In a recently released press statement Rev Fred Nile declared that, ‘Australian people are being discriminated against and are being forced to eat food which has been prayed over to the Islamic god “Allah”.  It is estimated that 80% of food which Australians consume has a ‘halal certified’ ingredient. Now 90% of all meat, including, beef, lamb, chicken and fish is ‘halal certified’. Thousands of supermarket products like bread, dairy, fruit and vegetables, bottled water, shampoo, dog food, even chocolate Easter Eggs have been halal certified.

In his statement Mr Nile claims, ‘We as Australian citizens are being discriminated against and are not being given our democratic freedom of choice!  The statement continued, “Christians and non-Muslims are being deceived to pay a tax which has not been regulated by the Government. This is discrimination against people who do not want to consume food and buy product which has been prayed on in accordance with Islamic Sharia Law!’  According to the last census, the non-Muslim population is 98% . ‘Why then, I ask the Government, are we paying an Islamic food tax on almost our entire food chain?’

Mr Nile said “Citizens should unite and voice their opposition to having their democratic rights to freedom of choice. Australia is NOT an Islamic Nation. Citizens must have much more ‘non-Halal’ choice at the supermarket. I urge the government to make it a priority to investigate the “halal industry” and to include clear labelling of “halal” and “non-halal” on all products and food. Right now, the food industry is being sabotaged by money making, self-vested greed via an unnecessary, hidden, deceiving tax which every Australian is paying every day!’

The worldwide ‘halal tax’ estimate is $2.7 trillion per annum and growing strongly. All non-Muslims are unknowingly paying a contribution everyday via our crucial food chain. The Christian Democratic Party strongly opposes the imposing of Sharia Law in Australia including its ‘halal certification’. The Government must answer to the 98% of citizens who should not be paying this unnecessary and discriminating tax. It must investigate the ‘halal’ industry and include in its food labelling measures, labelling of ‘non-halal’ products to all citizens.

Source: Press Release from Fred Nile

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Queensland will reintroduce state-sanctioned civil union ceremonies for gay couples. Same-sex relationship registrations fell two-thirds in the three years after the previous Newman government watered down civil union laws by scrapping commitment ceremonies.  Now Queensland’s newly minted Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath has confirmed Labor will honour its election commitment to reverse the policy change. “It’s something that I’m getting briefings on as we speak,” Ms D’Ath told Fairfax Radio. “We have made it clear we will change it back. We’re putting in place measures to do that now.”

In 2012, when civil unions were rushed through parliament by the former Bligh Labor government, 466 couples affirmed their relationships. Following the Newman government changes in mid-2012, another 138 homosexual couples formalised their relationships. In 2013, 227 gay couples registered their relationship. Last year, that had dropped to 184. To January 13 this year, four relationships were registered. Throughout the period, 4677 heterosexual couples have also registered their relationships. During the campaign, Ms Palaszczuk also committed to maintaining laws on altruistic surrogacy and no euthanasia.

The previous Liberal/National Parties changes to Queensland’s civil-union laws meant the state was moved into line with NSW and Victoria in having no official ceremonial recognition. Couples in the ACT and Tasmania can opt for a ceremony. The legislative changes made by the Newman Government followed lobbying from the Australian Family Association during the 2012 election campaign and a private meeting between Mr Newman and the Catholic Archbishop of Brisbane, Mark Coleridge, the day before the legislation was introduced.

Source: Compiled by APN from media reports

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Source:  One Heart


One Heart, on behalf of City Women Toowoomba, would like to extend an invitation to the Fighting for Our Daughters Network Forum, to be held 28 – 30 May 2015 in Toowoomba. For the past two years, City Women Toowoomba have gathered women (and some men) who have a passion to reach women and girls in their communities through the unity of the church in that location.  There is a war on women, and the girls in our nation are in desperate need. The church holds the hope!  May God help us to mobilise His people into our communities to heal and restore.


DATE & TIME: The National Forum will start Thursday, 28th May at 12pm for lunch and will conclude Saturday, 30th May at 4pm.

On the Saturday the forum will be opened up to women in Toowoomba to attend for further inspiration & training

REGISTRATION: $90 per person (which includes all forum sessions & refreshments, lunches & dinner Thursday night – (breakfast not included)

For more information and to register please go to  

Source: One Heart

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