EDITOR’S NOTE: This article by Mark Latham shows the minefield that the legislation of  “any two people” getting married will unleash on the children and families of Australia.


There is a widely held expectation in Australian politics that once the result of the same-sex marriage postal vote is announced on November 15, the matter will be resolved, once and for all. According to opinion polls, a Yes vote looks likely, clearing the way for amendments to the Marriage Act. But perhaps there’s one more twist in this long-running, vexed issue. I hate to say it, but it might run for a good while yet. By now, we have all heard the Australian Bureau of Statistics advertisements, encouraging people to vote on “whether Australian marriage laws should be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry”. If the proposition is carried, the average voter would expect extra clauses to be added to the Marriage Act, widening the scope of wedlock to include homosexuality.


Marriage is currently defined as “between a man and a woman”. One would logically expect the new legislation to read:  “Marriage is a union between: a) A man and a woman; or b) two homosexual men; or c) Two lesbian women.” But this is not what our parliamentarians have been proposing. Opposition leader Bill Shorten sought to define marriage as ‘a union between two people’ When Bill Shorten introduced his private members’ Marriage Amendment (Marriage Equality) Bill in 2015, its purpose was to “allow Australians to marry regardless of their sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or intersex status.” He sought to define marriage as “a union between two people”, meaning that all Australian adults were eligible: heterosexuals, homosexuals and people of any other gender or sexuality.


In the Liberal party-room, whenever private members’ bills have been proposed to amend the Marriage Act, they too have followed the Shorten formula. That is, marriage as a union between any two people of any gender or sexuality. This raises an immediate contradiction. The current postal vote is asking about “same-sex couples”. But where is the question covering other possibilities, the various sexual orientations, gender identities and intersex statuses allowed for in both the Labor and Liberal private members’ bills? This is no small matter. Left wing activists claim to have identified up to 250 gender and sexual categories. These include the well-known LGBTI designations, lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, transgender and intersex, plus a bewildering array of other terminology.

Apparently it is now possible to be genderqueer, demisexual, twospirit, asexual, pansexual, polyamorous, fluid, femme, gender-binary, gynephilic, SAAB, MSM/WSW, skoliosexual, agender, androsexual, bicurious, cisgender, demiromantic, down low, FtM/F2M and MtF/M2F. I swear those last two featured in one of the Star Wars movies. Clearly Labor and Liberals have in mind a far broader definition of marriage. It won’t be restricted to heterosexuals and homosexuals. It will include the multitude of categories listed above, most of which I’ve got no idea what they are talking about. I mean, what does the legalisation of polyamorous, skoliosexual and twospirit marriage involve?  Why is the postal vote question asking about same-sex (the LGB component) but not the other 247 types of marriage being promoted by the left?


And why won’t the government release the amended Marriage Act it has in mind so we can understand what a YES vote will mean in practice? A big part of the problem has been the left’s strategy of mission creep: using this debate to constantly broaden the definition of marriage. Fifteen years ago, they advocated “gay marriage”. Then the mantra became “same-sex marriage” and finally, “marriage equality”. Most of us thought this was a marketing ploy, an exercise in semantics. But it actually had a serious intent. Marriage equality is not just for gay couples. It involves a sweeping redefinition of marriage, extending to the other 247 gender/sexual categories. My advice to people would be: if you don’t understand the proposal, don’t vote for it. I won’t be.

I’m also worried about the way in which marriage between any “two people” legitimises the notion of gender fluidity. Through neo-Marxist programs like Safe Schools and Respectful Relationships, radicals have infiltrated our education system. They are trying to convince young people of the possibilities of gender fluidity: that at any time, boys can be girls and girls can be boys. Prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall, Marxists tried to create political anxiety and rebellion through the economic system. Now they are trying to manipulate the identity and feelings of school students, to convince them nothing is fixed in this world, such as biological science. They want young Australians to believe that “capitalist hegemony” is suppressing their true gender and sexuality, a new source of social unrest. We must resist this propaganda at any cost.


With a majority of parents saying they don’t want radical queer theory in the school curriculum via Safe Schools, why would we want it in the Marriage Act? Marriage equality has become a wolf in sheep’s clothing. What does this mean for Parliament post-November 15?  If the public votes Yes, conservative MPs in the Coalition party room will be entitled to limit the scope of any new marriage statute to the mandate of the people. This means writing into law a specific provision for marriage between same-sex couples. But no more than that. The postal vote process has made no mention of the other 247 categories. If the public hasn’t approved marriage beyond heterosexual and homosexual couples, how can the Parliament proceed with a broad, “two people” definition?  Malcolm Turnbull’s political nightmare with same-sex marriage is a long way from ending.

