* More than 10,000 PEOPLE trained in PRAYER so far!

* 334 SCHOOLS OF PRAYER in every State and Territory, and overseas!


* 5 National PRAYER OUTREACHES East & West Coast of Australia!

* 2 International MISSIONAL EVENTS in the Middle East!


* Countless LIVES CHANGED and COMMUNITIES IMPACTED across the nation from these Schools!



The Australian Prayer Network (APN) has moved into a new gear, conducting Watchmen Schools of Intercession (WSOI) across the Nation and beyond. Five years ago at our national leadership gathering the Lord presented us with a “back to the future” moment. In this moment He spoke to us about passing on the knowledge He had revealed to us over 30 years of ministry to the generations following on behind. This sovereign intention from the Lord led to us releasing what has now become, the Watchmen School of Intercession; a two part program of instruction (covering three levels) and mission (local and international). At that time we could not have imagined what would follow as we sought to be obedient to His instructions. We could never have imagined the vast number of people who have now completed the programs instruction and missional components.



* We could not have imagined that Churches from almost every Christian denomination would have hosted or attended a Foundation Level School,

* We could not have imagined national ministries asking us to run Schools for their leaderships teams,

* We could not have imagined denominational leaders asking us to run Schools for their Pastoral leadership teams,

* We could not have imagined missionary organisations asking us to train their missionaries in how to pray in their unique situations in foreign lands,


* We could not have imagined youth organisations asking us to train the youth of tomorrow in understanding the power and application of prayer for today,

* We could not have imagined Christian businesspeople asking us to teach their people how to pray and intercede in their business communities.




Just as there is no limit to the role prayer can play in everyday life no matter the situation, so there is no limit to who may benefit from attending or hosting one of our Schools. The testimonies of Pastors who have hosted them or attendees who have travelled literally hundreds of kilometres to attend one, have been humbling in the extreme as comments such as “where has this kind of foundational teaching on prayer and mission been for the past 30 years” or “why haven’t we heard this teaching before” are regularly heard after each and every level of the Watchmen School program.



So the question is what kind of new-fangled teaching has caused this sort of response? Well the miracle of it all is that there is no new-fangled teaching involved, in fact quite the opposite. The secret to the acceptability of the Watchmen School program, from across such a wide cross-section of doctrinal and theological belief and practice, is that it is simply based on a return to the fundamentals of sound Biblically based teaching on prayer and kingdom transformation.



Now many people may have thought that we already know everything we need to know about prayer and transformation, but the truth is that those who attend these Schools speak of their revelatory and inspirational nature, and cannot get enough of the truth and practical insight into how kingdom focused prayer can, and does, change our world. The Watchmen School of Intercession program is attracting both experienced pray-ers and those for whom prayer has always been a struggle, and the miracle is that each are blest and encouraged to pray and get involved.



In the mission part of the program participants get the opportunity to “put feet to their praying” through a local and an international outreach experience. We often receive responses like, “I didn’t realise how easy this really is; I thought it would be more difficult.” And, “I now want to do this in my own area with others of like-mind.” “My life will never be the same.” Feedback can best be summed up in this one particular comment, “God has softened my heart and given me a fresh love for people. I’m now able to see how I can pray, and play, my part in seeing His Kingdom come in my nation and the nations; thank you.”



After 5 years of “being on the road” teaching across all three levels of the School,  somewhere in Australia virtually every week of the year, one would think that demand would begin to dry up. Not so, demand continues strongly, and in fact we have had to increase our teaching team to cope with the demand. A team of National Prayer leaders within the APN who have wide national and international experience, have been drawn together to meet the demand. Pastor Ben Gray, Pastor Matthew Bolte, Pastor Kenn Kilah and Pastor Jonathan Gould, as well as our National Coordinator Brian Pickering are our Watchmen School leadership team.



One of the most amazing aspects of the Schools is that the Australian Prayer Network covers all its own expenses related to the Schools and does not charge Churches to host a School. So if the prayer and outreach life of your congregation or your prayer group needs a transforming boost this may be the answer for you. For further information simply go to our website at there’s information available, or contact us at  or talk with our National Coordinator, Brian Pickering on 0409 779 870.


Source: Australian Prayer Network

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Binding rules on all clergy and church workers were passed during a debate on child protection at the Anglican Church of Australia Synod, meeting  in Queensland late last year. The church’s General Synod, held every three years, passed national rules, binding on church workers and subject to regular independent and public audits. The church legislation was moved by Garth Blake, SC, who headed General Synod’s Royal Commission working group. Mr Blake, from Sydney, called it “a seminal moment for the Anglican Church because the rules were binding for the first time and because the church would be publicly accountable.” The legislation, the Safe Ministry to Children Canon, passed unanimously.



Earlier, Robert Fitzgerald, one of the Commissioners of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse addressed the Synod. He called for a clear response from Synod members, saying “we hope that this church can be a leader among religious institutions” in responding to the problem of child abuse. The synod also approved setting up an independent company that can be the mechanism for joining the Commonwealth redress scheme. Mr Garth Blake, who headed the church’s response to the Royal Commission, said redress would be a heavy financial burden but morally required. “It will cause significant pain and hardship, but nonetheless is the right thing to do. We will be paying for a long time to come for the sins of our colleagues,” Mr Blake said.



Earlier, the Primate Archbishop Philip Freier renewed an apology to survivors and their families. “Anglicans have been truly shocked and dismayed at the unfolding in the Royal Commission of the scope of our failure to tackle child sexual abuse within the Church and the depth of survivors’ pain and suffering” the Archbishop said. “We are deeply ashamed of the many ways in which we have let down survivors, both in the way we have acted and the way we have failed to act.” “We are grateful to the Royal Commission for bringing survivors’


voices to the forefront, for helping drive us to refine our policies and procedures, and for guiding us towards national solutions.”



Source: Compiled by APN from media reports

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The Anglican Church of Australia has urged the Federal Government to take another 12,000 refugees from Syria and Iraq, especially Christians and other minorities. The church also asked the Government, as a matter of human decency, to resettle in Australia any refugees and asylum seekers still detained on Manus Island and Nauru, and urged the Government to partner with the churches in healing and resettling the refugees. At its triennial General Synod in Maroochydore, Queensland, late last year the church affirmed the life-saving consequences of the earlier allotment of 12,000 extra places, particularly for Christians and other minorities who had been targeted by Islamic State.



The synod has urged each of Australia’s 23 dioceses to give 0.7 per cent of gross income to projects supporting sustainable development goals, and asked the Government to give 0.7 per cent of gross national income to overseas development. It also asked the Government to increase diplomatic and humanitarian efforts for Rohingya Muslims. The synod voted to oppose assisted dying, urge the government to improve palliative care resources, and to encourage Anglicans to contact their MPs.

Source: Compiled by APN from media reports

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