and Tasmania announced that they would be putting an end to the Safe Schools program in their respective states. While this is a cause for celebration, we still have a lot of work to do to keep our children safe from their schools. Safe Schools is only one of the dangerous programs that expose our children to radical ideologies: It was obvious that a program about sexual and gender diversity was never about bullying, only about ideological brainwashing with its roots in a sick Freudian-Marxist philosophy popular with German Green revolutionaries of the 1960s.

But don’t celebrate yet, because the ideology that underpins Safe Schools is a many-headed hydra that is like the monster of Greek mythology: when each head is cut off it is replaced by two others. Already in schools there is Building Respectful Relationships, a supposedly anti-domestic violence program which also attempts to change social norms about sex and “gender”. It has role-playing exercises for Year 9 girls to imagine themselves as older teenagers who are promiscuous, bisexual or lesbian. There is the NSW Teachers Federation Gender and Identity kit which has been delivered to schools, requiring teachers to stamp out “heterosexism” and “heteronormative” language and eradicate “gendered” pronouns. Then there is the national Start Early program, rolled out at childcare centres and kindergartens last year in which, toddlers are taught about sexuality, cross-dressing, and gender fluidity.

In one online learning module on the NSW Department of Education website is a video about how to manage fathers of pre-schoolers who don’t want their little boys wearing dresses. These programs show that just because a small victory has been won in NSW and Tasmania, we must never be complacent. Other programs, based on the same or similar ideology to Safe Schools, still pose a threat to our children’s wellbeing. Falling into this category is the ‘Fightback’ program, a tempered title for a radical feminist program. The Australian reports that in Victoria, the same state whose education minister refuses to scrap their low attended Safe Schools program, teachers are being encouraged to push feminist ideals on students to combat “everyday sexism”. In one activity, students are invited to respond to questions while assuming the identity of an indigenous transgender male.

As with Safe Schools, the Fightback program is a drain on education resources, and a transparent indoctrination campaign: Centre for Independent Studies senior research fellow Jeremy Sammut said it was worrying schools were becoming places of “political re-education in post structural identity politics”, ultimately undermining the Australian egalitarian tradition. “To not treat people as individuals, but to treat them as numbers of a victim group is quite socially destructive,” he said. Liberal education spokesman Nick Wakeling attacked the Labor government for deploying “insidious political ideologies” in schools at the cost of education basics: “What young boys need are the skills for lifelong learning that leads to meaningful employment, not judgment and social stigmatisation.”

By pushing these radical ideologies on our children, our politicised education system is encroaching aggressively on the rights of parents. These movements are offshoots of one ultimate campaign: to destroy the family. Dressed up in misleading language such as “safe” , “respect”, and “wellbeing”, these programs have their ideological foundations deep in sexualised, anti-family ideology of the last century. The godfather of this sexualisation of education is Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychiatrist and pupil of Sigmund Freud, whose 1933 book The Mass Psychology of Fascism argued that the rise of authoritarianism could be tied to the “suppression of the natural sexuality of the child.” He said the “authoritarian society” could only be destroyed when the “authoritarian family” was dissolved in the context of a sexual revolution.

Every victory over these dangerous programs is worth celebrating. However, we are not safe yet. As long as these programs exist, we must continue to fight, in order to protect our country, but most especially our children from being radicalised at the cost of their wellbeing. The first way to destroy the family is to destroy the foundation on which it rests, marriage. All these indoctrination programs stem from destroying the one man, one woman definition of marriage. With the traditional definition of marriage, male and female are equally important; both genders are respected and celebrated, creating an environment where children are raised learning from both a mother and father. The family is the building block of society which has supported and sustained our society for millennia. If they succeed, these insidious programs that seek to destroy family will ultimately destroy us.

Source: Marriage Alliance Australia

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Rabbi Moshe Gutnick is a senior dayan of the Sydney Beth Din and Rabbinic Administrator of The Kashrut Authority.

Our nation is being asked to vote on whether or not it wishes to change the definition of marriage. I need to emphasise at the outset that I have been an Orthodox rabbi for 35 years. On my watch, no person has been turned away or made to feel uncomfortable because of their sexual preference. What someone does in the privacy of one’s own home is between them and God. Indeed, it is a fundamental principle of my faith, and the Judeo-Christian ethic, that all human beings are created equal in the image of God and therefore, have unalienable rights.  It is precisely this belief that not only allows me, but empowers me, to respect and accept every single human being regardless of colour, race, creed or sexual orientation. It is important to remember what happens when God and His teachings are removed from the equation.

In the former Soviet Union, the state became an omnipotent ruler, truly God-like and its pursuit of “equality” blended into the excuse to impose a ruthless totalitarian regime. In Nazi Germany, pseudo-science replaced God and rather than all beings created equal, Hitler reduced humanity to classes and subclasses, the lowest of which were homosexuals and Jews, whose lives (according to his twisted rationale) were less than worthless. Belief in a creator is the root of all human rights and democracy in Western society. Because of this, I would always fight for LGBTQI rights. However, it is precisely this profound belief that makes me vote “no” for same-sex marriage. It is a fundamental principle of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, that God revealed His will to mankind.

