The Australian Prayer Network (APN) has long encouraged our members to take spiritual responsibility for their local community. We are delighted therefore to share the following development that has come from within our membership. It is a story of how, when that injunction is taken seriously, anything can happen, and usually does.

Out of the vision (and results) or prayer walking specific areas of a community, has grown a ministry called “Transformers”. This ministry has been given a simple but powerful strategy. Organisers consider It is highly achievable and has the potential to be a major catalyst for the transformation of our schools resulting in a widespread harvest of souls amongst our youth. The possibilities are enormous. Currently the Church in Australia has a scarcity of twenty to forty year olds – tragically much of that age group has slipped through the cracks. We cannot afford for the current generation to follow suit! If that happens, twenty years from now we’ll be in the unimaginable situation of having a scarcity of twenty to sixty year olds in the Church.

Today’s students are tomorrow’s mums, dads and leaders in community, education, business and government and the future of the Body of Christ. Among them will be nation-changers, apostles, prophets, intercessors, pastors and harvesters. God loves each and every one of this rising generation, we must take this opportunity to pray a righteous future for them – they’re worth fighting for!  The vision of “Transformers” is for Australia’s 2,000 Secondary Schools to be transformed by the power of God as Christians adopt them and prayer-walk them. Bullying, violence, immorality and humanism will have to go – and a foundation of love, acceptance, respect and truth established. Our students must be reached – for their sakes and for the sake of the Kingdom.

Stage one of the strategy is for three to four committed Christians to prayer-walk their local Secondary school on a regular basis – praying and believing for God to move mightily. As they pray in faith they can expect the Lord to answer. Hearts and lives will be changed for eternity and schools will be significantly impacted. Prayer support will be generated to cover those prayer-walking and for the ongoing advance of TRANSFORMERS as it goes from school to school, city to city and state to state. The Lord has revealed an effective strategy – it is now up to us to do our part. There are around 1.8 million Secondary students in Australia – that’s 1.8 million reasons to rise to the call!

Several years ago a Christian group in a small Queensland city began prayer-walking 200 homes adjacent to their church in preparation for an outreach. For 4 months they prayed God’s Word and blessing over all who lived there. Before that event, the pastor’s fellowship arranged for an outreach to the senior year students at the local high school. A young evangelist shared the Gospel there and 37 students gave their lives to the Lord. An amazing thing happened when the pastors met to distribute the follow-ups. They divided the city into eight areas around each participating church. The first follow-up went to the pastor where the prayer-walking had been done as the student lived in that area. The second follow-up went to that pastor also, then the third, then the fourth, in fact all 37 of the new Christians came from the area where the prayer-walking was done! That small area represented around just 5% of the overall population – mighty Lord.

If you would like to be involved in the “Transformers” vision and strategy please email them with the details of the school you wish to adopt for both prayer cover and to receive future updates such as Stage Two of the strategy. The TRANSFORMERS website gives the Vision Strategy, Prayer Points, Prayer Shield, Guidelines and more. So go to  or email them at

Source: Transformers

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The appeal of the Greens to the rich and godless has been underlined by an analysis of voting patterns in the recent NSW election. The Greens picked up three lower house seats — Balmain, Newtown and Ballina — and two members of the upper house. The party’s state-wide vote was unchanged at 10.3 per cent, but it achieved solid increases in the inner city — and big jumps in its support on the north coast of NSW, due to concerns about coal-seam gas.

Analysis of election results using 2011 census data compiled by the NSW parliamentary library reveals the ¬secret of the Greens’ success ¬appears to be the party’s appeal to atheists and the well-off.

In the top 10 electorates ranked by the proportion of households with income of $3000 a week or more, the Greens’ primary vote averaged 17 per cent. In the 10 electorates with the lowest proportion of such families, the Greens vote averaged 10.9 per cent. And this figure was inflated by the Greens’ outstanding results in the north coast seats of Tweed and Lismore, driven by the CSG issue. The electorates ranked one and two for people who nominate no religion, agnosticism, atheism, humanism or rationalism are Newtown and Balmain in inner Sydney. The No 3 godless electorate is Sydney, which is held by the Clover Moore-backed independent Alex Greenwich, who captures much of what would otherwise be the Greens vote.

Even with him getting 39.6 per cent of the vote, the Greens still managed a respectable 9.7 per cent primary vote. The Greens’ other seat, Ballina, which includes Byron Bay and Mullumbimby, is ranked four for the number of atheists. Conversely, in electorates where the proportion of Christians is highest, Greens did relatively poorly. In the most Christian seat in NSW — Cootamundra in the Riverina — the Greens managed just 3.5 per cent of the vote. Although the Greens proclaim an emphasis on social justice and equity, working-class people ¬appear unconvinced. In electorates with the highest proportion of labourers, the Greens averaged only 4.8 per cent.

Greens MLC John Kaye said education, rather than income, was a better predictor of a likely Greens voter. “As a progressive party, we appeal to people who have been formally trained to look at alternatives and assess them,” he said. Dr Kaye said it was a mistake to lump Balmain and Newtown together, because they were quite different electorates. Balmain was wealthier and had more families while Newtown had more students and public-sector workers. ABC election analyst Antony Green studied the demographics of the Greens vote in the 2010 federal election, concluding Labor and the Greens are not engaged in a battle over Labor heartland but that the Greens were concentrated in the inner cities and among the “knowledge elite.” He remarked that “high Green support basically disappears at the end of the tram lines” in Melbourne.

Source: Compiled by APN from media reports

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Voters turning out at next year’s federal election could have to show identification and — for the first time in almost a century — be legally provided with a pen instead of a pencil. These are among the 24 recommendations of a lengthy parliamentary inquiry into the troubled 2013 election. Parliament’s Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters has released its final findings on the $191 million election, which ended with Western Australian voters returning to the polls for a second time to elect the state’s six senators. The committee found nearly 1,400 Senate ballot slips that disappeared in the state may have literally fallen off the back of a truck.

The final report has caused a split between the Coalition on one side, and Labor and the Greens on the other, over two proposed changes to electoral law:

•The need to show voter identification at the booths and;

•An automatic voter enrolment process used by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC)

These matters will be the subject of Parliamentary debate before any suggested changes are passed into law.

Source: Compiled by APN from media reports

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