Source: The Daily Telegraph

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The Australian Prayer Network is conducting continuous 24/7 prayer during the period of the plebiscite vote on same-sex marriage. Our National 24 Hour Prayer Watch is anchoring the prayer but many thousands of members of our general network are also joining in as they are able and for as long as their schedule allows. You do not need to register to be part of this initiative simply use the prayer points which we are giving each week in this newsletter. This week’s prayer points are as follows:


In Malachi 2:3 we see that one of the consequences for not listening to the Lord and honouring His name affected their descendants.  “Because of you I will rebuke your descendants” or “corrupt your seed.” We too can see the consequences on our children/grandchildren from our lack of listening and honouring God’s name.  Many of them have rebelled, many left the church as soon as they were allowed to make their own decisions and many were deeply affected by the fallout of our marriages and the divorces they led to. 


CONFESS:  Our children are suffering because we didn’t set our hearts on honouring God’s name in our homes and marriages. Confess whatever areas the Spirit is highlighting for yourself or for others you know as it pertains to this and how it has affected our children. Forgive us, Lord!


* God to have mercy on our children/grandchildren and restore them back to Himself and heal their wounded hearts, for their spiritual ears and eyes to be opened, especially for those who have delved into a life of sexual immorality, to be awakened in this season of prayer to the truth that is in God’s plan for sex and marriage. 

*  A righteous, holy and pure army to arise from amongst our children and grandchildren, an army that knows and listens to God’s voice and whose hearts are set on honouring His holy name in all they do, say and think!


DECLARE:  The Holy Spirit will be poured out on our sons and daughters to save, heal and deliver them from the plans and schemes of the enemy. They will arise as sons and daughters of God and prophesy and see visions.  They will be a generation that seeks the Lord with clean hands and pure hearts and they will not lift their souls to another or swear by what is false when it comes to marriage.  They will know the truth about God’s plan for marriage and family and the truth will set them free!

Source: Australian Prayer Network

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Plans are underway to recruit a force of 1000 community chaplains by the year 2020. The aim is that community chaplains will act as evangelists in every community to either form churches or feed into existing churches. Already the Sydney Anglican Diocese has 70 community chaplains deployed in areas as diverse as Muslim evangelism, hospital work and prison chaplaincy as well as police, ambulance workers and in sporting clubs. The inaugural community chaplaincy forum held last year was attended by church leaders, working chaplains, training providers and many potential chaplains. Rev Bruce Hall, who chairs the community chaplaincy task force, says those being recruited will be licenced or authorised by the Archbishop under their local supervisor. “Our target is 1000 community chaplains deployed in the Sydney and Illawarra areas by 2020.

This will require every chaplain to recruit one or two more a year and every parish to deploy at least four chaplains,” Mr Hall says. “Sporting clubs are an area of great opportunity with, currently, 8000 unfilled sports chaplaincy positions across the country. Those chaplains already in place face many demands. Raewyn Elsegood, chaplain to a netball club in Castle Hill, has been asked by Netball NSW to provide a self-esteem course for all young netballers in the state. Surf Lifesaving club chaplain Mark Gilbert provides pastoral care to young surf lifesavers facing stressful life issues. “An ideal community chaplain is a faithful Christian man or woman who is able to love a particular people group and communicate with them about Jesus,” Mr Hall says. Other examples of community chaplains include Mel Fung, who started the Jesus Club, an outreach for adults with intellectual disabilities. This now runs in at least nine parishes around Sydney. Another ministry works with women recovering from domestic violence in the Rockdale area.

Source: Anglican Media Services

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The leader of Egyptian Christians says there is no such thing as same-sex “marriage.” “According to the Holy Bible, when you read either in the Old Testament or the New Testament, there is no same-sex marriage at all,” Coptic Pope Tawadros II said in responding to questions about Australia’s plebiscite on same-sex “marriage.” Such a union “is completely forbidden by the Christian faith,” he flatly stated. The statement was made when the Patriarch was visiting the faithful in Australia recently. “God created man and woman,” Tawadros said. “The first family was made by man and woman.”  Homosexuality “is not acceptable,” the pope continued. “It is considered a sin. It is sin.” “Our constitution as Coptic Christians is the Holy Bible,”

Tawadros said the same thing to guide Coptic youth to whom he spoke at the International Convention Centre in Sydney. He encouraged them to “fight for what is right” regarding the national referendum on same-sex “marriage.” “Family equals father and mother,” the patriarch told the nearly 1,000 attendees. Tawadros is the pastor of 20 million Copts in Egypt and another 2 million worldwide.  His official title is “Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of St. Mark.” 


Source: LifeSiteNews

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