No matter how unpopular it is to state this position, no amount of “clerical gymnastics” can change the fact that biblically there is only one form of marriage. And that is between a man and a woman. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either fooling themselves or fooling you. In the biblical Garden of Eden, God created a man and a woman and their union was blessed. From this, would come all of humankind. So too, only a union that mirrors that potential for procreation is blessed with the title, “holy matrimony”. The same God that teaches me to respect everyone, teaches me that marriage can only be between a man and a woman. A “no” vote is not a vote against love. It is not a vote for discrimination. It is not a vote against the LGBTQI community. It is not a vote based on misguided homophobia. It is simply a vote of conscience that marriage should remain as people of faith believe God intended it.

Only in the relatively recent past, did marriage move from canon law to civil law. The Marriage Act is the only act that can be executed by the clergy as it reflects the holy covenant of marriage. The government can use civil unions to protect the rights of the LGBTQI community. The slogan, “marriage equality” is cleverly used. After all, who is not for equality? However, marriage has always been known in our society as Holy matrimony between a man and a woman. Today some in society seek to change that definition. It is not an issue of equality but of definition. If marriage were a purely secular instrument, I would have no quarrel. However, our society is not purely secular. The freedom of expression and democratic rights enjoyed by all Australians have their roots, not in secular humanist ideology, but in a belief in a creator who shaped us all in the biblical teachings of Judaism and Christianity.

Source: Public statement by Rabbi Moshe Gutnick

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The Queen’s Baton Relay starts its journey around Australia from Canberra on 26th January 2018, ushering in the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.  The baton will pass through numerous regional towns and localities in every state in Australia. The Queen’s Baton Prayer Watch is currently following the progress of the baton as it passes through the nations of the Commonwealth, with each nation it passes through being upheld in prayer by Global Watch, the Australian House of Prayer for all Nations, the Gold Coast House of Prayer, together with numerous houses of prayer and churches around Australia. According to Pastor Len Rossow, coordinator of Beyond Gold GC Prayer Initiative for the Commonwealth Games, the goal is to bring encouragement to the churches in each locality with the knowledge that churches and houses of prayer around the nation will be praying for them as the Baton passes by.

“We hope to engage as many as possible to follow the progress of the Baton and pray for the towns and districts of Australia” Pastor Rossow said. “Our prayer is that in the passing of the Baton in each town and region, there would be a transfer of Holy Spirit power that overrides all other powers and enables a greater measure of the release of God’s blessing, mercy, desires and purposes for that town. In order for the prayer to be effectively targeted, we want to develop a list of prayer points, together with any identifiable redemptive gift, for each town or locality.  To do this we need representatives of the churches in each place to contact us,” said Ps Rossow. You can make contact, seek further information, or register your interest in being involved in some way, by contacting Pastor Len Rossow at

Other ways to help with the Australian leg of the Queen’s Baton Prayer Watch may be for people of prayer and those who have been involved in the Watchmen Schools run by the Australian Prayer Network, to collate prayer points or do research on particular towns.  In addition, through Ps Rossow’s contact with the Queen’s Baton event manager, it may be possible for local churches to engage with the baton relay in some way as it passes through.  He is also seeking commitment from individuals, groups or churches to pray for specific towns and regions across Australia. An official list of the route the Queen’s Baton will travel in Australia is published on the gc2018 website,   To see examples of prayer points or to join in prayer for Commonwealth nations, visit the Gold Coast House of Prayer website under the tag Beyond Gold GC at   

Beyond Gold GC is the organizational team established by the churches of the Gold Coast to facilitate and coordinate Christian engagement with the Commonwealth Games.  It has a strong emphasis on building a legacy of churches working together in the city, with the Commonwealth Games serving as a catalyst to action beyond the games.  For more information, visit the

Source: Beyond Gol GC (Gold Coast) Prayer

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The Australian Prayer Network is conducting continuous 24/7 prayer during the period of the plebiscite vote on same-sex marriage. Our National 24 Hour Prayer Watch is anchoring the prayer but many thousands of members of our general network are also joining in as they are able and for as long as their schedule allows. You do not need to register to be part of this initiative simply use the prayer points which we are giving each week in this newsletter. This week’s prayer points are as follows:

Malachi 2:1-9 addresses how the priests have violated the covenant of life and peace by their failure to preserve knowledge, turn people from sin, follow God’s ways and instead they showed partiality in matters of the law. As a result they caused many to stumble. As we said the first week, as New Covenant believers we can pray for “priests” from two perspectives:  1) “priests” as shepherds of God’s people (spiritual leaders within the church) and, 2) “priests” as we each represent the “priesthood of believers”

CONFESS:  Where we (Shepherds and Priesthood of believers) have failed to preserve knowledge and turn others from sin in regards to the issues of marriage and divorce, sexuality, pornography, etc.  Ask forgiveness for where we have caused others to stumble by not attempting to turn them from their sin. 


*          God to release revelation about marriage to Spiritual leaders where it is needed so they can boldly speak the truth regarding God’s plans for marriage and family and for them to not show partiality in doing so, especially where it will cost them church members or financial stability. 

*          Knowledge about the beauty and purpose and blessing of marriage to be restored to the body of Christ so that many will turn away from their sin.

DECLARE:  As Sons and Daughters of God we declare that we have the mind of Christ regarding Marriage and we no longer have an obligation to follow our sinful nature, but we will be led by the Spirit of truth in all things pertaining to marriage and family.  As the Church we declare  the manifold wisdom of God regarding marriage to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms, “At the beginning the Creator made them male and female, and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.  So they are no longer two, but one.  Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate.” 

Source: Australian Prayer Network

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