This weeks edition highlights the extent of the penetration of the homosexual agenda into many different areas of our society. We apologise that all stories relate to this area of concern however it does highlight the need for much prayer on the subject if we are to maintain the long standing Christian values that have undergirded our nation to date.      



The Tasmanian Liberal Government will introduce legislation next year to expunge historic criminal records for consensual homosexual sexual activity. The Tasmanian Liberal Party, both in Opposition and in Government, has supported expunging historic criminal records for homosexual activity which was previously illegal. Additionally, a formal apology to those affected, including families and loved ones of those who are deceased, will be made when the legislation is introduced in the house. The legislation will expunge convictions for the following offences: Section 122(a) – sexual intercourse against the order of nature; Section 122(c) – consensual sexual intercourse between males; and Section 123 – indecent practices between males. 

These sections of the Tasmanian Criminal Code were repealed in 1997 after homosexuality was decriminalised in Tasmania but the repeal did not address the implications for those with existing criminal records pertaining to consensual homosexual activity. The legislation will ensure that any individual prosecuted under these offences will no longer suffer distress or be disadvantaged by a criminal record in relation to travel, employment, and volunteering. The legislation will also allow other offences under which people may have been charged for consensual homosexual activity to be added by regulation at a later date so these historical offences can also be expunged from a person’s criminal record.


Meanwhile the Victorian Government will also make a formal State apology to the LGBTI community in Parliament for those convicted under laws against homosexual acts. Speaking at Melbourne’s iconic annual Midsumma Pride March, Premier Daniel Andrews reaffirmed the Government’s commitment to acknowledging the historic laws that criminalised homosexuality in Victoria. Before homosexuality was decriminalised in 1980, men could be sentenced for up to 15 years in prison for having consensual sex with other men. The State apology will take place on Tuesday, 24 May, 2016. The announcement follows the introduction of significant legal reforms as part of the new expungement process, and continues the Andrews Government’s work to combat stigma and discrimination as part of the equality agenda.


The new scheme commenced in September last year, and Victorians are now able to apply to expunge historical convictions for consensual sex and fraternisation. Quotes attributable to Premier Daniel Andrews include “Homosexuality was decriminalised in 1980, but for those convicted under the old laws, it’s been a long wait to clear their names.” “These laws cast a long, dark shadow of prejudice that still stands today, and our apology is one small but meaningful way to right that historic wrong.” Quotes attributable to Minister for Equality Martin Foley. “The Andrews Labor Government is making this apology as an important step towards healing the hurt of LGBTI Victorians who were so unfairly labelled criminals.”


Source: Compiled by APN from media reports

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Play School plans to feature a child with two fathers in a popular segment which profiles different types of blended families. Executive producer of the beloved preschool show, Jan Stradling, confirmed the program would feature an adopted family, an extended family, a blended family, an Indigenous nuclear family and a family with two dads in it.  The “Through the Windows” segment to be screened later this year. Play School producers had over the past few days carried out “low-key research”, she said, reaching out to community groups, pre-schools and primary schools for family groups to take part. “We’ve been overwhelmed by the response, and have now found all of the participants we need,” Ms Stradling said.


A similar segment in 2004 featuring Brenna Harding and her two gay mothers was attacked by the conservative press and the then prime minister John Howard who described the ABC’s decision to broadcast as foolish. But in 12 years public support for same-sex marriage has grown to the extent that the Turnbull government plans to develop a plebiscite on same-sex marriage after the next Federal election. The idea of the My Family, Your Family segments was to show a range of family structures and backgrounds, Stradling said. “In these stories, we explore the relationships and bonds of a family. We will look at how they care for one another and share experiences, roles and responsibilities.


“All of these factors are common aspects that promote a sense of belonging for a child regardless of family type. “The focus of the ‘Through the Windows’ segment is always on the child and the activities they love to do with their families, the emphasis being on spending time together.” On the prospect of any backlash, Stradling said the national conversation around gay parenting had evolved. “While there are still many families with Mum, Dad and two kids, there is also a significant and growing number of blended families, same-sex parents, single parents, grandparents as primary carers and many more!,” she said. “We don’t see this as controversial, just a reflection of contemporary Australian life. We want preschool children from across the community to be able to see themselves as part of this very special show.”


Source: Compiled by APN from media reports

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South Australia’s House of Assembly has passed legislation, 29-12 in a conscience vote, to allow two female same sex parents of a child to be registered on a child’s birth certificate. Up to now, the law had required that the lesbian couple had to have lived together for three years prior to conception in order to put both of them on the child’s birth certificate. The Bill, introduced by the Greens’ Tammy Franks into the Legislative Council last year, was passed by that House in June 2015. Since some amendments were made by the House of Assembly, the Bill will go back to the Legislative Council for final approval.

Source: Compiled by APN from media reports

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