There is a silent revolution taking place across Australia. Never have we seen it before in our nation in more than 30 years of prayer ministry. The desire to understand prayer and explore its place in resolving the enormous issues and problems facing our world today has never been stronger.  The fact that this is occurring at the same time that teaching on prayer has been largely ignored within the Body of Christ has resulted in unprecedented demand for teaching of the biblical principles and spiritual understanding associated with prayer and intercession, and how that relates to national transformation. To a large extent prayer has been “lost” in the Church today but it is making a comeback to the faithful who are desperate for their faith-walk to take on greater meaning and significance in addressing the problems of our age.

The good news of course is that the Bible does provide the answers, it is just that they are no longer the bread and butter principles they once were within the Body of Christ and amongst individual Christians. As for the Australian Prayer Network, we stumbled upon this latent desire for answers almost accidently.  God spoke to us about teaching the principles that He had taught us over 30 years. We at first resisted such an approach as being too “old fashioned” believing the prayer movement had moved on to bigger and better teaching and “theories” related to the strategic level spiritual realm. What we had not realised was that such teaching was limiting prayer and intercession to an ever decreasing number of “specialist” prayers, and prayer as the engine room of the Church in which everyone must be part, was being lost.           

Once we stopped and began to do as the Lord instructed us, a whole new world opened up which we are still endeavouring to come to grips with. The Watchmen School of Intercession was born and this 22 session School spread over 3 levels with practical experiences of on-site prayer in our own and other nations thrown in, has been rushed by those wanting to go deeper and get back to the basic understanding of what prayer and intercession really is and how every Christian can connect with it and benefit from it as it becomes an integral part of their daily lives. The agonising cry that “there must be more to Christianity that what we are experiencing” is being answered with the cry “there is and it is releasing the power of God through the prayers and intercession of every believer”. The Watchmen School of Intercession is being found by many to be one vehicle that is releasing that truth to all who seek it through that avenue.

Already almost 2500 people have attended one of the 35 Foundation Level Schools held across Australia, with hundreds more attending DVD Schools in smaller communities and individual Churches.  Of those almost a thousand have attended or applied to attend an Intermediate Level School with these often being booked out 3 or 4 months in advance. Several hundred have already applied to do the Advanced Level Schools which also are filling up months ahead of their planned dates. This response is unprecedented in our 30 year experience and we believe points towards an unfulfilled hunger in the hearts of many believers for the truth of God’s word to be revealed to them.      

The Australian Prayer Network is committed to try and make it possible for every Australian who wishes to sit under this teaching to do so. Therefore there is no reason why anyone should miss out on the teaching, although it may take a little while to get to all who are seeking to hold a School in their area. A face to face School requires a minimum attendance of 30 people. Below that number we are happy to arrange a DVD School.  We therefore invite Pastors, prayer leaders and other Christian ministry leaders to contact us to discuss how we may be able to bring a Foundation Level Course to you. There is no financial commitment involved for either face to face nor DVD Schools other than to allow us to take up a love offering during every School. All expenses associated with us attending to hold the School (such as travel and accommodation) are looked after by the Australian Prayer Network.

To learn more about the Watchmen School of Intercession go to our website at  If you are interested in having either a Face to Face School or a DVD School anywhere in Australia please contact us to discuss at    


Brian Pickering

National Coordinator

Australian Prayer Network

Source: Australian Prayer Network

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Anti-gay marriage forces inside the Abbott government are circulating election polling and surveys that claim at least three Senate seats, and potentially five, would be at risk if MPs were allowed a conscience vote and that the Coalition would face a backlash from ethnic ­communities. The information is being used to fight back against a growing view that it is inevitable same-sex marriage will become law. The Senate seats could be lost if  the preferences of the family and Christian parties which are strongly against gay marriage were redirected away from the Liberal Party. Supporters of same-sex marriage blasted the figures as propaganda and said it was too simplistic whilst acknowledging there could be “some potential impact at the margins”. 

Based on the last Senate election, the data combines the Senate votes of Family First, Australian Christians, the Christian Democratic Party, the Democratic Labour Party and the Rise Up Australia Party. The figures show votes for these “family parties” in NSW, Western Australia and South Australia were greater than the final margin of victory for the last ­Coalition senator elected. “It puts at risk the election of three Coalition senators in a half-Senate election,” says one MP who has seen the figures. One Liberal senator opposed to gay marriage is convinced the vote for family parties will be larger at the next election if the Coalition allowed a conscience vote and that would have an even greater impact on Senate preference flows. 

“For part of our base this is a significant issue and they will desert us for Family First or another similar party,” he said. Another Liberal senator, who supports same-sex marriage, played down the threat as marginal and said it depended if there was Senate voting reform. Government MPs have also been shown Australian National University election survey data which shows strong opposition to gay marriage in ethnic communities. While 51 per cent of Australian-born voters supported gay marriage, it fell to 42 per cent among those born overseas and to 27 per cent among those where English is not the main language at home. 

Among voters who identified as Catholic, Anglican, Uniting Church or Presbyterian, support for gay marriage ranged between 41 and 45 per cent but with Muslim voters it was just 15 per cent. The ANU data shows there are 80 electorates where support for gay marriage is lower than 50 per cent, 60 seats where it is above 50 per cent and 10 seats where it is even. It finds gay marriage has 73 per cent support in the ACT, in the Northern Territory it stands at 52 per cent, in Victoria and Tasmania it is 51 per cent, NSW and WA sit on 48 per cent, Queensland 47 per cent and SA 44 per cent. By party, 88 per cent of Greens voters support gay marriage, 58 per cent of those who voted Labor, 35 per cent among Liberals and 22 per cent among Nationals. 

Family First senator Bob Day said Senate preferences of his party would be made on a case-by-case basis but in the lower house preferences would not be given to any MP who voted for same-sex marriage.

Source: Compiled by APN from media reports

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Every year for 30 days, Muslims around the world observe the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. During this time Muslims abstain from eating and drinking between daylight hours and encourage charitable giving as well as prayer. Ramadan can often be a time of great difficulty for Christians living in Muslim majority countries, the pressure of hunger or thirst can lead many to frustration. Resentment can also often be driven by Christians not participating in fasting, as well as theological misunderstandings of the Christian faith. It is particularly important for Christians to show compassion and be wise in their actions at this time.

Despite this, Ramadan is a golden time for Christians to show love to their Muslim neighbours. A Christian leader in Egypt said, “During Ramadan, I pray a lot for Muslims, that in their fervent efforts to please Allah they may eventually find the way to the true God. I pray for them as they show sincere desire to get rid of their sins and heavy burdens, that they may have a personal encounter with Jesus and have eternal life.” As Muslims take the next 30 days to examine their lives and seek truth, join us in earnest prayer that the truth of Jesus may be revealed, “I pray for Muslims because I know my Father listens and that He is turning the hearts of many of them back to Himself.” 

Please pray: 

* for the protection of Christians living in majority Muslim countries. Please pray God would watch over them, and provide them with His wisdom as to how and when to witness to their Muslim neighbours during this season in both word and deed. 

* for all Muslims living in Australia, that God would watch over them, giving them visions and dreams of Himself during this season of Ramadan. Pray too that there would be no violence during this season, either in Australia or anywhere throughout the world. 

* for the many Muslims seeking truth. Pray that the love of Christ would be revealed to them and that many would come to know Him.


Source: 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim world

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