Pauline Hanson will push for a referendum to hard-wire a definition of marriage into the constitution, warning the approaches advocated by Labor and the Coalition could lead to polygamy and child marriage. The constitution does not define marriage and allows parliament broad scope to decide which relationships are granted legal recognition. However the One Nation Party leader wants a “fresh and clear definition” of marriage built into the constitution, so future parliaments cannot cave into demands to extend marriage rights. “A plebiscite simply gives the green light for legislative change to include same-sex marriage. However, that legislation could run the risk of being revoked or further altered to pave the way for reducing the marriageable age or the introduction of polygamy,” a party spokesman said.


“By holding a referendum on the matter, it provides a fresh and clear definition of marriage, that can be enshrined into the Australian constitution. Therefore, that definition cannot be altered by future Governments without a follow-up referendum.” The Coalition is committed to putting the marriage question to the people at a plebiscite within months. As Labor opposes subjecting gay people’s civil rights to an opinion poll, One Nation’s support may be crucial to push through government legislation enabling the national vote. One Nation already has one senator provisionally elected to the new parliament, and could have several when outstanding ballot papers are counted and preferences are allocated.


Although a plebiscite would be carried by a simple majority, the constitution can only be amended by a referendum carried by an overall majority of voters and a majority of the states. The result of the Coalition’s plebiscite would not bind MPs to support or oppose same-sex marriage, although the bulk of government MPs would be expected to ensure the people’s decision is implemented. Labor MPs have temporarily been granted a conscience vote on the issue, but will be bound to support the party’s policy of legislating same-sex marriage in future parliaments.

Source: Compiled by APN from media reports

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The Federal Director of the Christian Democratic Party (CDP), Greg Bondar, says the time is right to opening up dialogue with ‘Christian’ based parties in Australia with a view to forming a Coalition of Christian Parties. In the wake of the federal election there is a real ‘conservative void’ in Australian politics that urgently needs to be filled if mainstream Australians are to be heard and counter the ‘Loud Minority’ at the expense of the ‘Silent Majority’. The time is right for ‘Christian’ based parties, including Cory Bernardi’s Australian Conservatives, to ‘start a conversation’ ahead of the next election. The move by Bernadi to rejuvenate ‘conservativism’ is akin to the phrase ‘like a Phoenix rising from the ashes’.


“The ‘Christian’ based parties registered over 5 percent of Senate votes with CDP out-polling the Greens in seven electorates in NSW which highlights the fact that the people of Australia have reached saturation point with the so-called ‘progressive movement’ within both the major parties, and indeed the Greens”, said Greg Bondar. “The time has come for all Australians to support a resurgence of conservative values and standards. With acknowledgement to Gough Whitlam, ‘It’s Time’ for all conservatives to be heard and united,” said Greg Bondar.


Source: Press Release from Christian Democratic Party

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A leading girls high school in northwest Sydney is being investigated by the state Education Department after several parents complained about its LGBTI programming, which includes teachers being asked to replace terms such as “girls”, “ladies” and “women” with gender-neutral language. At a staff meeting at Cheltenham Girls High School, called to discuss the implementation of the Safe Schools anti-bullying program, it is understood teachers were shown a copy of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act and were told they could be breaking the law if they did not support the decisions of LGBTI students. Cheltenham Girls is one of more than 150 schools across the country that has signed up as a member of the Safe Schools Coalition Australia. A petition has begun calling for action from local Liberal MP Damien Tudehope.


Mr Tudehope said some parents believed the program marginalised children who did not participate in LGBTI activities at the school. “These parents are saying that at LGBTI events like Rainbow Day and Purple Day that if their daughter doesn’t comply with what they perceive as the school’s directives their daughter is ostracised,” he said. “My view is the Safe Schools program and this material should not be used without proper consultation with the parents, and letting them know what the material is and how it is proposed to be taught.” NSW Education Minister Adrian Piccoli has asked his department to investigate. “All schools are required to conform with federal government guidelines,” he said. “I am advised all schools are following these guidelines.”


Source: Compiled by APN from media reports

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